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Saturday, October 8, 2011

111008 [Twitter/Trans] Yonghwa Tweeted For YAB's 2nd Anniversary

여러분벌써2년이네요!하루 늦은 감사 인사지만 ㅋㅋㅋ앞으로도열심히하겠습니다! 신우님은 잘계시는지...하하하 앞으로도 기대많이해주세요 화이팅!

111008 [Scan/Trans] Pati Pati Magazine Yonghwa Part

111008 [Video] Preview CNBLUE on Music Fair

Last week, CNBLUE did recording for Music Fair. And on today Music Fair, they aired a preview of CNBLUE for next week Music Fair. Check out the short preview below!

video credit : cnejyh@youtube

111007 [NEWS/Twitter] Yonghwa Celebrate You're Beautiful 2nd Anniversary with AN.JELL

The much-beloved fictional band A.N.JELL from SBS‘s hit drama ‘You’re Beautiful‘ (minus Jang Geun Suk) reunited once again, much to the delight of fans!

On October 7th, Park Shin Hye tweeted a group photo of the A.N.JELL group mates saying, “Tae Kyung hyung-nim (Jang Geun Suk’s character in the drama)~ do you see this~? We are heading over to A.N.JELL’s 2nd year anniversary performance~!! It would be perfect if hyung-nim was here. It’s so unfortunate ㅠㅡㅠ“.

111007 [Video] Girls' Generation 소녀시대_The Boys_Image Teaser #2

Today SM release 2nd teaser for 'The Boys".
Let's watch it.

Friday, October 7, 2011

111007 [News] What Is going on? SNSD Doing a Pajama Race and Cooking to Boot ?

111006 [Video] Seohyun Collection Red Carpet Fashion

Video cr :


For further news :

111007 [Photo] Seohyun in RUNNING MAN - PART 2

She's COOKING!!!!

111006 [Video] SNSD 2011 Hallyu Dream Concert - Backstage Interview

Sorry for LQ video but the main point is it's been SUBS!!!

[ENG] SNSD 2011 Hallyu Dream Concert - Backstage Interview #1

111006 [Photo/Fan Taken] Yonghwa spotted at Korea Airport with New Jacket

Spotted with new jacket this time.... ;)

Why new jacket? 
Read our previous posts here, in Fan Account section. ;)

Photo cr : as tagged

111006 [Photo/Magazine] CNBLUE for PATI-PATI Magazine (Nov Issue)

CNBLUE appear on their cover for November Issue.

Order from

111004 [Fan Acc/Photo] CNBLUE to appear on Music Fair show (Japan)

From AYA_hmsk@twiter
ミュージックフェアざくざく進んでおります( ´ ▽ ` )ノ今日はKylee from アリゾナ。シャリースfrom フィリピン。CNBLUE from 韓国とインターナショナルな感じ!

111004 [Info] CNBLUE 1st Ranking in TrueTone Download

On 4th Oct. 2011, from Warner Music Japan's Truetone, CNBLUE  is the first place!!

Congratulations to CNBLUE. Even though they did not 'officially' released their song yet....

Cr Info: @2kiko@twitter

111001 [Video/Translation/Fan Acc] CNBLUE in KBS Entertainment Relay

111001 [Fan Acc/Spazz] #02 - 4th YongSeo Forever project from YongSeo Japan fanclub

111001 [Twitter] Yonghwa Tweet

110930 [Photo/Fan Account] Otodama Sea Studio – Otodama Koyasai 2011

111007 [Info/Concert] BLUESTROM to hit Bangkok, Jakarta & Hong Kong

Are You Ready for the "Storm"?

110929 [Photo] Yonghwa spotted at Korea Airport with New Hair

For more clearer and HQ photo of Yonghwa, visit GoldenJYH site.
You will never regrets....

Photo cr : mudpie from weibo, @gumshoes22 from Gall DC Jung Yong Hwa, 6002theMinny
Info cr : Yongseo thread @Soompi

[Photo] Seohyun in AAGG Photobook Scan

110927 [Video] CNBLUE greet Thai Fans for Bluestrom

Thursday, October 6, 2011

111006 [Info/Concert] CNBLUE & SNSD attendance at ’2011 KPOP Music Festival’ in Australia are CONFIRMED!

111006 [Video] CNBLUE on Morning Wide News for Supernatural Anime

111006 [NEWS] Seohyun will be appointed as UNICEF Envoy on 11th October

Seohyun (SNSD) and Donghae (Superjunior) will be appointed as UNICEF Envoy on 11th October. They will "combine their talent" and release a digital single call "Dream Comes True" also on 11th October for 2011 for Asia Song Festival.

[Spazz] #01 - Collection

This is collection is from YongSeo Soompi Thread.
I just compile it for us here, from Big Brother's broadcast and latest.

111001 [Twitter] CNBLUE - OTODAMA Koyasai Live Festival - Success & Complete

111006 [Photo/News] Seohyun Selca receive attention

Recently, Seohyun selca just appeared at several online site even thought the photo was taken on 27 Sept, before the Coway Auction event.

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Clumsy's for Soompi's FOTY 2011

Hello everyone,

Today, we are informed by our fellow Goguma's that Soompi Fanfic of the Year 2011 (FOTY 2011) is coming again.
And this year, the best thing's are one of the nominees are our Goguma's chingoo, CLUMSY's.

She is the person behind "COMPLETE" series.
A terrific writer with a very "complete" idea who are responsible for researching the story, developing the narrative, writing the scene, and delivering it.

So let us support her for this awards.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

110930 [EngSub|DL] CNBLUE and FTISLAND Interview with TVN KimChi Fans Club

In the recent episode of tvN’s weekly entertainment show, KimChi Fans Club conducting exclusive interview with FNC boys, FT Island and CNBLUE.
Jung YongHwa, Lee Jonghyun and Lee Jungshin sharing stories of their musician life and concept of “First Step” album.
Check out the video below.

110929 [Video] CNBLUE’s Left a Message on Warner Music Japan Facebook

110926 [Photo] Yonghwa spotted at Korea Airport

Photo cr : Yongnoon, xiaohun, Mudpie777, 6002theMinny

110926 [News] BOICE Donated 423,889 yen to Red Cross During Yokohama Arena Concert

FNC Japan send out this notice. :)

110926 [News] CNBLUE, “From Shows in Supermarkets to Yokohama Arena, It Feels Like a Dream.”

111005 [Info/Facebook] CNBLUE interview will be on Hanryu Pia and SODA

Warner Music Japan upload their new photo when been interview by Hanryu Pia today at their Facebook channel.
Did you guys see the shirt Jonghyun wearing for this interview??? Remember it???

111005 [Info/News] SNSD @Singapore concert has been move to Dec.

This info coming from twitter...

[UPDATE] Girls' Generation's concert will be brought forward to this December instead!
Cr: wanbao

Cr Info : scanationsg

111005 [Video] Seohyun - SPAO 2011 FW sweater - BTS

SPAO Korea upload behind-the-scene for their winter/sweater collection

Video cr : SPAOKOREA

111005 [Photo] Seohyun HQ pic from 'The Face Shop'

Photo cr :  
★ 이미지 출처(Image Credit) :: DC
★ 이미지 저작권(Image Copyright) :: TheFaceShop Co., Ltd
★ 정리+글쓴이(Poster) :: Yurui (LovAEnAi) []

111005 [Info/Video] 'In My Head' Supernatural animation - Broadcast

CNBlue "In My Head" as Japan cartoon animation broadcast… ( cr: baidu_李

The tudou link here


Cr Info : iris304@twitter
Cr Video : santank@youtube

110921 [Video] Seohyun (SNSD) - Speak Now in Big Brothers

Speak Now is a song from Taylor Swift

111005 [Twitter] CNBLUE will appear in Japan Magazine "Mini"

The coming Japan Magazine "Mini" will have "CNBlue" ( cr: weibo_農委會地瓜部職員815 )

Thanks to iris304 for this info
Photo cr : as tagged

111004 [Video] SNSD - "The Boys" Teaser News @ SBS Morning News

" The Boys" teaser has already hit over 1.5 million views on YouTube!!!!!!

Video cr :

110924 [Photo/Fanacc] Seohyun spotted @Lotte World

110926 [News] CNBLUE Yokohama Arena Concert via Warner Music Japan

110926 [Twitter] CNBLUE Who Will Continue to Mature

CNBLUE tweet after the day after the Yokohama concert. 

어제요코하마아레나공연을마쳤습니다! U2공연영상으로만볼수있었던360도공연이라 너무 좋았습니다. 더더욱 성장하는 CNBLUE되겠습니다.ㅎㅎ
Yokohama concert was finished yesterday! U2 concert video marked the opening together with the 360 degrees stage of our concert, we like it.CNBLUE will mature even more hehe
Source: @cnblue_4 on Twitter
Translated by: RK@ cnbluestorm

110925 [NEWS/Twitter]「In My Head」became the theme song of "SUPERNATURAL:THE ANIMATION"

 Cr : @iris304

110925 [Twitter/Info] FNC Japan Tweet for CNBLUE Zepp Concert

FNC Japan Tweet about CNBLUE next Japan Zepp Concert

fncmusicjapan FNC MUSIC JAPAN INC.
【CNBLUE】 2011年の冬ツアーが決定いたしました!12月4日(日)Zepp Sendai、6日(火)Zepp Nagoya、14日(水)Zepp Osaka、16日(金)国立代々木競技場第一体育館です!詳細は追って公式サイトにてお知らせいたします。

6002theMinny ♥ CNN [BLUE] NEWS
[SCHE] CNBLUE December 4 - Zepp Sendai ,December 6 - Zepp Nagoya ,December 14 - Zepp Osaka ,December 16 - Yoyogi National Gymnasium.

Cr :  fncmusicjapan, 6002theMinny

110925 [Message] More on Yokohama Concert - Song List & Mobile message


For their last indie concert at Yokohama Arena on Sunday, September 25th, CNBLUE performed 25 songs  on the special rotating stage, in front of about 15,000 audience.

110925 [Photo] Yonghwa (CNBLUE) Live at Yokohoma Arena

110925 [Video/Trans/Photo] CNBLUE at Yokohama Arena Concert Press Conference

Press conference for last indie concert. Video is provided by the Star Chosun

110924 [Photo] Yonghwa spotted shopping at the airport before boarding to Japan

Fan taken @ airport

110926 [Video/Trans] In My Head is out!! & Lyrics Translation

110925 [Twitter] Yokohama Concert Ended Successfully!

FNC Japan tweet after the concert ending!!

110924 [Twitter] CNBLUE Practice Session for Yokohama Arena Live

FNC Japan tweet about CNBLUE rehearsal for their last Indie shows at Yokohama arena.

110924 [Twitter|Photo] FT Island’s Leader Jonghun will cheer for CNBLUE!

FT Island’s Leader Jonghun tweet his cheering for CNBLUE with old photo with Yong Seobang & multi-language words!!!  (since he still wearing his 'wedding ring', clearly been seen....) ;)

110923 [Video|Lyrics] “In My Head” MV Teaser + BTS 1st appearance

CNBLUE [In My Head] 30sec.version

CNBLUE Japan Major Debut Single
[In My Head]
2011.10.19 Release!

110922 [Twitter|Photos] FNC Releases “IN MY HEAD” Cover Album and Photos

110917/18 [Photos/Fancams] Yonghwa (CNBLUE) at BLUESTORM concert

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

111004 [Video] The Boys Teaser - Fan Taken in Japan

110921 [TWEET] Yonghwa Tweet

Posted Tuesday 20th September 2011 from TweetCaster

백년만에 용화입니다! 이번 토요일 일요일 블루스톰 !! 너무기억에남는공연이었어요! ㅎㅎ이사진은이번공연때 확성기같은효과를내기위해썼던 제 새로운 악기입니다! 어떠셨나여??여러분들께 새로운 모습을 보여드렸는지 모르겠습니다!저도 몸관리잘할테니 여러분도 건강관리 잘 하세요!!

[Photo/Scan] Yonghwa (CNBLUE) “BLUESTORM” Concert Brochure

110925 [Photo/Fan Taken] Seohyun @LG DREAM CONCERT

I give you, The Pouty Maknae....

110919 [News] CNBLUE Energized Fans with BLUESTORM in Korea

111003 [Photo] Seohyun (SNSD) @ Gyeongju Hallyu Dream Concert Pictures

111003 [Photo] Seohyun @ K-pop Dance Cover Festival Fantaken Pictures