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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Episode 32 Preview


Episode 31

Raw cuts credit: TheYongHyun
(sun_sun + j2dlee @ the SeoHwa soompi thread)

Part 1 | Part 2
Raw cuts credit: TheSoneSource15
Part 1 | Part 2

Raw cuts credit: takulove99
Part 1  | Part 2  | Part 3

Raw cuts credit: diodano1
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Raw cuts credit: keoconvoineverdie
Part 1 | Part 2

Download raw credit: semi-fly 
Multiupload link

Translations credit: j2dlee@ SeoHwa Soompi thread

 What is this box…?
Hyun: I don’t know.
Yong: Phuket?!
MC Park: Uh?
MC Kim: She bought his gift!
MC Park: Ah, from Phuket!
Y: (You said didn’t buy any gift for me…)
Y: Oh~ what’s this? Oh, good smell~
MC Kim: She said she didn’t buy any.
Gift bought from various places in Phuket, thinking of her husband
H: They’re your gifts from Phuket.
An elephant shaped mobile phone string
H: A fan suddenly came to me singing ‘I’m a loner~’ and gave me that.
She even brought a couple gift from a fan in Thailand
H: I have one, too.
Y: Oh, really?
H: Yes.
His hand is reaching for the next present already…
Y: What’s this?
H: A room spray.
A room spray for her hubby who frequently stays in overseas hotels
A room spray, soap… gifts that you can use in everyday life ^^

H: That’s soap, and that one is…
Y: A Tiger Ointment!
H: That’s right! A Tiger Ointment!
Y: This is a cure-all!
H: I know~
Y: When you have a scratch, even when your heart is bruised…!
Even when your heart is bruised(?)….
Y: You can cure it all! A Tiger Ointment.
Y: Why are you giving me these now? You said you didn’t buy any.
H: Well, there’s a reason….
Y: What is it?
H: I’ll tell you later.
Y: What should I do with all these waiting?!
H: Tada!
Y: What’s that? A book?
H: Yes.
A book gift...!
MC Park: A book~
H: I’ve been carrying it with me for who knows how long…
MC Park: Since she couldn’t get in touch with him.

[11.05.2010] CNBLUE at the PD Radio Concert (Thailand)

All images credits as tagged.

For more pictures visit cnbluestorm

Friday, November 5, 2010

SBS Night After Night Preview

Video credit: bigbanghavenYT
As shared by coolmute

This is the new show where YongHwa is one of the MCs. The first episode will broadcast Monday, November 15th at 11:05pm KST on SBS.

[11.03.2010] SNSD @ SBS KJE Chocolate Recording

image credit: azi43@twitter

A fan account (Tiffany-biased) ;):
Credit: TheStephi
Translation credits: _shiksin@twitter
As posted by ice_soshi@soompi
I just came back from the chocolate recording. Not many of you (sones) know about this I decided to write some highlights of the recording.

The first stage was a dance stage. They danced to a pop genre music. I couldnt remember what song was that but that melody often being used in most of the CFs. emm... 
Fany wore hot pants and fishnet stockings...she took a chair...and started to dance. My eyes were like camera, I kept focusing on her. My heart cant take it anymore...
In the middle part of the song, fany was standing in the middle and her choreography was kinda different from the others. She looked like an foreign actor...her pose especially...Please enjoy the broadcast(performance) with an oxygen mask. Then the sequence of the following performances were Hoot, interview, mistake, oh and gee. Their live performances were great...

Because of the limited seats, only quite a handful of sones/fans were at the recording. As for the remaining audience, they were other singers' fans so when its our girls' turn to record, many of them left. So there were not much audience for the second half of the recording. I'm kinda tired too...I was like sitting on a needle-bed and yet I saw such a cold reaction from the crowd. I rather they dont accept this schedule if they were to receive such a cold treatment...But I'm thankful that I saw such a glamorous stage perfs put on by our girls despite the cold treatment from the crowd...
Fany ah...thanks for all your hardwork...TT

Additional: The song that they used for the first dance stage is If you seek amy. And during that dance stage, fany was looking so charismatic. Fany proposed/suggested alot of ideas for the stage then discussed the ideas with the kids and they practiced it.

Credit: TheStephi/Fanyhii
Translation credits: _shiksin@twitter
As posted by ice_soshi@soompi

Some fancams below the cut

[11.04.2010] CNBLUE in Thailand

The CNBLUE boys flew to Thailand today and will have s short performance on Friday, November 5th. They will be flying back to Korea the next day for the Lee Soo Geun & Kim Byeong Man Music Concert

[Rumor] SeoHyun will be filming WGM on November 9

According to tweets from PeteSamchon, a korean SoNyuhShiDae fan who often brings breaking SNSD news, SeoHyun will not be at the November 9th SNSD fansigning due to WGM filming.

Credit: petesamchon@twitter

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making of CNBLUE's X10 Mini CF

Video credit: RamuDarling
As posted by coolmute

[10.21.2010] WGM Filming at an aquarium

As posted by BettyLovesGogumas
apparently the couple had a shooting in an aquarium on 21/10, according to baidu!
also, they filmed till late at night when on 12/10 when they went to dig the gogumas, they also had roasted some shrimps to eat

[11.03.2010] CNBLUE at the Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2010

image credit as tagged

As posted on allkpop:

Top Korean groups Big Bang, KARA, 4minute, 2NE1, FTIsland, CNBlue, Brown Eyed Girls, U-KISS, Rainbow, and Teen Top gathered in Japan to perform for the “Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2010.”

The event was held earlier today at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. This event was a collaboration between Korean broadcasting channel SBS and Japanese broadcasting channel TBS in celebration of SBS’s 20th anniversary. The performances from this event will air on SBS on November 12th as a special episode, along with a 3-D production of the concert. TBS will air this concert at a later date in December.

SS501’s very own Park Jung Min was the MC for the event and reports state that the event was a major success. Check out some of the photos from the press conference below.

Source + Photos: +
Credit: GhostWriter@allkpop

CNBLUE in COOL Magazine

Credit: cnblue wang dao bar
As posted by: yenhong90@soompi

Some translations by saturn@soompi

COOL: Yonghwa looks cowardly. Japan is famous for fear culture. What made you surprised most?
Yonghwa: I'm not telling a lie, I am the person who is least afraid of ghost thing among our members.
COOL: But You weren't at TV.
Yonghwa: If you don't believe in me, ask our members.
Minhyuk: Yonghwa hyung is really fearless. When our dorm gets dark, he doesn't turn on the light. On the contrary I am really afraind of those things.
Jungshin: Yonghwa hyung never be afraid of ghost. But unexpectedly, he is afraid of insects or goldfish.
Yonghwa: That's right. What I am afraid of most is goldfish. On the contrary, I never be afraid of ghost thing.
COOL: Why are you afraid of goldfish? Because of its big eyes?
Yonghwa: I've just got goose bumps on my whole body when I see goldfish. :D
(Korean translation from DC YH gallary)

Source: COOL Magazine
As posted on dcgallery
Translation credits: saturn@soompi
To view more magazine scans see yenhong90's original post on soompi

SeoHyun "being in the fake marriage with Jung YongHwa is a very valuable experience"

Source: joynews
Translation credits: baidu + scatterbrain@soompi
SeoHyun "being in the fake marriage with Jung YongHwa is a very valuable experience"

SNSD SeoHyun expressed her special feelings with CNBLUE Jung YongHwa on the 2nd during an interview at  SM Everysing music room in Apgujeong. SeoHyun revealed that she is satisfied with her fake mariage life on MBC's We Got Married.

SeoHyun said "after meeting Jung YongHwa in Inkigayo,  I gave him our CD. He said that he really likes our songs, and even trying really hard to follow our dance in 'Hoot'MV"

Hyoyeon jealously said "even though it was during broadcast, two of them were always together (the chinese words said something like the persons and the shadows do not separate), gave everyone who saw them goosebumps~"

Tiffany supported this couple by saying "SeoHyun is more expressive in this album. Seems like it is because of Jung YongHwa, SeoHyun even told him to pay extra attention on her own part in the song"

SeoHyun shyly expressed "sisters always tease me. they like to watch WGM more tham me, gave me lots of directions and opinions, they even encourage me to hold his hand"

SeoHyun said "nonetheless, this is a new experience, to me it is also a very valuable one"

SeoHyun mentioned that recently WGM aired the 200 days anniversary where Jung YongHwa gave her a Japan life guidebook. It gives her a lot of help.

SeoHyun said "we often have events in japan, and we don't know where to find food that we would like to try. Thanks to his book, we get to go to wellknown places to eat delicious food." Hyoyeon jealously commented "so nice", creating laughter.

SNSD is now promoting their mini album with the main title "Hoot"

Source: joynews
Translation credits: baidu + scatterbrain@soompi

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SNSD is into the "Son Byungho Game"

As posted on soshified:
[My Daily Reporter Kang Sunae]
SNSD is into the "Son Byungho Game".
[Note: The Son Byungho game is explained later in the article.]

On November 2nd, SNSD held a press meeting with reporters at the Apgujung Everysing store. During this time, they talked about their successful entry into Japan and their sudden comeback into the Korean entertainment.

SNSD's schedule must be extremely packed with foreign activities, but they are continuing with activities in Korea as well with their "Hoot" comeback. Because of this, concerns of their health are rising amongst fans.

About this issue, Sunny said, "We like to refresh ourselves during our breaks rather than just resting. We like going places with each other or performing special stages. Even when we go to film something, if we have fun at the shooting, then we come back energized and recharged because of that. Even recently while we're going back and forth from Japan, the members play games every night at our dorm. If we enjoy our time like that, we are overflowing with energy."

Sunny also said, "We're really into the 'Son Byungho game' recently. We say things like, "Whoever likes sweet potatoes, fold a finger" or "fold a finger if you're married"".

The game was coined the "Son Byungho game" when the actor Son Byungho introduced the game on an episode of KBS2 TV's "Happy Together". The players in the game go around one at a time to say a statement. If that statement does not apply, the player has to "fold" a finger."
[Note: So for example, everybody holds out five fingers. If it's Sunny's turn, and she says "I like apples," all the members who don't like apples have to 'fold' a finger so they only have four fingers left.]

Tiffany added, "Whenever we hear that somebody is concerned for us, we are consoled and strengthened," relaying a thankful heart to the fans.

SNSD, who has made a comeback with "Hoot", will be going back and forth from Korea and Japan to rotate in activities.

Source: My Daily

Update: Apparently YongHwa also played this game on Happy Together. Thanks for the commenters below for pointing it out.

Here is a description by scatterbrain@soompi:
I dunno if anyone happy together where yonghwa was guesting, there was a game where they give out statements, and if the statement describes you, you have to fold your finger. if all your 5 fingers are folded, they will spray you with water....sorry for the confusing explanation, hope you all understand...

here's the important part!when the statement was"if you're married, fold your finger" and i think yonghwa did fold his finger. coz before this statement was said, he had folded one finger. and after that, we couldn't see him on screen, but the MCs pointed at him and said"three(meaning 3 fingers left) he did confess that he's married to hyun

CNBLUE X10 Mini pictures

Source: Sony Ericsson X10 site
As posted on cnbluestorm

Visit cnbluestorm to view more pictures from the X10-mini promotion.

[11.03.2010] MC Kim (Jake) Tweets

Rough translations by non-expert me:
Just finished recording WGM! It's cold...  three pretty couples... this week you must watch.. ^^ Khuntoria  move into their new house... YongSeo couple's Japan date.. Adam couple's wild event! More than a must-watch??!

SNSD share their thoughts on the YongSeo Couple

As posted on allkpop
The SNSD members cried “Jealous~” in unison as the topic of “YongSeo Couple” came up in their interview on November 2nd, causing Seohyun to blush in red.
Seohyun stated, “It seems like my unnies are interested more than me. They monitor the show often for me. Their attention must be due to the uniqueness of the relationship, right? Unnies keep telling me to take his hands. I’m embarrassed.”

The SNSD members elaborated on Seohyun’s change after the marriage. Tiffany said, “This album has tracks where her changed vocals really shine, she really improved. I guess there is emotion behind her voice? Her vocals and feel improved. I told them, ‘We have all got to date’.”

The romantic teasing did not stop even as Seohyun shoot her hands in denial. In fact, Seohyun turned redder with each shout of “Oh!!“, “Really?” and “yoohoo“.

Tiffany continued, “Truthfully, this has never happened for our maknae. These changes are really funny to us. She’s changed. She’s changed.” Taeyeon stated in her softest voice, “I was married too (to Jung Hyung Don), but forcefully divorced”, cracking up her members.

Source: Nate
Credits: nanunmaro@allkpop

Seohyun: “Because of ‘We Got Married,’ I became known as sweet potato.

As posted on allkpop:

SNSD talks about their Japanese experience

Having made their comeback with “Hoot,” the members of SNSD recently met with reporters on November 2nd in order to share their thoughts on their achievements as the new Hallyu leaders.
- Do you feel the level of your popularity in Japan?

Taeyeon: “I was really surprised when I heard ‘Gee‘ as the ring tone of a random passerby. One time, a French person even noticed who we were.”
Tiffany: “I left the house with my face covered and went into the city. I saw a crowd of about 10 or so teenage girls taking a picture with our SNSD pose.”
Sooyoung: “I never feel our popularity so I always ask our manager. ‘Are we really that popular?’ We never meet anyone other than celebrities so it’s hard to feel it for ourselves. It still makes me proud when I see people that go, ‘Wow, it’s SNSD’ whenever we go to broadcast halls.

- Do your Japanese fans acknowledge each member like your Korean fans?

Taeyeon: “They can go on the internet so it’s easy to find out stuff about us like our personal nicknames and whatnot. I recently saw some fans that were holding up placards with my nickname, Taenggoo, and Sooyoung’s nickname, Piggy. There are even some fans that are trying to learn Korean as well.”
Seohyun: “Because of ‘We Got Married,’ I became known as sweet potato. Even in Shanghai, I saw a board that had ’sweet potato’ written on it. I wondered if they were referring to me and waved to them.

A Sweet Potato A Day

Image source:
Image copyright: SM Entertainment

Pretty SeoHyun in Blue
Pretty in white too

More below the cut

SoNyuhShiDae in ViVi Magazine


One more below the cut:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SeoHyun's Gift?

WGM Episode 30 cut off last Saturday just as SeoHyun pulled out her present for YongHwa from her bag. We'll have to stay tuned to find out what SeoHyun's gift is.

In the meantime, here are some pretty good observations and guesses by fans:

credit: SeoHwa soompi

 Indigo Pearl is the resort that SNSD stayed at while in Phuket early August. (Coincidentally indigo is also a shade of blue). Since Hyun had mentioned that she had gotten something for Yong from Thailand, it's entirely possible that the box is an Indigo Pearl box. What's inside is harder to guess.

Which means we'll need to stay tuned to find out ;)

Note: I feel really bad I couldn't find the original soompi post and credit the poster. Anyone saved it or can help this blogger out?

[11.01.2010] SNSD at Cool FM Kiss the Radio (SuKiRa)

image credit as tagged
Interview Raw Cuts Credit: keoconvoineverdie

You can check out videos of them performing on the radio show at keoconvoineverdie's channel

Some translations
Credits: KissMez @ twitter
As posted by GeumJanDi@soompi
Eunhyuk: Also the last time you guys were here all together, Lee Teuk took very good care of maknae Seohyun. Everyone is pretty, but who do you think is the prettiest.
Lee Teuk: All 9 girls are very pretty for this album.
SNSD: Ayyyy~~~
Eun Hyuk: then in your opinion, who do you fits this concept the best?
Hyoyeon: Sooyoung! Her hair looks very good on her.
Yoona: We tease her saying that she looks like CN Blue Jung Shin.
Tiffany: I told her that if she doesn't put on a hairband, she looks just like him so I tell her to wear it all the time.
EunHyuk: oh they do kind of look alike.

Video credit: sonefancam

More pics and translations below the cut:

[11.01.2010] SNSD's overseas expansion

As posted on fanwonder
On November 1st, SM Entertainment  representative Kim Youngmin and SNSD attended the Foreign Press  Conference at Foreign Correspondents’ Club in Seoul Press Center to talk  about matters pertaining to their overseas activities and future plans.

Kim Youngmin attributes SNSD’s success  to three main factors – abilities, planning and adaptability to media  changes. SNSD, whose success becomes the envy of many singers in United  States and Europe, are committed to conquer the Asian market.

In matters related to the Chinese  market, Kim Youngmin said that the girls who had a concert in Shanghai  and recently in Taiwan have been learning Chinese since their debut. For  their performances in Asia, they have learned many different things as  well. He hopes that in the future, there will be opportunites for the  girls to perform in China again.

As posted on fanwonder

All images credits as tagged

More below the cut:

Monday, November 1, 2010

[10.30.2010] CNBLUE at the Yeoncheon Jengok-ri Paleolithic Festival

Video credit: bhlee0203

The CNBLUE boys performed at the 18th Yeoncheon Jengok-ri Paleolithic Festival on October 30th. During the interview YongHwa was asked why SeoHyun wasn't with them that day (LOL)

WGM November 13 broadcast cancelled

credit: _Xeth@twitter

And as posted by woollylamb@soompi:
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but just saw this on Baidu, translated parts in purple:

15:55~16:50 MBC쇼! 음악중심
16:50~18:00 MBC스포츠<광저우아시안게임 - 축구> 한국 vs 팔레스타인
18:00~22:00 MBC스포츠<광저우아시안게임 - 야구> 한국 vs 대만
15:55~16:50 音乐中心 MuCore
16:50~18:00 足球 韩国——巴基斯坦 Soccer South Korea vs Pakistan
18:00~22:00 棒球 韩国——台湾~ Baseball South Korea vs Taiwan

[10.31.2010] Behind the Scenes of Inkigayo

finally...snsd went to MCs corner
Seohyun greeted sulli and kwon and then gave Yonghwa, whose hand was already in a high five position, a high five.

Translations below the cut

Letters to Hyun

Credit: Baidu
Translation Credits: Betty

To hyun~~ (from yong)
Finally its my turn now~hopefully this book will be useful for you, although it might look tattered, but I really did it attentively, please accept my sincerity. I know you still feel a bit sad about what I did, actually at that time I felt there was invisible walls between us two, I wanted to break the wall so I started the push-and-pull thing, please do understand me, ok? Because yongseo couple is the best! Hehe! A lot happened during the long time we spent together, I think they will become unforgettable memories,you have to keep those memories in mind, survive your life in japan and come back! Also, please keep this book with you everywhere you go. Thank you a lot hyun~

To sister-in-law
Seohyun! Hello! I'm your friend, everyone’s friend JungShin, first of all, congratulate the yongseo couple on your 200th day~300th day, 1000 day, for a long time~stay sweet with our yong! Although there are times when yong behave like a childish and naughty boy, he really put a lot of effort in trying to get close with you! yong really want to, but not forcing you, want you to speak  [banmal], so that you can become even closer! I heard that you are advancing to japan, it will surely be daebak! This book consists of very useful contents, please look thoroughly, fighting! Yongseo couple fighting!

To sister-in law!
Hello, seohyun, hahah, im JongHyun, really thankful to see, since our brother married with you, he’s becoming more cheerful now! I know you will do well, I believe! In japan, fighting too! Snsd will occupy japan!

This one’s from minyuk:
I saw it from news that snsd is advancing into japan, snsd finally is advancing to japan, it will be daebak! Surprisingly, you will find this book more useful than anyother travel guidebooks. It will be helpful for you! Yongseo couple Please stay happy for a long time~yong who asked me to write such a letter so late at night looks really romantic, if seohyun receives this you will definitely be touched with tears! Also, we hope your happy married life will continue! Congratulate on ur 200th day! Seohyun fighting! Snsd advancing into japan fighting!yongseo couple fighting!
From cnblue drummer minyuk!

Credit: Baidu
Translation Credits: Betty

Sunday, October 31, 2010

[10.31.2010] SNSD Comeback Stage on Inkigayo

MC YongHwa was a very suave vampire XD

video credit: CrazyCarrot360

Video credit: SmoothyEcoS04

Video credit: SmoothyEcoS04

The winner's announcement
Credit: CrazyCarrot360

SNSD making a comeback on SBS Inkigayo

Inkigayo stage being prepared
Credit: Showtime24@soompi + bestiz
SNSD will be making their comeback on the SBS Inkigayo stage today, and who else will be there but none other than MC YongHwa (Yay!)
You can watch SBS Inkigayo Sunday, October 31st at 3:50PM KST live from any of the following sites:

And if you know of other live-streaming options please don't heistate to share them in the comments below. Thanks!!


[Eng Sub] Episode 30

For the original post with full links click here

Subbed cuts by RunDevilRunSubs: Part 1 | Part 2

Subbed cuts by theYongHyun

[10.29.2010] SeoHyun gifts Ga-In a copy of "Hoot"

In this behind the scenes video of KBS Music Bank SeoHyun along with her SNSD unnies, Tiffany and Yuri, visit Gain backstage and present her a copy of their new mini-album Hoot.

How nice that the WGM wives are good friends.

Video upload credit to monmonsnow