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Friday, June 11, 2010

[6.10.2010] Yong calls Hyun on MBC Change the World Quiz

Credit: Park Hyun Min
Translation :

Jung YongHwa gave a surprise phone call to his “wife” from MBC ‘We Got Married‘ during a recent recording of MBC ‘Quiz to Change the World‘.

During the recording of ‘Quiz to Change the World’ on the 10th, Jung YongHwa participated in the ‘Speed Quiz’ game of the show, and called his fake wife, SNSD’s SeoHyun. When she picked up, she greeted the guests on the show by saying, “Hello, this is SNSD’s SeoHyun,” showing her usual proper and innocent personality.
MC Lee HwiJae asked SeoHyun a surprise question about the other ‘We Got Married’ couple of JoKwon and GaIn, as JoKwon was also a guest on the show. He asked, “How would you feel if Jung YongHwa attempted skinship like JoKwon does?” SeoHyun seemed to pause for a second before replying, “I think it would be burdensome,” causing laughter in the studio.
This recording is scheduled to air on the 26th. However, it is possible that ‘Yong-Seo’s’ phone call could be edited out. JoKwon’s phone call to his wife, GaIn, may also get edited out as well.
A member of the ‘Quiz to Change the World’ production crew stated, “A 4-hour recording has to get edited down to a 1-hour show. Depending on the situation, there is a chance that Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun’s phone call may not be aired. The number of guests is fairly big, and many have good talking skills, leading us to not being able to sure of what will or won’t be edited out.
Meanwhile, Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun went on a trip on the episode of ‘We Got Married’, which aired on the 12th,  and made their mark as a couple. Soon, CNBLUE and SNSD will appear together for the couple’s housewarming.