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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Episode 20

Subbed videos credit to RunDevilRunSubs (thanks awesome subbers! )

Episode 20 Part 1/2
Episode 20 Part 2/2

Unsubbed cut credit to absolutekeoconvoi

Episode 20 Part 1/3
Episode 20 Part 2/3
Episode 20 Part 3/3

[8.21.2010] CNBLUE in Singapore

Starting around 1:05:  If you were not a member or part of CNBLUE, what career path would you have chosen or taken?

Credit: thehottestgeneration@youtube

CNBLUE is in Singapore this weekend for one of their stops on their Asia Tour.
Crew from the Official SeoHwa Memoirs Project went there to give gifts for Yong and Hyun in celebration of their 200th Day Anniversary

Click below the cut for a funny fanaccount shared by neptune_joker@soompi:

Host: If you were not a member or part of CNBLUE, what career path would you have chosen or taken?
Fan: Sonyuhshidae! [implying that Yong can be a member of SNSD, ref to his Genie dance]
Yonghwa (and the other members) start to smile. Yonghwa pointed to his ring.
Other members start answering the question. When it gets to Yonghwa's turn, there were shouts of "Sonyuhshidae!" and "Seohyun!"


Host: What band or artiste in or outside of Korea would you guys like to collaborate with and why?
Crowd: Sonyuhshidae!
Yonghwa's face wasn't captured on the big screen here but he was smiling.
During Yonghwa's turn to answer,

YH: Uh...(fans: SNSD!) (breaks into a smile)! Haha...maybe Jason Mraz? [rest of answer not relevant]
At the end of all the answers to this qn, Minhyuk whispers something to YH that made them both smile. Jungshin also says something to YH.

Host: What are the good and bad points of being famous?
YH: I can perform for everyone...(a group of fans shouts "We Got Married"! [implying that being famous, he gets to go on the show and meet Hyun])
Yonghwa took 3 seconds to realize what the fans shouted and broke into a huge (embarrassed? haha) smile. Jonghyun leaned over because he didn't understand. Yonghwa whispered to both Jonghyun and Minhyuk "Uri Gyeolhunhamnida" [the actual show name is "Uri Gyeolhunhaesseoyo" but from lip-read, he added hamnida]. He continues to answer the question.

In the meantime, don't forget that another episode of We Got Married will be airing soon Saturday, 5:15PM KST. Check the video page for streaming options

Episode 20 Preview

From MBC:

용화♡서현 : 며느리도 모르는 용서부부표 김치의 맛!
씨엔블루의 새 숙소에 방문하기로 한 용서부부!
어머니의 손길이 필요한 도련님들을 위해 맛있는 김치를 담그기로 하는데..
김치 담그기란 재료 손질부터 양념 배합까지 고난도의 손맛을 필요로 하고~
지난 번, 주먹 된장찌개를 만들었던 손 큰 주부 혀언!
이번에는 ‘바다 맛’이 나는 김치가 탄생하다?! 용서부부표 김치의 맛은 과연?

한편, 같은 시각 씨엔블루의 숙소에서는 ‘형수님 맞이 준비’에 한창인데~
씨엔블루 도련님들이 혀언 형수님을 보다 특별하게 맞이하는 방법은 무엇

credit: MBC

 Translations (from Chinese) credit: ppsf@soompi
the Kimichi challenge of YongSeo couple
To SeoHyun, who just turned 20 years old with little experience in Kimchi preparation, is trying her best with notes taken in Kimchi making.
YongHwa also challenge Kimchi making with his talent as being a "housewife", the couple hope to bring freshly made Kimchi to the brothers who just moved into their new dorm.
With Hyun commented by Yong making Dwaejangjjigae in "manly style" with large portion of mushroom & tofu last time, Yong now commented the Kimchi has the taste like "Sea (or Ocean)" What ingredient did Hyun include in her receipe that makes Kimchi taste like Sea?

Translation credit: pssf@soompi

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

Simon D of Supreme Team recently tweeted a picture of him with YongHwa. The two knew each other back from Busan. You can read the full article at allkpop

[Update] Watch Subbed Episodes

Shh... keep this on the down low. Find Sweet Potato episodes here: SNSD SeoHyun Forever Facebook page

Credit to SNSD SeoHyun Forever Facebook for reuploading the videos. With thanks to ilovelollipopsXD@soompi for posting the tip.

[08.03.2010] SeoHyun and CNBLUE at a Make a Wish Event

source: hizom@cyworld
As posted on cnbluestorm

Based on the pictures of the event, this happened on August 3rd, the same day that DCGallery fans gave them gifts.

As posted on cnbluestorm:
Minsun is a 14 year old girl going through a difficult cancer treatment. One of her wishes was to meet her idol CNBlue and after some juggling her caretakers got in touch with WGM staff and CNBlue gladly agreed to come visit Minsun  [after the filming].

Minsun couldn’t hide her happy excitement when CNBlue appeared with cake. What was more surprising was that little later Seohyun also appeared. Everyone was surprised since no one expected her. YongHwa gave Minsun a necklace present and the party went on. Minsun asked Seohyun: “Unnie who would you like as WGM partner besides YongHwa oppa?” which made Seohyun panic a little and everyone was laughing up.
“It was really the greatest”, Minsun said at the end of the day

source: hizom@cyworld
with many thanks to silis@snsd thread + miel_1301@soompi
posted by Emy@cnbluestorm

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Sweet Potato A Day

As posted by ㅇㅇ@DCInside
Seo Hyun wearing a pretty outfit.  Based on the pictures from the Make A Wish surprise event, this is the outfit she was wearing Aug 3rd for WGM filming. If you recall, this was when the DC gallery fans came by to give them gifts

Wow she is truly a goddess.

Yong and Hyun filmed a WGM Special with the other WGM couples

As posted by silis7noy2@soompi
Seohyun missed the [Domino's Pizza]  fanmeet to film WGM at Youngheung island, a special episode with all the couples reportedly, a big shooting with dozens of cameras and a helicopter. Rumor says this special might be aired next next week but there is some trouble brewing at MBC right now;; (similar to strike situation earlier this year...)
cr. silis7noy2
The special episode is rumored to follow a horror movie concept.