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Saturday, May 29, 2010

[5.28.2010] CNBlue On SuKiRa

YongHwa and his CNBlue bandmates were guests on  Leetuk and EunHyuk's radio show SuKiRa (Super Junior Kiss the Radio). The interview happened the day after YongHwa's release from hospital so he was not speaking much. However, this did not stop Leetuk and EunHyuk from interogating Yong about his ideal type.

The fun never ends.
Click below the cut for the subbed videos

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[5.24.2010] Jung Yonghwa admitted to hospital after We Got Married recording

As posted on allkpop:
Fatigue has once again struck another K-pop star and this time it’s CNBlue’s Jung Yonghwa.
It was reported that Jung Yonghwa has just completed filming for We Got Married with Seohyun on the 24th, when he complained of dizziness and subsequently collapsed due to fatigue. He was immediately taken to hospital for treatment.

A representative expressed, “Jung Yonghwa had only just recovered from his vocal cord nodule and then had to rehearse a lot in preparation for CNBlue’s new album. He also developed a cold and was probably overwhelmed with fatigue. He is now receiving treatment for his vocal cord nodule which reportedly worsened.”

Yonghwa’s condition will mean that the scheduled recording for Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook on the 25th will now have to be canceled. Schedules scheduled for the rest of the week will be decided, depending on Yonghwa’s speed of recovery.

The representative ended by saying, “We will listen to the doctor’s advice and give Yonghwa a break if needed. We will adjust CNBlue’s future schedules accordingly..”

He was already sick before the comeback but push ahead with the schedule. And after four back-to-back performances starting with M! Countdown and ending with Inkigayo and who knows what else, he has finally succumbed to fatigue. Let’s hope he does get some good rest and it’s a shame because the album is really good and the comeback should probably be delayed. Health is more important though.

credit: allkpop

Monday, May 24, 2010

[5.23.2010] Yong Wears the Ring As a Pendant

Note: the below was posted on an online forum. I have not found the original news source yet, but will update when I do. 

In the waiting room of the music show on the 23rd May, YongHwa said in an interview, "The couple ring was already quite loose on my finger and i had to keep my attention on it. Who knew, i really dropped it. We haven't been wearing the couple ring for a long time but the moment i dropped it, my mind went blank and unconsciously i was looking for my ring even while singing. Even though we are a make-believe couple, but losing the ring felt like i was losing Hyun's heart, this ring is very special (precious), whenever i look at it, i would want to protect Hyun."

About getting his lyrics sung wrongly at the end, after dropping the ring. And even being filmed looking for the ring after the song:
"I thought I would have been scolded by my manager for getting the lyrics wrong...."
Next day. SBS Inkigayo, he was seen not wearing the ring. [note: actually, he was] Fans were worried that he didn't find the ring. Yet at the waiting room, YongHwa showed [the reporters] the well-kept ring, smiled and said, "This time, the songs we perform requires too much hand gestures, thus I'll wear the ring as a chain on my neck." And said, "Regarding WGM, I started off thinking it was just a program. But the more I film it, the deeper i feel for it. This ring incident will be a unforgettable memory."

(actual text in chinese was "the more i film WGM, the more I can't bear", but i couldn't translate it better. It means like he has emotional attachments in it. Can't break off or ignore easily)

credit: sweetpotato baidu bar
translation: xxiwannabefamous@soompi

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Episode 7

Credit: codenameblue@youtube

Episode 7 Part 1/3
Episode 7 Part 2/3
Episode 7 Part 3/3

Thank you so much Omonoona!!!

[5.22.2010] Dream Concert 2010 & 100 Day Anniversary!

The Sweet Potaot couple were spotted meeting briefly on stage after the Dream Concert ended. There is speculation they might have left together (for filming, since it is their 100 day anniversary) or met backstage because Hyun is also seen rushing off the stage while her SNSD unnies stay to take their final bow.

Curious? Check the videos below and give us your take:

[5.22.2010] Yong Drops the Ring!

Yong accidentally drops the ring while performing "Love" on MBC Music Core. His anxious reaction and attempts to look for the ring were caught on camera. Luckily he did find it in the end.

Huge thanks to Toni (pinkrose0724@youtube) for  making the screencaps and video cut. Click below to see the events unfold.

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