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Thursday, September 29, 2011

[TRANSLATION] Seohyun's Vogue Interview

The people's image of Seohyun is actually // The same vs. Different

The same. The reason I'm quiet is because it's how I am, even in front of people close to me. Our staff finds me the most amusing though. While on "We Got Married" I look like I'm always serious, quiet, stubborn and old-fashioned, but actually when I meet with male friends, I actually have a more boyish side. At that time I'm not such a gentle and obedient girl. Haha.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do You Want to See YongSeo Duet again???

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The EO for Kpop Festival in Sydney, JK Entertainment, asked how much people will want to watch YongSeo duet on their Concert!! It is gogumas chance to show them how much gogumas want to watch YongSeo duet again! Go like their page at facebook and make a positive comment about this oportunity!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yongseo appeared on Indonesian TV as one of the most popular Korean artist couples

On Sept 23rd, On the spot Trans7 (Indonesian TV) released a ranking about the most popular korean artist couple. One of the couple is our beloved YongSeo couple. Most of Indonesian gogumas gone crazy because they saw their lovely couple on their TV. CNBLUE's love girl also became one of bgm. Beside YongSeo, another couple from We Got Married, Khuntoria also on this list. The other couple are actually dating or already married.

Full list of the most popular korean artist couple on the spot version :
  1. Lee Minho & Park MinYoung
  2. 2PM's Nickhun & f(x)'s Victoria (Khuntoria)
  3. Ji Sung & Lee BoYoung
  4. CNBLUE's YongHwa & SNSD's SeoHyun (YongSeo)
  5. Lee SangYoon & Nam SangMi
  6. Eugene & Ki TaeYoung
  7. Lee ChunHee & Jun HaeJin
Check the vid below

[Video] YongSeo Duet in Niigata Director's Cut Version

Update with better video!