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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What Is Inside YongHwa's Mind?

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YongHwa and his CNBlue bandmates were recently featured in the July issue of Inkigayo Magazine. YongHwa revealed what was inside his mind and drew a picture of his ideal girl.

Click below the cut for a larger view of Yong's brain map and translations

Brain map translations credit to klaritia@soompi & junegirlus2001@soompi

Details translations credit to junegirlus2001@soompi

7.31 First concert in Korea (Important!) – The date of our first concert in Korea. All day long, I only think about the concert!
Guitar practice, singing practice – Recently because of my schedules, I think its been a long time since I’ve practiced.
It would be great if it rained - I like the days when it rains. When I can listen to the sound of the rain without any thought is when I’m the most happy.
We Got Married – My regular program that I always think about. It does not leave my mind.
What are the dongsengs thinking about? – As the oldest and the leader, naturally I think about my dongsengs.
Hand gestures, singing, guitar, face expression. Confusing – If even one goes awry, immediately its wrong. I have to constantly pay attention.
BOICE The best - BOICE, the fanclub that loves us
Hair, grow faster - I want to have longer hair than right now.
I need to write a song – I haven’t been able to write any because of our schedules. I guess I’ll have to take the time to write in our spare time.
Dancing is hard! - I like to dance but because I can’t [dance well]!
Voice/Throat care and voice/throat treatment – Because of my voice nodules, I tend to pay a lot of attention to it.
Fear of variety shows - I’m scared because my turn might come.
MCing is becoming fun! – Its becoming more fun. Haha!
Parents, I love you – I love you

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  1. he has a lot on his mind...
    but like it when he has wgm on his mind..:)