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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Episode 34 + Translations

Raw cuts credit: keoconvoinewseason

Raw cuts credit: ThaiRabbitAloneJooBz

Raw cuts credit: TheSoneSource17

Raw cuts credit: taeyeonjjj
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Translation credits: MountainMadman@soompi 

H: Hi!

Sub: YongSeo's trip to the goguma field

Y: When did you get it?

H:'s weird, isn't it?

Sub: husband in the passenger seat / wife in the driver seat

H: It's fascinating.

MC: Oh, it's different!

H: Here, I'll show it to you.

H: Wahhh!

Y: must be nice...

H: You didn't have time, right?

Y: I need to get it too.

H: You should hurry.

Y: Are we really going there in this?

H: Of course, to Ganghwado!

Y: You're kidding!

H: That's why we're going to go slow.

Y: Let's go!

H: Can we start?

H: Be nervous! I'm nervous too.

Y: I was already nervous.

H: I, I, I'm starting.

Sub: Finally...!!!

H: Let's go!

MC: Oh, he's cute.

Sub: Hyun's truck ceremony~!!

At the 1:00 mark.

H: Yeaaah.

Y: You're a truck-driving woman now.

Sub: A pretty good start...truck-driving wife

MC: Wouldn't the search popularity for 'Ganghwado truck driving girl' go up?

MC: They should go out to the road quickly.

Sub: turning the street corner...

MC: The sun will have set by the time they get there.

MC: It's similar to the grandmother's walking speed.

Y: Ah, at the rate we're going...

H: Why?

Sub: Exiting the alleyway with dignity(?)...into the big road...

MC: Oh, they're on the highway now.

Y: Where did you take your test? Kangnam?

H: It was Kangnam, but...


H: the school...

H: What? What?

Sub: traffic stuck

Sub: The hard road of a driver

MC: Oh, what are they going to do?

H: Sorry!

Sub: Hurriedly evacuating (?)...easily hurt rookie driver

Sub: Took 10 minutes to go around the block...

Y: Stop here for a second.

Sub: The future looks bleak...what are they going to do...

H: I think this is a little too much for me. Right?

Sub: Silence equals agreement?!

H: I think I need to send out an SOS call.

Y: To who?

H: an oppa you like.

MC: Oh!

Y: An oppa that I like?

MC: Jungmo oppa.

Sub: TRAX's Jungmo??

Y: Who could it be?

H: Oppa!

H: Uhh...I need to take the truck down to Ganghwado.

?: Umm...that's probably a little dangerous...

H: Yeah, then can you...

?: there? Ganghwado?

H: Yes...

Sub: Already had contacted oppa (?) beforehand

H: So if you could come up here...

?: Okay.

At the 2:58 mark.

Sub: A little later...

H: Oppa!

Y: Hello~

Sub: Hyun's manager was waiting in front of their house

MO: How did you get here by yourself?

MC: Oh, he's her manager.

MC: Yonghwa looks relieved!

H: Really, thank you so much.

Y: Hi.

At the 3:22 mark.

H: He's someone...that knows me better than most anyone...and also had talked a lot with I think he likes Yonghwa a lot.

H: Even more than he does me!

Sub: to Ganghwado to harvest the gogumas~!!

H: It's like the lyrics to "Tell Me Your Wish".

Y: Like what?

H: "Ride in your dream car and race along...sit next to me..."

MC: "Ride in your blue truck".

Y: I watched all of the episodes up to now.

H: Yes.

Y: And do that "mmmmmm!!!" thing. I can't even follow it.

H: What's that? Do I really do that?

MO: Yes, you do. "Mmmmmm!!!"

Y: "Mmmmmmm."

H: Stop it!

Y: You really do that! Watch the episodes again.

MO: When Seohyun first told me she was going into WGM...

Sub: telling them his thoughts

MO: She was young, but also she didn't have any dating experience. And I thought how could she know so little about them. So I was really worried. So I wondered, what kind of man she would need to meet...and I was initially relieved that it was Yonghwa.

Y: Oh, really? That's a relief.

MO: Because then, when someone didn't lead Seohyun, she wasn't the style to start a conversation by herself.

H: That's right.

MO: So I think Yonghwa was very good at leading her and alleviating the tension.

MC: Oh, he's really like an older brother.

MC: He's a good older brother.

MC: My manager's good, too.

MC: My manager picks out my clothes himself.

At the 5:08 mark.

MO: So I was pleased, a lot.

H: Thank you.

Y: What?

H: Nothing.

MO: At first...I'm sure you've heard this too, but I got a lot of calls saying "they need to hold hands" and stuff like that.

Y: Us a lot of calls about that.

Sub: the instigator

MC: Yahhhhh~!

Sub: Got closer after their Japan vacation

MC: Oh, they did it, they did it.

Y: YongSeo, capable of holding hands!

H: That's right. Ah, what are you doing?

H: Ah! Why are you doing that?

Y: The cracking sound!

MC: Ah, really!

Sub: Unexpected response

MC: Yong choding!

Sub: Our Yong choding

Y: That cracking something that only I can do.

Sub: Yonghwa, I like you, but...

At the 6:06 mark.

Sub: During that...arriving at Ganghwado...

Y: When we harvest our gogumas...who should we give them to?

Y: Our members...

H: Members.

Y: Parents. Manager oppas.

MC: I don't think we're going to be on there.

H: The people in the studio.

MC: $#%#@^@#$^

MO: You'll be there at the harvest, right?

H: Come with us!

MO: Actually, I have a friend in Ganghwado I want to visit.

Sub: He will relinquish (?) the happiness of yard work to YongSeo couple...

Sub: The dream car goes on...into a somewhat familiar setting...

MC: I want to go to the country.

MC: I know, right?

Sub: What will their two rows field look like...

At the 6:46 mark.

H: Ah~it's nice!

Sub: Manager hyung off to see the Ganghwado friend (?)...

MO: I'll see you later, so...

Sub: soon as they turn around...!!

H: It's not here, right?

MC: Is this the same place?

Sub: Whose field s this...?!

MC: Wow~!

Sub: A definitely different view than from four months ago!

Sub: Where was our two rows field...

H: Oh, we have the sign, so we should be able to find it.

Sub: The sign for our two rows field

Y: That's right. I made it.

H: Exactly.

H: So it turns out that I'm getting my present today?

Y: That's right.

H: Yeahh.

Sub: Yong's birthday present, the two rows field

H: So the two rows are all mine?

Y: Just try eating all 200 of them by yourself!

Y: Oh look, they're on a field trip!

H: Really?

MC: Oh, they're cute!

MC: They're the size of gogumas themselves.

Y: Hey, you guys!!!

H: You guys!!!

Y: Let's eat some gogumas!!!!

Sub: Will they be able to eat gogumas like those...?

Y: Sir~!!! We're here!!!!! [NOTE: they were yelling to the owner. I felt awkward typing "Owner!!!!!"]

H: Will he hear?

Y: He will.

Y: Sir~!!!!!!!!!!!

H: Sir!!!!!!

Y: Give us some doenjang jjiggae!!! [NOTE: the dish that was served last time; a kind of stew made using curdled bean paste]

MC: You remember what they ate last time.

MC: Yes.

Y: You guys!!

MC: Oh, he met his friends!

Y: This is our field!

H: They're so cute!

Y: Hello!

H: Hello!

Sub: seeing the owner after four months

Owner: You've been well?

Y: Yes.

H: Yes.

Owner: Do you know what this is?

H: No.

Owner: it's for cutting up the vegetation.

MC: Ohhh...

MC: I really want to try that.

Owner: Actually, this year, we had a not-so-good crop.

H: Why?

Owner: There was a lot of unusual weather, so...

Sub: because of unusual weather...

H: Ahhh...

Owner: The summer was too hot so they didn't grow too well, and we had strong rains in autumn.

H: Oh, I see.

Owner: But I'm sure they'll turn out decent, right?

Sub: like that...walking down the road with their dreams of first harvest

Y: My hair grew longer, right?

Owner: Did it? Hahaha...

Y: Like I suspected, you didn't pay attention to me. Only Seo Joohyun.

Sub: At the owner's introduction to planting gogumas

Owner: Because Seohyun's so famous...

Sub: The owner's Seohyun fan mind being read easily...

At the 9:24 mark.

H: Wow!

MC: Oh, because they need to cut what's above the ground.

Sub: cutting off the goguma sprouts

MC: It's not an easy task.

Sub: the sprouts getting eliminated quickly

MC: Oh, he's cutting the sprouts.

Sub: While he's doing that...the couple helping from behind

Sub: the tractor that agitates the ground

MC: Wow...

MC: It's definitely not an easy task.

Y: Look, gogumas!

H: Wow!

MC: Look at them coming up!

H: Waaaah!

MC: There's around three gogumas attached to each sprout.

Sub: the father of gogumas

Moving on to Part 2...

Owner: So now you can use the hoe, since it's easier to dig now.

H: Thank you!

Y: Thank you!

Sub: starting out on their harvest!

H: This is fun.

Y: I think my row has more.

H: The gogumas must be buried deep.

MC: If they do it wrong, the gogumas will get crushed.

MC: That's right, they need to do it softer.

Y: My first goguma!

H: Where, where?

MC: Wow, it's pretty big!

Sub: Yong's first goguma

H: Yahhh!

Y: Goguma...goguma.

Sub: Hyun wife, on the other hand...

H: Where are they?

Y: Wow~my row is goguma season!

At the 1:01 mark.

Sub: Four months ago...

Owner: Oh, Seohyun's doing it quite well.

H: Oh, really? Thank you.

Sub: in four months...feeling a turn of the tide...

H: Ohhh!

Sub: finally found one...!!

Sub: What...?

H: What is this?

Sub: bringing a shovel?!

MC: Oh? You're not supposed to do that...

H: Does that work?

Y: Of course it does...look at how much I have.

MC: Wow, Yonghwa's row is really good.

MC:'re not supposed to use the shovel.

H: How do you do this?

Sub: Hyun wife, who was trying so hard...

H: Wow!

MC: That's almost as large as a ma.

Sub: Finally...

Y: Is this a tree or a goguma?

H: It's like a tree.

Y: Didn't I say there was a goguma as big as a person?

Y: This is a baby, right? By the time we get over there, there'll be grandfather gogumas.

Sub: This is the happiness of farm work~

At the 2:22 mark.

Sub: since it is their first field together...trying hard

Sub: But!!

H: Why is everything so small? So small.

Sub: Gogumas getting rarer and rarer

MC: The gogumas don't looks so good.

H: It takes a lot of hard work for me to eat gogumas.

Y: Of course.

Sub: The proud Yong farmer has disappeared...

H: It's hard, isn't it?

Sub: Digging...digging...and more digging...

Y: Where are they? The more I dig, the less there are.

MC: They're digging up less and less.

Y: Ughhhhh~

H: Ughhhhh~

Sub: Hoeing of rage

H: Where are they???

Y: Come out when I'm asking nicely.

MC: So when they're upset, Seohyun's nostrils flare and Yonghwa talks in an accent.

Y: Aigoo, what's wrong with my life...our gogumas aren't coming out when they're supposed to...

H: We're doomed...

Y: Huh? Look at this...this is what comes out...

Sub: Finger gogumas...

H: Aigoo...

Sub: the strength leaving her legs due to disappointment...

H: Think of the people who we have to give gogumas to.

Y: Huh?

H: The members...manager can we give these to them??

MC: manager op?

Y: Give the biggest one to the parents.

H: Okay.

MC: He's looking after the parents first.

H: I give up, I won't eat any for myself.

MC: You don't have to give any to us. You can have them.

At the 4:17 mark.

H: Goguma...

Sub: ginseng goguma

Y: Shimbwata. [NOTE: Korean phrase, similar to yelling 'Eureka' when miners would discover gold, but instead applied to ginseng.]

H: Me too.

Y: Shimbwata!

Sub: The couple losing more and more of their sanity

Sub: they're almost at the end of their row...

MC: The gogumas really didn't turn out great.

MC: That's right.

MC: It's because there was too much rain.

H: Look at this! There's not even one! How is this possible! There's only rocks!

H: Yahh~ come on out, goguma, goguma, goguma!

Y: You scare me when you're like that. You're talking to the gogumas.

Sub: Are these gogumas your gogumas? [NOTE: reference to a traditional Korean ghost story where a ghost would wander the village asking people if a certain item was theirs.]

H: It's really weird! Why aren't there any gogumas? We definitely planted them...

Y: Hyun!

H: Wahh!

Y: It's a goguma!

H: I should at least take this. Aigoo! Gogumaaaa!

At the 5:16 mark.

Sub: near the peaceful town...

Sub: Hyun's manager who said he would be meeting a friend

MC: Is he our special guest?

Sub: That Jaerongi... [NOTE: Jaerongi is a popular name for a dog in South Korea.]

MC: Oh, is that the same dog?

MC: Did he grow that big?

Sub: He grew that much!?

MC: Wow, he's fully grown now!

MO: Oh, so that's why your name is Jaerongi... [NOTE: Jaerongi can also mean someone who's very playful.]

Sub: After having a fun meeting with Jaerongi...

Sub: Anyways...having a different (?) time by himself

Sub: Ignorant of manager oppa's whereabouts, continuing to be painful for the two people...

Y: There could be gogumas hanging from places like this.

H: Right.

Y: Look, yeolmu kimchi! [NOTE: yeolmu kimchi is a type of kimchi made with hard white radish.]

Sub: the couple surely having lost their minds

H: kaetnip. [NOTE: kaetnip is a kind of edible leaf.]

H: Hmm.

Y: We should've planted lettuce. [NOTE: this is a reference to the lettuce crisis which occurred in Korea around that time. The lettuce crop did very poorly that year, which resulted in a hundredfold price increase of lettuce, thereby cutting off the main source of kimchi, Korea's stable diet. Governmental intervention was required.]

H: Lettuce?

Y: Before the price boom, we should've just...

Sub: sorry, we planted gogumas

Y: Sorry, the husband...didn't know lettuce would be more profitable. I should've looked ahead...

Y: For one more goguma. We shouldn't give up until the end.

H: But I went all the way down there, why aren't there more?

H: Yah! Come out! Come out!

Y: Is it going to come out like that?

Sub: blank...

H: Oh, I know! Let's bring along the sprouts!

MC: Goguma sprouts?

MC: Oh, you can eat those too.

H: Instead of gogumas. Let's have tossed sprouts. And to the people we said could have gogumas...we could give them the sprouts...

Sub: We're giving the sprouts because there are no gogumas

Y: Seohyun, stop it! Stop it right now! [NOTE: they are parodying Korean dramas.]

Y: Don't make me laugh! We don't need any sprouts!

H: The sprouts are good too.

Y: I need gogumas.

Subs: I only...wanted gogumas...

H: Sprouts!

MC: And the sprouts fell from the sky. [NOTE: reference to Korean mythology.]

Sub: the dream of a bumper crop...dissolves into the pain of a tragedy...

At the 7:20 mark.

Y: Okay...let's give up now.

H: The end?

MC: That's all that came out of the field?

H: There might be something here if I dig deeper!

MC: It's a lot more fun if they come up one after another.

MC: That's right.

H: Gogumaaa~!

Y: Give up! We need to move on. There aren't any more gogumas.

Sub:'s time to leave...

At the 8:00 mark.

MC: Ah, the music!

MC: The music, seriously.

Y: Throw away your sadness! There are no gogumas left.

H: I think I can give one each to my unnies.

MC: Did you think you would be able to harvest gogumas by doing that! [NOTE: reference to a Korean drama.]

H: Yahhh...

MC: There really aren't that many.

MC: And they're all pretty small.

Sub: Even after getting everything, only one bag

Y: How do we divide this up?

H: First of all, mom and dad.

Y: This one's for Jungshin...

Sub: Groan...

MC: Did you really eat that?

MC: Yes.

Y: Jungshin...Minhyuk...

H: Those are too small!

H: Yah, mushrooms. [NOTE: she's referring to a kind of mushroom that's long and thin.]

Y: Is this a goguma or a pepper?

H: It looks like ginseng. Look at this.

Y: How is that a goguma?

H: It's a goguma!

H: We can sell these under a new name. Mushroom gogumas.

Y: YongSeo's...

H: mushroom goguma.

MC: I think they're going to go out of business.

At the 9:22 mark.

Sub: YongSeo couple / a new farming drama

H: Oh, it's a goguma! It's pretty big.

Sub: did the children drop them earlier...

MC: it's something that the kids left behind.

Sub: this is why we're [____] [NOTE: Chinese-based word that my Korean skills aren't enough to handle]

Owner: It's hard, isn't it?

Y: It's really hard.

Owner: So these are...

H: These are the small ones.

Owner: Still, they're pretty big...

H: Really?

Owner: yes.

Sub: And...manager oppa returning from meeting his friend

MO: Very nice, you did well.

Sub: Taught them the delights of farming and the preciousness of farm products...

MC: The size of the truck is a little awkward.

Sub: finishing their first harvest...

Sub: where...are they going next?

Translation credits: MountainMadman@soompi