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Thursday, September 6, 2012

120906 [Interview/Trans] CNBlue's Yong Hwa and Jung Shin talk about kiss scene,acting career & more!


This interview is basically on their new Japanese full album, ‘Code Name Blue’.

YH: We hope you can feel different kind of genre from this album.
JS: As you know, this album is named ‘Code Name Blue’ which is our band name! This is our first major debut full album, it has the meaning of our brand name, that CNBLUE is like this.
YH: There is many different kind of genre in this album, please listen a lot and enjoy it.

~Please explain the process of making of ‘Come On’ found in the 3rd Single which is composed by Lee Jong Hyun and lyrics by Jung Yong Hwa.
YH: This song is made by Jong Hyun from the start. When I first started to listen, it gave a very strong impression of strong rock sound, so I hope to express that kind of strong passion. I prefer these kind of songs as compared to love songs.

~The lyrics from ‘The Miracle’ gives the memorable feeling. What is the biggest miracle that you are waiting?
YH: Till now, the best miracle is how we, the four of us meet. The first impression of Jung Shin feels a bit of arrogant, but he is not after I fully understand him. (Laughs)
JS: More like gentle right? (Laughs) As of what I see, their first impression is not very different from their real self. We are really too close to one another, just like brothers. No quarrels at all.

~How do you feel after one year of official debut? At which stage did you feel that you have grown up?
YH: When I look at our DVD, I can finally feel that. (Laughs) It feels so handsome and cool when the firework when ‘bomb’ at the Yoyogi live performance for ‘In my head’!
JS: Yes, really very handsome! I can totally feel that while watching the DVD. But feel so shy while watching the live at Yokohama Arena that happened one year ago. We are working very hard for the upcoming October live tour and hope to support the even better live performance for everyone!

~Is there any difficulty while making this album?
YH: It is after that shooting of ‘You’ve fallen for Me’, so during my free time.
JS: For this time, Jong Hyun is in ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ and Min Hyuk is in ‘My Husband got a Family/Unexpectedly You’, so it is more difficult and tiring for them.

~In ‘You’ve fallen for Me’, there is kiss scene for Yong Hwa right?
YH: Park Shin Hye and I know each other since ‘You’re Beautiful’ so when we are shooting for the kiss scene, it feels embarrassing as we are known each other for too long.  In the end, we keep laughing.

~Jungshin appears as a cameo in Min Hyuk ‘My Husband got a Family/Unexpectedly You’?
JS: Yes, this is my first appearance in drama. It feels weird to appear in the same scene as my member.  (Laughs) I still want to try if there is such opportunity.
YH: JS tried to appear very cool, but I ended up laughing nonstop after I watched that part. If Jung Shin were to appear in drama again, I will call you and let you know.
JS: What are you talking! (Laughs) Although we watch dramas that have our members, but normally we will just say ‘finished watching’ at the end, we will not give any opinion as we will act according to what we think and imagine.

~Since Jong Hyun and Min Hyuk are acting now, that why there is only the two of you promoting?
YH: This is my first time working with Jung Shin together.
JS: It is his honour to work with me, right? (Laughs)
YH: … Jung Shin is my luggage. (Laughs) Despite being the two of us, it still feels very enjoyable. The duration of shooting for the two of us is shorter as compared to four. Plus Jung Shin will massage me at night. (Laughs)

~ In the new album, which is the song that will provide you energy after listening to the song?
YH: 4th song, Time is Over. This song is trying to convert the message that once something is over, it is a new beginning, so after listening to this song, you will feel full of energy and motivation.
JS: I will choose ‘Time is Over’ too. The lyrics provides energy and it is a fast and bright song. I believe everyone can feel energetic after listening!

Translated from Chinese  by: Huangyu @cnbluestorm
Chinese translations by: Baidu sources
Scans by: BOICE  @100_mo / Code Azzurro

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