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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

121023 [News] CNBLUE, Deeply Grateful for First Arena Tour Attracting 100,000

The last show of CNBLUE’s first arena tour, 【CNBLUE Arena Tour 2012~COME ON!!!~】was held for two days on Saturday, Oct. 20 and Sunday, Oct. 21 at the Saitama Super Arena. On the stage lit red, the members’ sihlouettes are shown through the screen, then the show starts with a shout, “Come on”!
“Hello, we’re CNBLUE. Saitama is awesome!! Thank you all so much for coming!!” says Yong Hwa, touched by the sheer size of the Saitama Super Arena, all the while not forgetting to thank the fans who came to see.

The show goes on. Yong Hwa plays the piano and almost whispers singing with Jong Hyun through the ballads “feeling” and “These days”, their voices softly caressing the crowd.

Then following a talk about “charging their rock spirit” from their concert in the UK, the home of rock, the atmosphere swiftly turns into a dance floor under a mirror ball with “Have a good night” and “Wake up”!
For “Blue Sky” and “Teardrops in the Rain”, all the members left their instruments and came to the end of the extended stage, the four of them just singing with their voices. The crowd cheered with exclamations at this arrangement.

They continued with an impromptu songwritng session, making a song for each local specialty! At the show, which was their last day of the arena tour, they made one song covering all local foods–added to Takoyaki from Osaka, Tebasaki from Nagoya, Koshihikari from Niigata were Gyudon and Convenience Stores, which the members say they love.

“This year, we had less activities on the music side. But thanks to all of you who waited for us while listening to our songs, this arena tour was possible. Thank you.” said Jong Hyun, to which Yong Hwa continued, “Recently, we’re doing more our individual activities than before, but it’s when the four of us are performing live that we realize we’re CNBLUE. Let’s continue to make live shows together! Thank you so much,” expressing his gratitude to the fans.

At the start of the last song, “Time is over”, a countdown popped up in the back screen. Ending simultaneously with the performance, the clock read “0″, finishing up the main show.

Following the endless shouts for encore, the phrase “Break Time is Over” appears, starting the encore! The debut track “In My Head” resonates, further heating up the atmosphere. The members try to get as close as possible to fans, attempting to take pictures of the excited crowd with their phones–which makes them go crazier!

“The album ‘Code Name Blue’ placed No. 1 on Oricon chart. It’s all thanks to you. Thank you so much. But this is just the beginning. We’ll do our best!” promised the members.

The ceaseless cheers lead to double encore. Even then the crowd won’t stop, going to triple encore. In the near 3-hour live show, a total of 26 songs were performed.

CNBLUE’s first arena tour, spanning 9 shows in 6 cities attracting 100,000 audience members, was thus concluded.

CNBLUE is set to release their fourth single on Dec. 19, and the DVD of this tour, [Arena Tour 2012~COME ON!!!~@SAITAMA SUPER ARENA] on Jan. 23, 2013.

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