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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

130205 [Video/Fan Taken] CNBLUE: KBS Kiss The Radio @ Sukira

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KyuHyun Call (Eng Subs)

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Partial transcript

JH: Kyuhyun's namja, MH: Donghae's namja, YH: Seohyun's namja and they were divorced for 2 years (start from 9:21)

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Fan Taken
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Partial Transcript:

By 애기오빠님 (@)

130204 KTR Talking about one-sided secret love. Wook: I cried in front of sungmin last time, because my one-sided love was really deep. And sungmin joked that he is dating her..because i was young, i really believed it...and i couldn't say anything, so i went back to my bed and cried alot. cr:魔音厲旭

KTR Ryeowook to CNblue: Who is your ideal type? CNblue: Kim yuna(?) Then they felt shy so they added oh Kim Yuna(?) 선배님 lol

KTR Ryeowook: Who is the most aegyo member? Cnblue: 1st place yonghwa! And ryeowook asked him to do the 1+1 귀여미 thing

lol cnblue super shocked that a guy called in! this guy is jonghyun's fan and he sang for him. he was like "jonghyunssi I really like you"

By ❁특바라기❁ (@)

#Sukira [TRANS] RW: Minhyuk-ssi, you've been to (our) dorm a lot , right? Jonghyun-ssi in 11th flr and Minhyuk in 12th flr. You come to see Donghae-ssi. What in the world do you two do in the room, anyway? MH: Donghae hyung gives (me) food... SM&RW;: He gives you food??? SM: He hasn't given me food even once?? Lee.Dong.Hae.ssi?! RT : RW: 민혁씨는 숙소에서 많이 뵜죠? 종현씨는 11층이고 민혁씨는 12층. 동해씨보러~둘이 방에서 대체 뭐하는거에요? 민혁: 동해형이 밥도 해주고...SM&RW;: 밥을 해준다고요??? 성민: 나한텐 한번도 안해줬는데?? 이.동.해.씨?! 

By OürGyuhyun△ (@)

[TRANS] Kyuhyun Sukira phone call
KH.Ah Hello.
CNBlue. Yes Hello. Pls introduce yourself.
KH.I am Kim Suhyun living in Dobong gu.
CN Blue. How old r u?
KH. I am 23 years old.
SM. It says u prepared singing like Jonhyun.
KH. Ah yes..I am fan of Jonghyun.
(talking themselves)
KH. Ah.. should I sing now?
All. Ah sorry we made u wait.
KH. Ah I caught cold so I don't feel well but I will do my best.
CN Blue. He' good~
RW. You changed it on purpose right?
KH. Ah.. I really sing well but I don't feel good.. Ah I like CN Blue Jonghyun a lot.
RW. When do u like him most?
KH. Ah I like him when he does break fall. He is so sexy when he does that.
CN Blue. U aren't entertainer right?
Kh. Huh? Entertainer? What entertainer...
CN Blue. I will show break fall again later.
KH. Ah thank you. Wait.. since I listen to sukira often.. I like Ryeowook and Sungmin too.
RW. Ah but I heard that u prepared one more thing. Do u have? Suhyun gun?
KH. Uh.. what I prepared? no..
KH. Hello I am Super Junior Kyuhyun. Ah nice to meet you Sukira I appeared beause I heard CN Blue would be coming to sukira. Ryeowook ssi hello.
(talking themselves)
KH.There are DJ right?
All. Yeah..
KH. I think they r not doing well now.
SM. That's because we let Jonghyun talk.
KH.Ok let me listen to him.
CN Blue. Ah when I was recording I got msg from him saying " talk abt me." But I couldn't do because I saw it after the recording.
KH. Jonghyun ssi do PR for me.
CN Blue. Ah Kyuhyunssi..
SM. Ok stop we don't have time
RW. What were u doing?
KH. I was packing to go hang out.
RW. Ah.. It's not Suhyunssi?
KH. Ah Ryeowookssi u still didn't understand?
RW. (To Jonghyun) U r Kyuline right?
KH. Jonghyun ssi says that he is Kyuline but he is too into Shinee Jonghyun so Changmin and I and Minho is envy.
SM. U feel uncomfortable right?
KH. I feel very uncomfortable. And also Yonghwa ssi always shows weird smile whenever he sees me. He started to avoid me since one point and became weird. Yonghwa ssi be careful.
Anyways I appreciate that I can appear suikira by phone. I know you love CN Blue's new song already but pls listen to their song more and help them stay rank 1.
RW. Kyuhyunssi pls say sth to Ho staff. KH. Ho staff said that I am ugly and I feel so bad and I don't want to meet again. Just kidding Just kidding.
RW. Ok Kyuhyunssi pls visit our sukira again.
KH. Yeah yeah.
RW. I will hang up now.
KH. Yes Have fun and good night.
RW. Yes Bye~
KH. Bye~
Translated by Jenny (@) at OurGyuhyun 

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  1. I wish someone will translate the videos in English that way the other Gugoma fans that are not Koreans can also understand what they were talking about. We would love to understand what's really going on inside the radio station during their interview.