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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yongseo appeared on Indonesian TV as one of the most popular Korean artist couples

On Sept 23rd, On the spot Trans7 (Indonesian TV) released a ranking about the most popular korean artist couple. One of the couple is our beloved YongSeo couple. Most of Indonesian gogumas gone crazy because they saw their lovely couple on their TV. CNBLUE's love girl also became one of bgm. Beside YongSeo, another couple from We Got Married, Khuntoria also on this list. The other couple are actually dating or already married.

Full list of the most popular korean artist couple on the spot version :
  1. Lee Minho & Park MinYoung
  2. 2PM's Nickhun & f(x)'s Victoria (Khuntoria)
  3. Ji Sung & Lee BoYoung
  4. CNBLUE's YongHwa & SNSD's SeoHyun (YongSeo)
  5. Lee SangYoon & Nam SangMi
  6. Eugene & Ki TaeYoung
  7. Lee ChunHee & Jun HaeJin
Check the vid below

Narration YongSeo's part :
The next couple is CNBLUE's leader Yonghwa and SNSD's Seohyun. At first a lot of fans were shocked that both of them establish a relationship. Many people feel doubted them because they were still young. At that time Seohyun still 19 years old and just graduated from highschool and Yonghwa still 21 years old.
On May 7th, Yonghwa became a guest on Entertainment Weekly and being asked about his ideal woman and Yonghwa answered with sheepish expression that Seohyun is his ideal woman

Source : On the spot Trans7
video credit : gerandong24@youtube
translation by beeichigo

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