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Saturday, February 11, 2012

120211 [Fan Taken/ Fan Acc] Seohyun Arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport

In BLUE color dress with floral skirt... she's going for tropical fashion...


Soshi luggage

Yongseo Banner spotted

Seohyun Banner
& fans

Fans waiting
Hyunnie spotted at the hotel

120211Girls Generation arriving Suvarnabhumi Airport
Cr : lovelovelybee

120211 SNSD @ Suvannabhumi Airport Thailand
Cr : khinglla

SNSD [Girls' Generation] @Suvarnabhumi Airport 11/2/2012


120211 snsd arrive dusit hotel bangkok
Cr : 1jackzboiz

120211 YoonA Seohyun Jessica snsd @DusitThani
Cr : takkytakky33

* have you seen seo in blue's clothes./ phokar called she waved to us also / tae open the van's door to take a photo with sunflowers
* Seohyun - waved to Fans with Yongseothailand's banners Taeyon - taken a photo to Sunflowers

* We showed this to our Seo lady, she saw the book and gave us a very sweet smile.
 * Taetae actually open the van curtain and took photo of these flowers!! (with Yong on them, haha, good job Taetae)

* the gift that our member would like to give to Seo, Seo try to get it but the guard protect, feel sad T_T

sweetpotato couple: seohyun <3 yongwa FB (cr. goguma_power)  
* yongseo lover prepare the sunflower attached yongwa and seohyun's face, once seobb saw yongseo lover, she smile and wave to fan, tae even took the photo of these sunflower----- smile cr.

 sirikarn @walkontheside
* A big yongseo banner at the airport
* Seohyun in blue with purple bag
* I only see eight girls no Jessica. .not sure
* A big yongseo banner at the airport
* Seohyun in blue at the airport (preview pic,sorry not clear)
* Seohyun wear flowery yellow skirt? I can't clearly see it
* Yongseo thailand banner to welcome seohyun at the SuvarnabhumiAirport,Bangkok
* seohyun banner at the airport, welcome to thailand
* seohyun in blue and snsd unnies at airport
* taeyeon yoona seohyun yuri at airport

* I'm really happy, although they're very popular and tired but when they were coming out, they also waved to the fans!

* ThaiSones around 900~1,000 at Suvarnabhumi airport NOW!!

*  omg seohyun's skirt...sorry seo but HAHAHAHAAH

Hello chingu ^ ^sorry late reply, Today me and YS-TH to airport this banner Seo pointed at us and waved

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