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Thursday, May 17, 2012

120517 [News] SNSD′s Seohyun Shares Sweet Potatoes with Fans

Girls′ Generation′s Seohyun′s love for sweet potatoes is no secret in the K-Pop world, and though she′s famed as one of the kindest idols around, no one expected her to share them with her fans. 

On May 15, MBC’s Show Champion aired some behind the scenes footage of the SNSD unit group, Taetiseo

The video was from May 8, when Taetiseo was chatting with some fans who have been waiting to see the singers since early morning.

When the fans said that they were hungry, Seohyun immediately showed concern and asked, “Would you like some sweet potatoes?”

Seohyun’s act of kindness towards her fans has been attracting attention. Ivy had also tweeted about how touched she was when Seohyun gave the singer sweet potatoes because Ivy was hungry.

With Jung Yong Hwa even giving a small sweet potato patch to Seohyun on MBC’s We Got Married, this incident only reconfirmed Seohyun’s steadfast love and generosity when it comes to sweet potatoes.

Netizens, upon hearing about Seohyun’s good deed, commented, “I wish I could get some sweet potatoes from Seohyun” and “Seohyun should become the spokesperson for sweet potatoes!”

Source:eNewsWorld ; kpopunli

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