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Sunday, July 8, 2012

120708 [Video/Download] A Gentleman's Dignity Ep.13 - YongHwa Cut

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Yonghwa Cut
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:FF204C283BB392AACED6322D8B76B86DBB223F08&dn=120707.E13.신사의품격.용화 카메오컷.gogox2.ts
Cr Video :
(continue for the transcript...)

Cr : heich (@heich_) 

 Fans: Can you please take a pic with me?? Autograph, please!!

Isu: Oh, that's my Yonghwa!

Dojin: "My" Yonghwa? Gosh. Are you an auntie fan? Who doens't have a favorite star? What's Taeyeon up to? Wonder if my Bin's doing well at the military?

Isu: What, are you jealous? Maybe I'll go flirt with him? He's a Hallyu star, younger than me, just perfect. (For someone as attractive as me,) don't you think I can give it a try?

Dojin: Did you eat something poisonous?

Isu: I'll take that as a yes.

YH: Oh?!

Isu: You saw that, right?

YH: Teacher!

Isu: It's been long! So we get to meet like this.

YH: You haven't changed. I recognized you at once!

Isu: I'm old now. (to DJ) I was his homeroom teacher when he was 3rd year at middle school. (to YH) By the way, this is my boyfriend.

DJ: Nice to meet you. (in polite language)

YH: Please talk comfortably. You're about my father's age. I'll take a seat for a while.

DJ: You must be busy though.

Isu: You must be really busy. I read an article about your recent visit to Hong Kong.

DJ: Who hasn't been to HK?

Isu: I'm so proud of you. Not because you're famous, but because you always work hard.

DJ: Of course, all other singers are idle, yes.

YH: Does he usually talk by himself like this?

Isu: I'm not sure. I haven't dated him for long. I love your songs~

YH: Really?

Isu: Yup, I sing them all the time.

DJ: (sings Blue). Wait, this isn't it. She sings this all the time.

YH: Teacher, so you like Big Bang? Aw. I really liked you when I was in middle school.

Isu: Is that true? I'll brag about it from now on.

DJ: Hey you, your company's waiting. Totally a "loner" right now.

YH: I'm about to go. Teacher, you can do much better than him. A guy can see through a guy. I'll keep in touch.

Isu: Take care of yourself.

YH: You, too.
Cr : bluetory

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