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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Dear Gogumas around the world,

YSI has a question for you guys. 
Who's up for the challenge of knitting scarves for YongSeo's 1000th day this November? 
The scarves will be given to poor children.
November is part of the winter season. 
It's a perfect opportunity for another charity project from us.
Please think about it guys. 
We can provide you with guides. 
We're not pressuring for a favorable response. 
It is still under discussion. :) 

Please give us your honest opinion and suggestions if you are willing to join the project. 
It is a hard project but it isn't impossible.
Local YongSeo fan groups who are interested, please contact us via
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

Cr art : YuFen


  1. a good idea. But I think not all people can knit. And each scarf will have different quality. Is it okay? And I want to ask how much each person need to knit?

  2. Oh! Knitting...*checks my handicraft skills* LOL. Anyways, it's a good project. ^^ But I don't know if I can learn to knit. :( Please do inform us about details. I like the cause behind this one. :)

  3. If it is so expensive and cost too much time to knit a scarf. I think we can think about gogumas in each country can gather and buy scarf then sew YS name on it

    If a lot of scarves from Vietnamese gogumas or Chinese gogumas, i think those scarves can give to the children in those countries where the winter is cold.

    Please gogmumas, give your suggestion to help this project ^^

    Thank you

  4. Good Idea. I will join the project if you don't mind about the quality because I'm a super nubie with knitting skills but I will try.
    By the way, Will you give scarfs to children in Korea?

  5. It's a great idea!! I can try the one needle method like the one that Yonghwa did. Btw, I like the picture above, really cool if can print on t-shirts for YongSeo fans!!

  6. It's a cool idea. But I can't join bcs I really dont know how to knit and i'm busy with school schedule T-T

  7. sweet idea, it's so its a charity project. If yongseo can knit during bussy schedules, i think i can give it a try..keke! How many scarf each person need to knit? Maybe each country need to have representative to coordinate the project, how many people will join, and later they can sent the scarf together to make it more efficient..? If not enough gogumas can join maybe we can collaborate with foster care/nursing home give them free equipment for knitting and teach them to make scarf..? Looking forward for more details. I also like Gogumavillage's suggestion. thank you

  8. i love this idea. i'll make sure to be a part of this.

  9. good idea!! I will join the project.

  10. great idea..but i think not everybody can there any other ways..such find a factory who can produce scarf there in korea..and we all can support the cost..because i think its difficult for us who not live in korea to make scarf and send it to korea..its will cost a lot money in shipping fee... imo ^^ ( gogumasahjumma )

  11. It is quite a nice idea! I like it~ But what I am worried is about the shipping fees for me to send the scarf to Korea since it may be quite expensive T_T ~

  12. I really don't know how to knit BUT I'll try my best to learn for YongSeo
    (OMG! this is why I 'm surprise & admire Yong )
    Recommend - Should specify about length or size & color of Scarf

  13. great idea i think..
    but i'm not sure if i could learn how to knit, and make a proper one for this project..

  14. this is a great idea. can you please send the details! will start to learn to basics of knitting! keke! ^_^