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Sunday, September 23, 2012

120923 [Fan Taken/Fancam/Fanacc] CNBLUE IN LONDON

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List of fancam
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Press Photo

Fan Taken 

Leader with gifts ^^

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(chicken dance??)
& Jonghyun join the chicken dance... keke

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Getting Ready

Backstage with fans

The boys rushing back on stage from backstage to commence the show post-encore!
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Fans.... ^^
Thank you guys...

Spotted this ^^
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Spotted YongSeo Lightstick from YSI below the watermarks.. ;)

& Tamama in London!!!
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Fans with their banner
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& Jonghyun take a close look ^^

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Fan Account

CNBLUE in London: fan acc.
  • it didn’t feel like 3k people were there, it felt like 100 just with how close and personal it was, if you get me? it felt like a family
  • yonghwa was wearing a rolling stones tee, jungshin a grey tee, jonghyun wearing his usual tee and minhyuk in yellow. yonghwa’s earring kept catching the light
  • they started with intuition and yonghwa did some very sexy singing.
  • ‘have a good night’ followed it and was amazing. yonghwa was hyper by this point
  • during ‘wake up’, jungshin said to us, ‘i say wake up, you say wake up’ and it was the first proper interaction with fans. jungshin liked speaking a lot, tonight and was very confident with us
  • love girl - everyone was singing in the crowd. yonghwa exclaimed, “JUNGSHINNN” in the bass part in the middle and wandered over to him. meanwhile, jonghyun was shimmying into the crowd, really close
  • after they introduced themselves, minhyuk said they were going to play a ballad; they played “y, why…” and the atmosphere was perfect. also, it’s my favourite song ;;;;
  • the fans were perfect - loud, lively but not disrespectful and annoying, just enjoying themselves and cnblue loved it
  • they sang a lot of songs in english, like “now or never”
  • let’s go crazy was cute
  • jungshin and yonghwa would play together and mess about, while jonghyun just flirted with the crowd, yonghwa would come over to join with jonghyun but jonghyun would be distracted with us
  • i was on jonghyun’s side of the stage and he showed us lots of love, smiling and pulling faces so we could take pictures
  • they introduced themselves; minhyuk spoke a lot and introduced the next song
  • jonghyun sang a song on his own at the beginning (i can’t remember which, but it was acoustic). he played love rides the rain, which sounded beautiful;
  • yonghwa screamed a lot through songs, touched himself, was very sweaty and sexy
  • jungshin and yonghwa were head banging, whipping their hair back and forth, facing minhyuk. jonghyun was on his own, then spotted them and joined in
  • engrish: they loved saying “thank you” and “wow” and “awesome”. when we sang loud, they’d say those and “very good.” yonghwa said, “i love you long time” 
  • yonghwa was saying how he loves bands like rolling stones, u2, coldplay and “oasis”. however, he pronounced oasis like ‘or-sis’, so cute. then, they started to play what i think was an oasis song then stopped after he’d sang a few words. he said, “sorry. i don’t know the rest.” it was so cute
  • jungshin and yonghwa were saying their best engrish lines, like “i love london.” then, out of the blue, yonghwa goes, in a perfect draco malfoy voice, “harrrrry pottttter” and surprised us all by it, making us laugh. probably one of my favourite bits, they are such dorks
  • jonghyun’s facial expressions while playing guitar were so sexual. leaves nothing to the imagination, tbh
  • jonghyun smiled and i swear he looked right at me. i almost fainted. he was amazing with the crowd
  • singing along was beautiful, honestly. with no instruments playing, yonghwa started singing the first lines of “i’m a loner” and we’d finish them when he held the mic to us. everyone was in sync, everyone knew the words and you could tell they were impressed and happy
  • in general, they were happy and excitable, it was really fulfilling to see. they seemed to have more freedom and enjoyment, and i think they were fangirling that they were performing in “the home of bands”
  • in ‘love’, yonghwa kept doing ‘repeat after me’ and would sing some of it. then, he trolled us by making squeaks and record scratching noises - we didn’t know how to react and he was just laughing :’)
  • minhyuk threw his drumsticks and caught them
  • they went offstage and there were security people asking for us to move back, but we just ignored them, chanting cnblue. you could see them in the wings, talking to staff. yonghwa came on in a changed tee with the others for the encore, but politely requested, “guys, could you move backwards because it could be dangerous” he sounded so sweet - i don’t think any one obeyed, i think they just thought it was too cute
  • yonghwa (something like): we would like to be global band. and to do that, we need the help of you (everyone screams)
  • jungshin in general, was just being so sweet
  • yonghwa went, “hey jungshin, when’s your birthday?” and he goes, “hm……… september……..” and we all sang happy birthday. so cute and he thanked us, of course ^ ^
  • they said “kansahamnida” then asked if we knew what it meant - they were impressed when we did :’)
  • jungshin sang “you’ve fallen for me” from heartstrings; his voice is so good with that song; then everybody sang in the crowd under yonghwa’s instruction. it was perfect. yonghwa and jonghyun looked so happy throughout it
  • jungshin was calling out cutely, “leader leader, what song is next?”
  • yonghwa picked up a french/netherlands flag and held it up
  • during “thank you”, jonghyun sang and played, while yonghwa was just getting things thrown at him by us. he picked up the wristbands and wore them
  • they all joined together at the end, vowing they will be back and they will see us again soon - i hope so!
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