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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

120926 [Info/Trans] Jung Yonghwa & SeoHyun (all BIL) Mention in "Catch Me Thanks To - Max Changmin"

"the really kind JooHyun"
"kind ffanyffany Tiffany"
" alcohol monster Jung YongHwa"
"the ever lonely guitarist Lee JongHyun"
"kind Min Hyuk who makes me feel like seeing a younger version of myself,"
"cute Jung Shin"

Catch Me Thanks To Max Changmin

I’m very happy that this album could come out in about 1 year and 9 months, and I thank everyone. Out of everyone I’d like to thank my grandmother who’s gone to a far away place a while back but is protecting me by my side. I love you. Please look over me ^^ My proud father and beloved mother our Soo Yeon who must be working very hard to study in a far away place, please stay healthy and have fun before you return ^^

Our company’s tree deep with roots, Teacher Lee Soo Man, President Kim Young Min who really hates me lol, Director Ricky Han Se Min, Director Jung Chang Hwan who scares me by drinking too fast, Director Yoo Young Jin who lives in the studio pretty much the whole year and who I think “I would not have any other wish if I could sing like this”, our 2 year squad commander Kyung Chang hyung who I want to meet a pretty person soon, Joo Young hyung who’s a reliable wife-lover that takes good care of us inside out, Daniel Won Kyung@@ Kyung Jae Hyung, Red God Hong Shin Hyung, Joo Young hyung’s good servant Yoo Jae Young hyung, Young Joon hyung who I like despite the fact that he’s in a different team, Kang Jung A noona who’s always been pretty, Team Leader Jang Joon Won, and all the hyungs and noonas that I can’t write but are in the 2nd floor management department, my anchor Sung Chang hyung, our Jung Min hyung, Choong Hyun hyung, Team Leader Lee Sung Soo who’s not very trustworthy because he always only speaks good things to us lol, delicate Jenny noona who knows me so so well, all the other A&R hyungs and noonas who love music so much, Engineer Lee who mixes our company’s music so that it can be easily listened to, Engineer Jin, Engineer Koo, Engineer Jung, our hyungs and noonas who gave good songs! Mrs. Ken Yun Jung noona, lazy genius Tae Sung hyung, Hwang Hyun hyung who’s busy in many senses, Young Hoo hyung who’s married and full of soul, Lim Gwang Wook, Hwang Chan Hee hyung, Jinu hyung, Boo Min noona, Lyricist Kim E Na, Han Jin E hyung, etc thank you for everyone who I couldn’t all write. 

Jung A noona, Hee Jun noona, A Reum noona, Yoo Eun noona who work very hard on the 1st floor, Eun A noona who I thank in many ways, Sang Hee noona who gets me lots of good stuffs, photographer? Yoon Ju noona who’s second to no one in thinking about our companies’ kids, Min Hee Jin noona, PpaKyeJin (*guessing it’s Park Hye Jin) noona, Mi Na noona, John, Jane, etc… I couldn’t write everyone but thank you so so much always. 

Bo Yun department head big congratulations on your baby and just don’t raise the baby too gently LOL Pretty Sul E noona, really kind Kim Hyun Ok, Ji Hye who we started working with, London Pride female comrades that I’m sorry I couldn’t write you all, thank you. 

Our Shim Jae Won hyung and Hwang Sang Hoon hyun who work very hard in sweats and through late nights for our companies’ kids! Thank you so so much and thank you. Koo Young hyung who decided to study more in the U.S. and come back, Hyung Joon hyun who had an unusually difficult year, Sad boy Lee Soo Bin who I’m thankful that did fighting for me despite the busy schedule, Po Hang Man Choi Marin, Hae ChangChangChangChangChangChang hyung (*EXACT number of changs ha!), Jin Suk hyung who I feel that I would learn a lot if I observe, kind Won E hyung who we started working with, Jung Sub hyung who has many talents, Hyun Seung hyung who really likes tablet PC games, The world best choreographer Perfect guy, Tony!!!!! who despite working together for the first time, made us think that this is the professional of professionals and really had a lot that we could learn from. We miss u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kyuline representative, Cho KyuHyun! Yes I am yours LOL. Kyuflower (*word ply on sunflower) Choi Min Ho who always seeks Cho KyuHyun’s affection, the ever lonely guitarist Lee JongHyun, Lee TaeMin who has lots of thoughts, curiosity, and concerns, the really kind JooHyun, kind ffanyffany Tiffany, Victoria who speaks better Korean than me, alcohol monster Jung YongHwa, kind Min Hyuck who makes me feel like seeing a younger version of myself, cute Jung Shin, our precious colleagues, sunbaes, hubaes, friends that I couldn’t write all ^^ 

Funny Teacher Lee Seung Yup, Lee Jae Young Ssaem (*shortform for teacher), the really really thankful Duck young hyung, our thankful Myung Hwan hyung, my dear friends RyunGi, SeungHu, JaeWon, ChoongYoung, WooYougn…

Yunho hyung! It’s almost 10 years since we debuted… times goes by very fast… Lets be fighting like this from now on and on!^^ 

Precious fanclub who always protects us without a change… ‘Cassiopeia’ ^^ Thank you. Really.

Catch Me Thanks To UKnow Yunho
So much time has passed already~.. Finally!! 6th album… about 9 years since debut… All the things that I had only imagined in the past has come to real life now like this… I think it was an opportunity for “Uknow Yunho = Jung Yunho” to grow together.. To be honest there were a lot of things that were difficult while preparing for this album, and a lot of things that were thankful, and I would like to express a tiny bit of my gratitude to everyone through words.

First of all Our Father in heaven.. (Lord!! Thank you for always looking over) and grandpa, maternal grandma in heaven who are supporting me… (please look over in the future as well. Yunho will do good… and I’ll definitely keep the promise!!!!) my most beloved family!! Dad, mom, and JiHye who’s more reliable than me!!! (thank you always and love you)

and SM Town’s leader and big father who has made me grow up again… Teacher Lee Soo Man (Thank you always for believing) wonderful CEO Kim Young Min whose fashion sense improves more and more, Director Nam So Young who’s like a mom and a poom-jeol-nyeo now (*means that she’s married or has a bf), my counselling centre for not just music but life, Director Yoo Young Jin, Director Jung Chang Hwan who’s such a pure angel, super handsome guy Director Han Se Min, Director Lee Jong In who looks good in glasses and Pusan Man Department Head Park Jun Young!!! (Thank you so much.)

My other half that almost feels like a part of TVXQ member… our manager hyungs… our Chang-brothers Kyung Chang hyung and Sung Chang hyung who should be getting married soon (Both of you get married already~!!) Joo Young hyung who thankfully always treats me with smiling face!! Kyung Jae hyung who’s always getting injured but feels like a real brother, youngest Jae Young hyung who pressures Kyung Jae hyung lol,

Dorm Family~ Sung Woo hyung who always just screws around, Ho Sik hyung who I wanna make fun of these days, new-face Hong Shin hyung, Hwang Deputy Department Head who’s moved to drama section but still very reliable, my forever bowling rival Oh Bum hyung, mascot for various laughs Min Sung hyung, Young Joon hyung who’s getting cooler, Chang Jae hyung who still doesn’t feel like having gotten married, Team Leader Myung Joon hyung who I didn’t even know was a team leader… everyone thank you so much. You know that I know how much all the hyungs have gone through right?? This dongsaeng will pay you back on stage as much as you’ve believed in me ^^.

As well our best A&R team who stays up every night… to find TVXQ musics… Sung Soo hyung who speaks really kindly!!, the already-returned Chung-Dam Beauty KkamJenny noona who’s like a family now (noona is the best!!!) pretty Hye Jin noona (please give us good music in the future as well!) lovely married women Mi Na noona… Bol-Mae (*the more you look the more charming) Yoon Ju noona who I’m always thankful to, cute Sang Hee noona, Charismatic Eun Ah noona, best baby face Hee Jin noona and genius Hee Jun noona. (I’m getting confused about what’s what department now lol)

Moreover our great SM Town family… Kang Ta hyung who’s a sunbae I want to be like, Min Jong hyung who’s become everyone’s man now!~ (both of you eat some rice~~ not alcohol~~^^) My humane friend BboA who I’m thinking is maybe a noona now (but that screws up the age geneology a bit~), Variuos supermans~ Super Junior who I’m very jealous of, Chung Dam Dong Dried Fish Women Ara and Yeon Hee (be the best actresses you too~) the best and kind CSJH and most loyal guys TRAX, SNSD who has a real goddss force now, always shinning bling bling~ SHINee~ Expecting their future for some reason f(x) and baby EXO, and J-MIN (everyone knows that I’m getting motivated openly and secretly because all of you are so great??) I’m not gonna lose!^^; Thank you all for supporting~

As well all the composers who’s given great songs. Chadonyeo (*Cold City’s Woman so being all cold towards everyone and whatnot but super nice to her man kind of a thing) Kenzie noona, Tae Sung hyung who’s bought me delicious food, great husband and wife Ji Nu hyung and Boo Min noona, Hwang Hyun hyung who’s hair style I like, composer Hwang Chang Hee, Bike Man Yoo Han Jin hyung, Lyricist Kim E Na, thank you everyone..

Furthermore our Engineer Lee Sung Ho, Engineer Koo Jong Pil who’s full of senses, Engineer Nam Goong Jin who’s very kind, Engineer Jung Eui Suck who’s got pretty smile…

Because all of you were here TVXQ’s music became so awesome!!!

And the driving force of TVXQ!! Cool dancers~ The best choreographer, passionate Jae Won hyung who doesn’t need a title anymore, ChaDoNam (*Cool City’s guy. Male version of ChaDoNyeo) Sang Hoon hyung~ (hyung I’ll buy food next time~ hyungss are the best!!) always~ great big hyung Jin Suk hyung from NaNa School~ really funny Hae Chang hyung from NaNa School, Hyun Seung hyung who I can’t believe is married, Won Hee hyung who looks good in short hair cut, Jung Ssub!! who’s getting more handsome and handsome, Hyung Joon who looks good with moustache, Hyo Je who’s about 97% similar to me and the baby dancer Soo Bin.. (everyone went through a lot this time. Thank you all~)

The century’s best stylist team London Pride!! Yoon Woo’s mom Bo Yun Ssem (*short form of teacher) who’s very happy these days~, Jung Seol noona who’s got the best personally, thankful Hyun Ok who’s got a big presence, babye Ji Hye… really the outfits for this album’s great!!! Thank you~

The Jenny House, who’s became our family for the first time - E Ji Ssem, Hee Sun Ssem, the vice president, etc. thank you all… (expecting the music video ^^)

And the body guards responsible for the safety of TVXQ…^^ My tenderhearted nanny who’s like a brother!! Myung Hwan hyung, and Judo God!! Jin Hwan hyung… and Chang Soo hyung… thank you~

Helping me maintain great body… One-to-One fitness centre CEO Jo and teachers there who are like friends Oh Myung Jin president of S Clinic, my beloved 85 club & Gwang Ju friends ~ Woo Joo who was always there for me, Bear in love Jung In, handsome Sang Hyuk and Ho Jun hyung in the army, and charming Shin Hyun, Mr. Ra-Teacher who needs a girlfriend!! Gwang Eun hyung who will make the best mv someday, best~friend Soo Jin and Si Hyun who’s become a mom, the other Si Hyun who studied overseas, Gary who’s really busy these days, the new faces of 85 Kang Dong Ho and Ji Su~ Si Geun who’s always full of concerns, Tae Hong who’s become the Jack of all trades, passionate guy Hwang Sol, tall buy Hugh Chang, Ji Hwan who’s keep losing weight, etc. Everyone thank you so much~

So many people have cared and all the SM family who’s put in much effort in places that are unseen. Although I can’t mention everyone I’d like to thank you at least like this…

As well my pride and my heart, “Cassiopeia”~ Thank you for always waiting… It’s been almost 9 years that we’ve been making great memories together… My precious fans who were there in both difficult times and happy times you know what? The really difficult things, the really hurting things, the happy, the joyful.. all these connect to each other in this one album… and they get expressed on stage… I think like that… I want to connect and sympathize on stage… I have a lot that I want to say on this Thanks To ^^ It must be because this album made me feel that much and gave me lots of time to ask myself as well…

Lastly Changmin„, thank you for staying beside me always… ^_^ Sometimes we fight a lot, we cry together, we laugh together, and we spent over 10 years together… it’s embarrassing… please take care of me from now on as well…

and everyone„, thank you sincerely… train TVXQ is getting off now… If you’re gonna ride it please put in faith and ride it… you probably won’t have a station to get off. ^^

Translation by Fuzzybunny

(*) is translator explanation!

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Cr Photo : Eunice


  1. "our precious colleagues, sunbaes, hubaes, friends that I couldn’t write all ^^" ---he said he couldnt write all the names but he wrote everyone from CNblue. They must be very close, right? Im amazed really. hihihi. thanks for the hints Max, TVXQ fighting!

  2. this is really getting suspicious... Changmin is one of Seohyun's closest oppa in SM and Changmin said himself that he wants Seohyun to date a nice guy... also he said on a music show in Japan that Seohyun would ask to have a drink nowadays and then he wrote 'alcohol monster Jung Yonghwa' hahaha i mean Joohyun a.k.a. Seohyun is of course in Changmin's thanks to and i wasn't surprise abt that... but i was really surprise when he also said thanks to yonghwa coz i thought Jonghyun was the only one close to Changmin from CNBlue so i guess they hang-out sometimes..and you know what i mean by that..wahahahha keep the faith YongSeo <3

    1. yes, i agree with you
      from this i dare to believe that hyun and CN Blue still get intact, even getting closer than during wgm time
      yongseo, cnsd, and SM oppas hang-out together sometimes... wow.. realy makes my day