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Thursday, October 18, 2012

121018 [Interview/Translation] Seohyun Interview In CeCi Magazine Nov Issue

English translation
(By @ch0sshi)

Q. I heard you'll be making a comeback in Korea soon.

SEOHYUN: After going to Indonesia next week for SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR 3 in Jakarta, we are planning on going between Japanese 'Oh' promotions and preparing for a Korean album. This album is really different from our usual ones. It's like, challenging a person's limits. I'm looking forward to what the fans will think, and because it's still a secret amongst us (the members), I just feel nervous.

Q. I was curious about what busy Girls' Generation does when they're not active in Korea. Whew, you're busy as usual.
: Recently, rather than official Girls' Generation [group] activities, there were a lot more individual ones. There were rarely any days where there was an entire day of no schedules. Because we have recording or dance practices here and there. Instead, if I have enough free time for about a quarter of the day, I exercise for 2~3 hours to stay in shape.

Q. Do you exercise to stay in shape, rather than trying to watch your figure?
: It's said that, as you get older, the body of a person who does and doesn't exercise is very different. So you have to start now. Also, when you sweat, you get in a better mood, and it's a way for your body to react reliably, so you feel good about it.

Q. While watching MBC 'We Got Married', I thought that you were the type who looks forward/into the future. But, time is something that shorts out the more you conserve it.
: Rather than there not being enough time, I think, 'It's really gone by quickly', more often. It's already been 5 years since we've debuted. I'm currently an MC on MBC 'Music Core', and, all of a sudden, there have become more junior singers who come to greet us in the waiting room. That is so unfamiliar. When I hear that they're 96ers, it made me think, 'Were people being born then, too?'. But, when I looked into it, my seniors who asked me for my age told me this. When you calculate it, the year I debuted was when I was 17. (laughs) It's times like this that makes me jump in front of time.

Q. Let's try filling in the blank: he time passing like this is '[I] honestly [feel] a little scary, a bit sad, don't feel anything, a bit excited, or whatever you want to write in'.
: Number 4. As time goes on, I think a lot more fun opportunities are opening up. I don't have any regrets either. Because, even if I were to have made a wrong decision, I have gained or learned something from it.

Q. In a 2009 CeCi interview, Girls' Generation's Yoona also said she was surprised at all the juniors she's gained. Even though the time's passed, that unfamiliarity seems like it hasn't changed. Then, to you, what's something that doesn't change, unlike the passing time?
: When comparing it from when I first debuted, the values and my personality, which I thought would never change, have changed a lot. My friends and (Girls' Generation) members have told me that I have become more brighter and enthusiastic. My sense of challenging things has gotten stronger, too. It's not 'I need live following the right path', but that I need to realize if this is the right path [for me], and I want to experience more different things. Of course, it's nothing wild. (laughs) And so the thing that doesn't change is that path, and the things that do are the experiences. Starting social life after being treated cutely as the youngest must have made me react by making me feel sure about things I should and shouldn't do. Like a test with only O/X answers. I now believe that I must greet life with a more open heart for a truly great life.

Q. Was there something that brought this enlightenment?
: When I debuted, while my job was a singer, I was still a student. The feeling of having to be devoted as a student was large. When I turned 20, I started to feel the weight of having to do things on my own. (interviewer: For instance?) Time utilization. As a student, during math, you learn math, and follow your schedule repetitively, but now it's something that depends on my usage. If I sleep, it's time for sleep, and if I don't think about it, it just disappears. Instead, if I read a book, I have what I read left. (interviewer: You've gained a sense of responsibility for time.) Yes. At first, I used up my strength severely just trying to handle my schedule at first, so I couldn't use my time, aside from schedules, well. So, in turn, I would just flow along with how things were going, and I did not exist within that. Later on, I thought, 'What have I done aside from Girls' Generation's activities, is my body going to fall into the hands [of this work]?' And so I set detailed life goals, and felt that I should try to expand indirect experiences and knowledge through books. Because each and every one of these days will come together to make my life.

Q. Was there any big happening that made you think, 'I finally took on the challenge because my personality changed!'?
: Though I'm a celebrity, I was embarrassed of showing my usual self to many people, but I've broken away from that a lot. I've learned that going to Lotte World or Kyungbook Palace with my friends is really fun. It's to the point where I ask foreign fans to take pictures for us. I also enjoy going to exhibitions and museums. It's something to be thankful for when people recognize me, and, when they don't, even that is funny. I'm going to wear school uniforms with my middle school friends to visit my school.

Q. Your life has become colorful. Is there anything you want to change? Should we try looking for those traits from your other members?
: First of all, Hyoyeon unnie is optimistic about everything, and creates good atmospheres. Sooyoung unnie and Tiffany unnie's social skills are good, so they have a wide number of acquaintances. They are able to make people feel comfortable. Taeyeon unnie's natural singing skills. Also, I think it's a really great thing that she's a person that can be of support to others. Yoona unnie appears coy, but is natural and her unexpected side shines. Something that the unnies jokingly say is, “If someone as pretty as you also had a prim personality, it would have been no fun.” People say that Jessica unnie looks cold, but she's the type that acts indifferent upfront, but takes care of you unknowingly from behind. Sunny unnie always passes on a bright energy. And she's also mature. There's a large age difference between her and her older sisters, and, although she's the youngest, it's surprising how deep her thoughts are. It's to the point where we tease her, saying she's a 79er, not an 89er. I'm jealous of all of these traits of my unnies.

Q. Today's theme was 'An Interview With the Vampire'. To them, time is forever. If you look at it one way, that can be a scary thing. I'll give you 3 three tickets to stop time. It's a very expensive thing that you can use whenever you want.
: I want to stop for a moment at the time of my debut. I want to feel what I did the very first time again, not just from what my mind remembers. So I can reflect on myself and give myself advice. I want to save the remaining two for my future.

Q. Lastly, time for TVXQ and Seohyun's interview! said they're curious as to what ideal type would make your heart flutter. They also gave me a tip that, because you're probably not going to answer in detail, to ask things in a calm, orderly fashion to dig deep. (Note: Seohyun's question to TVXQ was 'when do you really feel/realize you've been a singer for 10 years?' and, 'Curious as a fan! What do you do on days when you don't have schedules?')
: Haha, then I'll give a long answer. First, I would like for them to be very considerate and optimistic, and enthusiastic. A person who's got manners and humorous, and one who makes the other person comfortable. Even if it's not great right now, it's important for them to have firm beliefs and works hard toward their dream. Physically, there isn't much I look for other than them being taller than me. Oh! Kind, clear eyes. I felt that it's true when people say eyes are the windows to a person's heart. I think you are able to see the time the person's lived based off their general impression. So I would like if they always had a smiling face. I don't think there would be a better match if it's a person I can learn from whenever we talk.

Q. Let's look for 3 of your own charms that can appeal to this loyal man.
: My first pledge is a positive energy! I'm confident that it will be fun if we're together. Secondly, I will take care of myself well! My ironclad rule is, 'Manage/take care of [yourself] until you die'. I won't ever be disheveled, so I will be able to make their hearts beat and flutter forever. Lastly, my future isn't unsteady! I'm not the type to lean on a man, so I will be okay financially. I won't be tiresome either. I promise. (laughs) 

Other Translation

[TRANS]Part of Seohyun Ceci interview

Q: In the meantime watching MBC's WGM, (you/we) will start to be thoughtful about our ideal type. it is awkward to talk about this but in the same time wishing for (couple?) , don't you think the time is running out fast?

A: Compare to 'time is running out fast', I often thinks that 'Time really runs fast'. 5 years since our debut is like a wink of our eyes. Being an MC at "MBC Show!" , I don't know since when there is lots of new debut groups came over our waiting room and greet us. I'm not really used to it. when i heard they say they are born in 1996, I really wanna ask 'omo is it? are they born at 1996?' but now I recall my memories, my sunbae-nims also asked me the same question. I'm just 17 when SNSD debut (smile) in front of time that moves so fast, I'm really frighten by it.

Q: as times flies so fast, you thinks that ______
1) it's really scary. 2) i feel a little sad 3) I'm okay with it. 4) it's kinda interesting to me.
if you had to choose, which will you fill in the blank?

A: I'll choose 4. i feel as the time pass, there is more and more opportunities to emerge. I'm totally not regret about it. Even there's some wrong decision I made, I will also gain some experience or learn something from this decision I made.

Q: Today's theme is 'vampire diary' right? To vampires, time is eternal. If you are give 3 tickets to make time stop, when do you think it's worth to use it?

A: I would like to go back to when I just debut and let time stop a while at there. Once again I want to feel the unforgettable memory as a newcomers (debut) which is now still so fresh in my mind. I can self-reflect myself and re-energized myself as full as I want (to make yourself perfect?) another 2 tickets I will keep for my future.

Q: Curious that what will our very busy Girls' Generation do when they don't have any schedule?

A: oh~ We are busy as usual. Recently, personal schedule is more than official Soshi schedules. Our day schedule is so full that we don't even have a free day. Recording new songs and practicing dance moves sometimes is arranged in between the free time of our busy schedule. If we have half of a day to rest, we will use 2~3 hours to do exercise in order to maintain our stamina.

Q: Doing exercise is the maintain your stamina but not keeping body shape?

A: As we grow (old), person who have habit doing exercise and person who does not, the difference is really big. So we have to maintain our stamina now. Not only this, during exercise, sweating is also connected to our mood, our body will reacts (reflect) this honestly.

Q: Changing your personality (which refers to Seohyun) is still a big challenge for you! in your life, what turning point do you hope to face?

A: as a celebrity, revealing my daily life for the public is something which I don't get used to it, but now I'm more open-minded about this. Going to Lotte World(Theme park) and Gyeongbokgung with my friends is really fun. I want to visit my middle high school with my classmates someday.

Q: What's the problem you face during the time that you new debut?

A: I'm still a student when i just debut. I still care about my responsibility as a student. 20 years old is a age to learn independence, I start to feel the pressure on my shoulders. (example?) about time management.

During my days as a student, I just follow my daily schedule to do revisions again and again. But now I write what I want to do, rest time means rest time, clear my mind and just sleep comfortably.(Chinese trans wrote: I'll just think nothing is sleep like dead human LOL)

Q: About time, didn't we heard about what you feel about time just now?

A: yes. my stamina can't handle my busy schedule at first(new debut days) and i got no private time at all. If I let my time to be wasted so easily, I will not have anything like right now. 'In future, not only schedule of SNSD, what will I do as individual seohyun? i should let my body to answer this.' I've think like this before. In order to build my achievement that I want in my life, indirectly i gain experience and knowledge by reading books. By collecting all these experience and knowledge's I can build the achievement of my life.

(there's another 2 Q's. we wait for it.)

Korean version
Cr : usNthem

Q. 국내 컴백이 얼마 남지 않았다고 들었어요. 
다음주 인도네시아의 SM타운 라이브 월드투어3 in 자카르타 공연에 갔다가, 일본 버전의 'Oh!" 활동과 국내 앨범 준비를 병행할 예정이에요.
이번앨범은 평소와는 많이 달라요. 사람의 한계에 도전하는 느낌이랄까요. 팬들이 어떻게 봐주실지 기대되고, 아직까진 저희들만의 비밀이니까 괜히 두근거려요.

Q. 바쁜 소녀시대가 국내 활동을 하지 않을 땐 무얼 하는지 궁금했어요. 휴, 여전히 바쁘군요.
최근에는 공식적인 소녀시대의 활동보다 개인활동이 많아요. 스케줄이 하루 통째로 비는 날은 거의 없어요. 녹음이나 안무 연습이 중간중간 있거든요. 
대신 반나절 정도 시간이 나면 체력관리를 위해 2~3시간 운동을 해요.

Q. 운동은 몸매 관리가 아닌 체력 관리인가요?
나이 들수록 운동을 한 사람과 하지 않은 사람의 몸은 굉장히 다르대요. 그러니까 지금부터 해야해요. 
또 땀을 흘리면 기분도 업되고, 몸도 착실하게 반응하는 법이라 뿌듯하고요.

Q. MBC 우리 결혼했어요를 보며 차곡차곡 멀리 내다보는 타입이구나 싶었어요. 하지만 아낄수록 부족한 게 시간이잖아요.
시간이 부족하기보다, ' 정말 빨리 흘러갔다'는 생각을 자주 해요. 저희가 데뷔한 지 벌써 5년이 꽉 찼어요. 
MBC 쇼 음악중심 MC 를 맡고 있는데 어느 순간부터 대기실에 인사하러 오는 후배 가수가 많아졌어요.
이게 너무나 생소해요. 그들이 1996년생이란 소리를 들으니까, '아니, 그 때도 사람이 태어났나?' 싶은거죠. 
그런데 돌이켜보니 제 나이를 물어보시던 선배님들이 그런 말씀들을 하셨거든요. 계산해 보면 제가 데뷔한 해도 열일곱 살 때였어요. (웃음) 
이럴 땐 시간 앞에서 흠칫 놀라요.

Q. 그렇게 흘러가는 시간이 '솔직히 무섭다, 살짝 서럽다, 사실 덤덤하다, 은근히 재미있다 혹은 본인이 적고 싶은 000'을 채워볼까요.
전 4번요. 시간이 갈 수록 점점 더 재미있는 기회들이 열리는 것 같아요. 후회도 없어요. 
잘못된 선택을 했더라도 그 계기로 무언가를 얻었거나 배웠으니까요.

Q.소녀시대 윤아도 2009년 쎄씨 인터뷰에서 후배들이 많아져 놀랍다는 말을 했어요. 시간이 지나도 그 생경함은 여전하군요. 그럼 당신에겐 시간이 흘러도 변치 않는 건 무얼까요?
데뷔초와 비교하면 절대 변하지 않을 거라고 여기던 가치관과 성격이 많이 달라졌어요. 
친구들과 (소녀시대) 언니들이 말해줬는데, 더 밝아졌고 적극적으로 변했대요. 도전 정신도 강해졌어요. 
' 바른 길로만 살아야지'가 아니라, 이 길이 맞은 건 인식하되, 좀더 다양한 경험을 하고 싶어요. 물론 방탕한 건 아니지만요. (웃음)
그러니까 변하지 않은 건 그 길이고, 변한 건 곁가지 경험이라고나 할까요. 
어디서나 막내로서 귀여움만 받다가 사회생활을 시작하니까, 반작용으로 제 안에서 해야 하는 것과 해선 안되는 것의 경계가 확실했나 봐요. 
O와 X의 답이 있는 시험지처럼요. 이젠 그게 다가 아니라 열린마음으로 인생을 마주해야, 진짜 멋진 인생이 나타난다는 걸 믿어요.

Q. 깨달음의 계기가 있었나요?
데뷔 당시 가수는 직업일 뿐 신분은 어쨌거나 학생이었거든요. 학생의 분분에 충실해야 한다는 마음이 컸어요.
스무 살이 되자 혼자 해나가야 한다는 무게감을 조금씩 느꼈어요. (예를 들면요?) 시간활용이요. 
학생 땐 수학 시간엔 수학을 배우면서 주어진 시간표대로 움직이는 걸 반복하지만, 이젠 제가 쓰기 나름인 거잖아요. 
잠을 자면 그냥 자는 시간이고, 생각을 하지 않으면 그냥 사라지고 말아요. 대신 책을 읽으면 책이 남죠 (시간에 대한 책임감이 들었군요.)
네, 처음엔 스케줄 소화 만으로도 체력 소모가 심해서 그 외의 시간을 활용하지 못했어요. 그러다 보니 흘러가는 대로 흘러갈 뿐, 그 속에 전 없는 거예요.
나중엔 '내가 소녀시대 활동 이외에 뭘 했을까, 이대로 몸이 맡겨지는 건 아닐까' 싶었어요. 
그래서 구체적인 인생 목표를 세우고, 책을 통해서라도 간접적 경험과 견문을 넓혀야겠다고 느꼈어요. 이 하루하루가 모여서 제 인생이 만들어지는 거니까요.

Q.내 성격이 변해서 드디어 도전했구나! 싶은 인생 대사건은 무언가요?
연예인이지만 많은 사람 앞에 일상적인 면을 드러내는 게 부끄러웠는데, 이제 그 생각에서 많이 벗어났어요. 
친구들과 롯데월드나 경복궁에 놀러가면 정말 신난다는 걸 알았거든요. 외국팬들에게 사진도 찍어달라고 할 정도로요. 
전시회와 박물관을 가는 것도 즐거워요. 절 알아봐 주시면 감사한 일이고, 못 알아봐주시면 그게 또 재미있죠. 
조만간 중학교 친구들과 교복입고 모교에 놀러 갈 거예요.

Q.삶이 다채로워졌군요. 앞으로 변화하고픈 면이 있나요? 그걸 멤버들에게서 찾아볼까요.
일단 효연언니는 매사 긍정적이고 즐거운 분위기 메이커예요. 유머도 많고요. 수영언니와 티파니 언니는 친화력이 좋아 인간관계의 폭이 넓어요.
사람들을 편안하게 해주는 매력이 있거든요. 태연언니는 타고난 노래 실력요. 그리고 누군가에게 의지가 되는 사람이란 점은 정말 멋진 것 같아요. 
윤아 언니는 새침할 것 같은데 꾸밈없이 털털한 반전의 매력이 빛나죠.
언니들이 장난처럼 하는 말이, 너처럼 예쁘게 생긴 애가 성격도 새침했으면 재미없었을 거래요.
제시카 언니가 차가워 보인다고들 하는데, 무심한 척 하지만 뒤에서 몰래 챙겨줘 감동을 주는 스타일이에요.
써니 언니는 항상 밝은 기운을 전염시켜요. 또 어른스러워요. 친언니들과 나이차이가 많이 나는 막둥이인데 생각이 깊은 면이 놀라워요. 
저희끼린 종종 89년생이 아닌 79년생이라 놀릴정도로요. 언니들의 이런 면들이 다 부러워요.

Q.오늘 주제는 '뱀파이어와의 인터뷰'잖아요. 그들에겐 시간이 영원해요. 그건 어찌보면 무서운 일이죠. 당신에게 시간을 멈출 수 있는 티켓을 세장 드릴게요. 언제든 쓸 수 있는 비싼아이에요.
데뷔 시점으로 돌아가서 잠깐 멈춰보고 싶어요. 머리로만 기억하는 초심을 제대로 느껴보고 싶어서요. 반성도 하고 충전도 할 수 있도록요. 
나머지 두장은 미래를 위해 아껴둘래요.

Q.마지막으로 동방신기와 서현의 인터뷰 타임! 그들은 당신의 마음을 설레게 하는 이상형이 궁금하대요. 자세히 얘기 안해줄테니 차근차근 깊게 물어봐달라고 조언을 해줬어요. (참고로 서현이 동방신기에게 질문한 내용은 10년차 가수임을 느끼는 순간은 언제인가요? / 팬으로서 궁금한 것! 스케줄이 없는 날엔 뭐하세요? )
하하, 그럼 길게 답할게요. 일단 이해심이 많고, 긍정적이고, 적극적이었으면 좋겠어요. 예의 있고 유머러스한 사람, 상대방을 편하게 해주는 사람이 좋아요.
지금은 대단하지 않을지언정 확고한 신념과 꿈을 향해 노력하는 점은 중요해요. 외적으로는 키가 나보다 컸으면 좋겠다는 점 말고는 없어요.
아! 선하고 맑은 눈요. 눈은 마음의 창이라는 말이 맞는다고 느껴서요. 전체적인 인상을 보면 그 사람이 살아온 시간이 보이는 것 같아요. 
그러니까 항상 웃는 상이면 좋겠어요. 대화를 나눌 때 배울 수 있는 사람이면 더할 나위 없이 좋아요.

Q.그 신의 사나이에게 어필할 수 있는 당신의 매력을 3개만 찾아봅시다.
첫 번째 공약은 일단 긍정적인 에너지! 같이 있으면 재미있을 자신 있습니다. 
두번째 공약으로 자기 관리를 열심히 하겠습니다! 제 철칙은 '죽을  때까지 관리하자'거든요. 평생 흐트러지지 않을 거니까 평생 두근거리는 설렘을 줄 수 있어요.
마지막으로 미래가 불안하지 않습니다! 남자한테 기대는 성격은 아니라서 경제적으로도 괜찮을 거예요. 귀찮게 하지도 않을 거랍니다. 약속할게요. (웃음)

Chinese Translation

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