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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

121127 [Fanacc] Fan Account From YongSeo Fans At Inkigayo Special

Shared by yongseorockin @ soompi

Hello everybody!

Long time no see. I was at Inkigayo today courtesy of KTO. So I shall just give u a fan account of what happened. I didn't have to queue overnight or anything. When I entered the studio it was very small although it looks deceivingly big on camera. The securities told us no cameras were allowed so I didn't take any photos other than 2 photos of 2

Yongseo fans sitting behind me.

We waited for around 30 minutes before the show started. Before the show was news and I could hear all the weather reports for the next few days. The securities repeatedly reminded us not to take any photos. So I dun have any photos of the stage. So before the show started, the crew started bringing out bands and everything. I got excited thinking it was for CN Blue but they were for a singer whom I dunno. I am not sure who he is but because he was far away I double confirmed with the fans behind me that he was not Yong Hwa. Besides, I don't see the other bands members.

Anyway most of the show was already pre-recorded. Those who sang live were Juniel, Ailee, CN Blue, Epik High, Kim Jong Kook and SECRET. The rest I can't remember. Non the less, those whose performance was pre-recorded came out to perform again. But they usually performed half of the song. INFINITE was actually dragged out by the producers in a joking manner to prepare for the next stage.

Ailee's voice was awesome. I mean seriously her voice is good and she sang live. I couldn't believe it but Kim Jong Kook sang relatively well too. But Ailee really blew me off. Then there was Son Dambi who gave a lot of fan service by waving to fans.

While SECRET was performing Kwang Hee..ermm. I can't remember his name. Sun Hwa's partner in We Got Married. Jumped up and wave at Sun Hwa and danced along. He was very funny. He was most energetic during SECRET's performance. But SECRET's performance was live so Sun Hwa couldn't pay him any attention. He kept waving to get her attention very obviously. She definitely would have seen him. WGM is not fake I tell you. First season maybe. But at least not the 2nd.

O yea...You could tell the MCs were nervous even if they don't seem like it on TV. KwangHee face looks alright but you can see his hand trembled a bit. IU was always practising her lines when it was time for their MC lines. She will mumble to herself. All in all Kwang Hee was best at presenting.

Oh and before CN Blue's turn on stage, Min Hyuk came to supervise and help set up the stage. His drum was on a platform. So there were 5 or 6 guys who helped carry his platform to the stage. Then he was there checking.They set up the drum kit and after a while everybody came. I held up the towel from YongSeo International proudly which has YongHwa's name on it. He was a bit far so I am not sure if he indeed pointed to me and the fans behind me at the beginning before their stage starts. In whichever case, it was extremely fun and they were having fun on stage. They sang live and at one point Yong Hwa went high pitch. I sang along as well, all the while holding the towel up high. Jung Shin's hair was permed. Jong Hyun's hair spiked up.

Anyway I can't remember everything. But it was overall very fun. This is in random order and according to what I can remember. Shall upload photos later for Gogumas to see. I took photos of the handmade fansigns by the fans.

Fun Trivia: There were 3 cameras at the back of standing fans. These cameras had lights on them. So when the main camera is on, the red light on the camera lights up to signal the artists to look there. That's how the artists know where to look when there are multiple cameras.

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