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Thursday, November 29, 2012

121129 [Photo/Fan Taken] Kpop Festival 2012 - Concert in Vietnam

Cr : Rinyoong

Cr : yoonhyun

Cr : Soshified

Cr : Weiqi

Cr : Soshivn

Cr : DepDiDom



Cr : Hiepvh

Cr :

Cr : Werdeone

 Cr : squishie 

Cr : Soshifiers

Cr : jamieluvsosi

Cr :  little one.

Cr : kenh14

Cr : Rinyoong

Cr : Cecil

Cr : as tagged

Cr : nini

Cr : CeCiX

Cr : JC_Gokuma

After the concert
Cr : kenh14

Cr : CeCiX
Hyunnie 'Robot'

Cr : nini


Cr :

Fan Account

[FANACC] 121129 MBC Music Core Kpop Festival in Hanoi
The weather was really cold but when we entered the My Dinh Stadium, it got hotter and hotter. Around 7pm, the showed started. Vietnamese singers sang first, we cheered for them and sang along.
The screen showed the intro and after that MC TaeTiSeo appeared! OMG they are really beautiful!! Taeyeon in yellow dress, Fany in red, Seohyun in white (angel Hyunie!). Their milky skin, hair, legs, PERFECT!
Taeyeon looked a little bit tired but she's back to be cheerful kidleader after hearing SONE's scream ㅋㅋ
Fany's bare shoulder *_* freaking sexy! This is the first time I saw her famous eyes smile :(( My heart skipped a beat, i swear!
Seohyunieeeee OMG PERFECTION! She's indeed an angel, a goddess!!!! She did a LOT of aegyo! Pout, cute voice, etc,... and there were some SeoFany moment! so cute! No more grandma Seo, it's maknae Seohyun time! ㅋㅋㅋ
I took some pics of MC TTS but it's blur :( but it's okay, i met them in real life guys!
Other artists' performances were nice but Soshi's was freaking AWESOME!!! They sang Mr. Taxi in The Boys outfits first >< next song was The Boys. All of us screamed loudest as we could. Other fans think i'm weird but i don't care (ALL MY LOVE IS FOR SOSHI)! After two songs, it's their introduction. "Xin chào các bạn, chúng tôi là SNSD!" their Vietnamese was freaking cute >< garghhhhh >< the last song of Soshi was Genie. haha there was a really cute moment. Sunny forgot to go to her position because she's too busy to wave at Sones xD adorable Sunny Bunny <3 oh and we did project for Yuri. Her smile was... i don't know... GORGEOUS!
The Girls were really happy. They kept smiling and waving at us. I'm really proud! We did it!
Genie performance was ^%(@&#%&^@$^&! Sones' fanchant was DAEBAK! When Fany's "Vietnam! Put it back on!" the audiences went crazy!!!! When the perf ended, the Girls waved and smiled, did heart sign then went back inside.
My dream came true. I regret nothing!
Oh and when DBSK performed, SONEs turned the saber into red! aww <3

November 29th 2012 - I will never forget this day. One of my best days ever!
Hope to see you Girls soon!
V-Sones love SNSD!
Jigeumeun SNSD!

p.s: sorry for my poor english. *go post pics now* 

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