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Saturday, December 8, 2012

121208 [Scans/Trans] CNBLUE on Pati Pati Magazine 2013

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CNBLUE Pati-Pati (2013 Jan) Interview [1/2 - Robot]

After releasing two singles and a full album, CNBLUE concludes their enthusiastic activity in 2012 with upcoming single! As YongHwa told “rock sound of typical Jung YongHwa’s style,” the new song “Robot” is a new style rock tune featuring his unique groove. Inspired by a variety of music, he fused together and made his own “rock.” Let’s see the very first story of this song blazing the trail.

— In the past interview, you told “CNBLUE’s style is to have a variety of ‘colors.’” This new song is also such kind of song.

YH: Yes. “Robot” is a rhythmical song that is added more pop elements into the past pop rock style. The second track “ring” is a sweet-bitter song with Christmas-like mood, meaning keep loving even when you are separated. 

JH: The third track “Starlit Night” is written by me. Through this song, I hope to tell “Thank you” to fans at the end of the year.

— In the contrasting songs, what image did you have while working on the title song “Robot”? 

YH: I wrote “Robot” after we made “Hey You.” I’d say it is rock sound with the typical Jung YongHwa’s style that you can enjoy groove, not only it has rock side. Because not anyone else but I wrote the song, the melody and the style is what JongHyun and I can sing and play the best. 

JH: I appreciated the lyrics and prepared for recording. Because I liked the lyrics of this song especially.

MH: Me too, though this is a pleasant song making our body move, but I really understood the lyrics.

JS: Yes. Probably because I knew YongHwa’s feeling when he had thought of the theme of “robot,” his feelings and message comes across strongly, I think.

— Yes. Although your past works have various messages, I’m impressed that “Robot” has serious expressions that is different from the others.

YH: Surely, you could feel a little stronger impression from “Robot” than the past songs. This lyrics describes most people’s reality that they can’t do what they want arbitrarily… Our job is one of them, right? Most songs that we released before have messages like “Positive! Go for it!”, but this lyric describes feeling of “I have no choice” as well. So, this song can be a sad song in a way.

JH: Yes. I really understood it as if it was about me.

MH: So, this may be our story, or not. But, I was persuaded by the lyrics, too.

JS: I think we can think of various things from this “Robot” lyrics. Like our reality that we cannot oppose or help but following anyone else’s opinion… I’d say through this song, we can think of the our aspect that we dislike the most, and that is meaningful.

— I see. Listeners can see their “reality” in the song and think of various things…

YH: Yes. Through this song, I hoped you to accept your aspect that you dislike the most and to think of yourself again. Everyone has his/her own pace and style. What he/she wants to do differs. However, they are bound by rules and can’t do as they like. Even in that situation, I want them not to forget a sense of themselves. This is my message that I put in this song.

— “Robot” is such a serious message song. On the contrary, the warm tone color that “ring” has is impressive. 

JH: Yes. We can sense YongHwa’s soft aspect.

MH: I thought this song has Christmas song feeling from the first impression. I attempted to play simply, so that the song can convey pure feeling. Through this song, I feel that YongHwa got wider spectrum of music.

JS: Yes. I want to listen when it’s snowing! I’m glad that this taste of song is added in our music.

YH: “Ring” describes a story that a man and a woman love each other but they are in a situation that they can’t be together. But, it’s not breaking up… Some people say if they are not around each other, they will be separated emotionally, too. But I don’t believe so. In the chorus, I attempted to draw feeling that he/she wants to see the dearest person positively. I put the feeling that “I want to see you soon, I want you to come to me soon” in this song.

— “Starlit Night” is written and composed by JongHyun. It’s a warm feeling song featuring an acoustic sound. 

JH: In this song, I wanted to express our feelings, gratitude and affection to fans who always believe and watch us, beside us. In the real sense, this is “our song.”

MH: This is a very quiet song. Rather than we let them see or hear… I felt like to sing with everyone together.

— Your real feelings such as gratitude and affection are in the song. If you sing with everyone together at live concert, the atmosphere will be quite warm. 

JH: Yes. This song is the one we made for live concert and we devoted to fans, literally. We worked on it with imagining everyone singing unitedly. 

JS: As for the music, I thought it had a similar feeling to “ Ver.2” in JongHyun’s recorder. If everyone sang together at live, I’d shed happy tears.

YH: Yes. I want to sing with everyone together at the next live!

[Trans] CNBLUE Pati-Pati (2013 Jan) Interview [2/2 - Look Back at the Fruitful Year 2012] 

In 2012, from the first Arena Tour in Japan to individual acting activities in Korea, CNBLUE has been extremely busy not only with music production but also works in a variety of fields. After interview about the upcoming single, let’s see them looking back at this year.

— You have been very busy this year too. What was especially impressive?

YH: Production of “Ear Fun” and Japan 1st album.

MH: Live tour, drama, and all activities were really fun.

JS: It was tough to do Arena Tour and drama filming at the same time. But thanks to that, I feel like I grew up more than before. So I’m glad.

JH: Above all, I was happy that I stood on various stages.

— How was the first Arena Tour in Japan?

YH: Happiness to have tour exceeded pressure.

MH: I had a lot of fun, and it was very meaningful and happy tour.

JS: Arena Tour was a challenge for us. On the last day, a feeling that “I made so much efforts!” and a feeling that I was going to miss the time filled my heart.

JH: Yes! Beyond words!(laugh)

— Then, what do you want to confess to other members before this year ending? (laugh)

YH: Nothing special. (laugh)

MH: I made a lot of jokes of members, but that’s because I like them so much! (laugh)

JS: On the tour, did you three have fun with going to a hot spring without me? I love hot spring, too! Hmph! (laugh)

JH: “Starlit Night” is a song dedicated to all fans!

— What food was the most delicious?

YH: My mother’s cooking that I ate at my family house.

MH: Sushi, Sashimi (sliced raw fish).

JH: Kaiseki Ryouri (Japanese food served at tea ceremony) when visiting hot spring!

JS: As I ate many delicious foods on Arena Tour, I don’t know what to choose. (laugh)

— If you members changed something?

YH: We all got stronger mentally and physically.

MH: I feel we became more handsome than before…? (laugh)

JH: We did become more handsome!

JS: YongHwa’s body and neck got stronger, JongHyun’s skin got whiter, and MinHyuk’s body turned yellow? Like “The Simpson’s”. (laugh)

— What kind of year do you want the next year to be?

YH: I want to have activity much more energetically. I want to make sure to keep promise with fans.

JS: I hope to produce nice works and CNBLUE become much bigger. I personally want to grow up more and more.

JH: It’s not a special goal… but I want the happiness that I feel every day to continue forever. 

MH: I hope it will keep being on the rise!

— Last word.

YH: Thank you for staying together this year, too! Next year too, I will make efforts to be CNBLUE who faces music straight and hard! 

MH: Thank you for watching me this year, too. From now on too, please look forward for CNBLUE’s work and live. It’s a little early, but happy new year. (laugh)

JS: 2012 was a year of full of happiness for us. How was it for you all? Next year, I hope more happiness to come to you and I hope for your good health… I hope for your continuous support for Pati-Pati and CNBLUE!

JH: Otsukare sama deshita (You(/and we) all did well/worked hard) this year. And, thank you! Next year too, I will work hard with gratitude! 

[Trans] CNBLUE Pati-Pati (Jan 2013) Q&A

Q. What comes to your mind when thinking of “Robot”?

YH: Robot that can’t freely do what he wants to do.

JH: Maybe, we?

MH: Robot that just has to follow rules.

JS: Robot that I used to play with as a kid, I think.

Q. What view comes to your mind when thinking of “Christmas”?

YH: Lighting-up, illumination and so on.

JH: My room, and socks.

MH: Snowy city at night where many people come and go.

JS: Downtown where a huge Christmas tree is.

Q. Who has been shining around you?

YH: Family, friends, CNBLUE members, fans.

JH: You and me, and us.

MH: Members.

JS: Members and every Boice.

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