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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

130109 [Video] Entertainment Tonight : SNSD FULL CUT

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Transcript :

[TRANS] 130109 SNSD @ Midnight Entertainment

MC: The girls are back! K-pop's protagonists – Girls' Generation – with their hip-hop new track. After a year and 2 months, they took over the music charts and broke records with 20 million YouTube clicks.

All: HAN BAM BAM BAM BAM!!!! Tell me your wish!

Taeyeon: I want to meet all the fans where there are a lot of people in Gangnam.

Sooyoung: Wow!!!

All: Please make the wish come true!

MC: Last weekend at Gangnam, there were enough people to close down the streets with that hot energy! It was really amazing! In the middle, there was Girls' Generation.
I'm here at Gangnam and all these people are here to see Girls' Generation!
And at that moment, the music started up! Along with the cheers from the audience, they began with a cute performance of "Dancing Queen!" The audience watching the cool stage couldn't keep their jaws closed. But, if you look carefully, isn't something weird? Do Girls' Generation do magic now? That's actually a hologram! They showed a recording of a performance using technology that made it look live. Along with their cool performance, doesn't it look more amazing? It was really interesting.
And now, the real Girls' Generation appeared! They were also able to meet with fans all over the world through the Internet.
How does it feel coming here and meeting the fans?

Jessica: We feel really really good, and because we're doing something new here, today was so much fun.

Hyoyeon: Despite the fact that it's so cold out, so many fans came out. Thank you so much!!!

MC: With Girls' Generation, TELL ME YOUR WISH! (*This MC's segment on Hanbam called "Tell Me Your Wish"*)
If you want to travel with the 9 members of Girls' Generation, you have to do it grand. To match the scale of Girls' Generation, Hanbam scaled up.
While we were stopped in the street, fans could recognize Girls' Generation despite the tinted windows!
We're with Girls' Generation!
(Looking at Taenysun in the back) Are you okay?

Taenysun: Yeah!!!

MC: Do you all also feel that you've gotten a lot prettier since a long time ago?

All: Hmm..

Hyoyeon: Haha, what is this?

MC: Did you plan this out?

Tiffany: When we debuted, we were high school students so we still had baby fat...

MC: So cute!

Tiffany: Lately our seniors ask us "How old are you?" they say that it's the age where we're all becoming women, when we're supposed to be prettiest. I feel like we want to keep this age.

MC: Your peaks!
What is your wish? Really? Real?

Hyoyeon: Real?

All: Re-al! (*This is from Taeyeon's Re-al thingy from the V-concert. I have no idea what it is.*)

Hyoyeon: While riding this limo, going on vacation. Going to eat something delicious?

MC: With the girls?

Hyoyeon: Oh, girls? ... Of course, girls!

MC: Only up to here! We'll stop here.
I think maknae's wish might be different.

Seohyun: With just us 9, I want to go to a sauna or a spa resort.

Yoonyul: I like that!

Seohyun: I really want to go on vacation.

Sooyoung: Really, I don't think we've all gotten to a sauna together.

Seohyun: Never to a sauna!

Yoona: Let's go to a sauna right now!

MC: Our family runs a spa!


MC: Should I empty our our spa for you?

All: YESS!!!! WOW!!!

MC: Sunny?

Sunny: To go home, turn on the electric blanket, turn on the television, read manga, stuff like that.

Tiffany: Hey, it's only been 3 days since our comeback!

Sunny: IT'S TOO HARD!!!!! TOO HARD!!!!

MC: There's too...
All: Too much.. (*This is some reference*)
129! 129! 129! (*They are playing a game called 129 where they go in a circle counting up numbers. But if your number has a 1, 2, or a 9 in it, you have to clap for how much times the number appears. So you go CLAP. CLAP. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. CLAP. CLAP. CLAP CLAP. Seohyun loses.)

MC: To the loser Seohyun, a mission! To give a signed CD to a random pedestrian.

Tiffany: When you give the CD, yell out "Surprise! My mind is blown!" (*This is Yoona's rap in IGAB)

Seohyun: What the???

MC: We stopped the car for her to get out.

All: GET OUT!! GO!!
Tiffany: Run run run!

MC: She was really running!

Tiffany: Say something!

Seohyun: Please love Girls' Generation a lot! Happy new year! Surprise! My mind is blown!

MC: So cute!

All: Who was it?

Seohyun: I don't know..

Tiffany: Right now it's Girls' Generation!!!

Sunny: You're embarassing.

Seohyun: He was so surprised. It was so much fun.

Hyoyeon: Imagine how regretful he is. He was on the phone, so...

MC: The limo ride that gave Seohyun an unforgettable experience arrived at the destination. With us 10, I couldn't tell time was even passing. But the talk inside the car was just the beginning! The more honest talk is about to begin!
Sooyoung, you're Hanbam. Please come over to this side!

Sooyoung: Yes!

MC: We are the -Young family. (*The MC's name is Ji-young and Sooyoung is Soo-young so..)
What do you think of Sooyoung?

Taeyeon: I think the lady of the house is doing a really good job.

MC: What do you think of her hosting?

Taeyeon: Very clean.

Seohyun: Very fresh and has a lot of sense!

Soooyoung; I actually personally really like Girls' Generation.

MC: Is there someone you like in particular?

Sooyoung: Personally... They're all trying to show me their merits and charm... but Yuri who is right in front of me.

MC: Can someone be more tacky? (*Yuri is doing a move that is seen a lot done by older women in Korea whenever they appear on TV)

Yuri: Mom, I'm on TV!

MC: When I saw the video and the performances, you guys changed everything from head to toe.

Sunny: To be honest, it's been over 5 years since we debuted. It's our 6th year. So I think it might feel like it's a different color than we've shown.

Sooyoung: Because the song is new and the concept is new, we were worried "How will they think of this?" but after we revealed it, no matter the reaction, I think we can do it with confidence.

Hyoyeon: As for the choreography, when we first saw it, we were shocked. "Could we possibly pull this off 100%?"

Tiffany: As soon as we saw it, we stood up to our company.

MC: Saying what?

Tiffany: That we were going to wear high heels. We're giving up high heels and focusing on the performance.

MC: You should've gone barefood then!

Tiffany: We want to! Next time!

MC: Barefoot divas~
Now, with Hanbam's Young sisters and Hyoyeon and Taeyeon's dance battle!

*dance break*

MC: I feel like the album's mood might be completely different.

Yoona: If we compare it to "The Boys," we were trying to be cool. Now, we try to dance cool and, as for my part, it's kind of cute. (*raps her part)

Sooyoung: Which member do you think will change the most when they get a boyfriend?

All: Sooyoung!

Jessica: The other members are prettier.

Sooyoung: ME?!

Taeyeon: I heard that you pray so diligently for a spouse.

MC: "Please let me marry an amazing guy!"

Taeyeon: Yes.

Tiffany: But she prayed that like for each and every member. Hwaiting!

Sooyoung: Everyone does it.

Taeyeon: I heard you too it most diligently!

MC: I've never heard something like this.

Sooyoung: Not too long ago, our Jessica got #5 for Most Beautiful Face in the World.

All: #5~~!!

MC: All those Hallyu stars!

Sooyoung: Broke them away!

MC/Sooyoung: #5!

All: Close-up! This camera...

Sunny: Um, excuse me.

Seohyun: Sunny-unnie!

All: Awww so cute!!

MC: Like a doll!

Taeyeon: Please give our new album IGAB lots of love, and please also give Hanbam's Lady lots of love too! Happy new year, and right now it's~

All: Girls' Generation!

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