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Thursday, January 10, 2013

130110 [Trans] Seohyun “Thanks to” IGAB 4th album

Thank you our lord God who have been protecting us anytime and anywhere.

My greatest and best parents in my whole entire life, thanks to to your optimistic teaching and being so lenient to me, also your warm love have made what I am today. I will work hard and become the daughter that you’re proud of. Expressing my love for you, mom, and my dearest auntie, handsome grandma, Yukjin unnie who is so alike my own sister, my little brother and sister who always make me proud, our xx,xx,xx,xx^^(note: xx = names;the Chinese translation got a bit messy when it was translated from Korean// Also the translation of the names aren’t 100% accurate so please bear with me.) My family who have been always giving me strength! I miss you all…Thanks xx unnie, and xx unnie who has been with us for more than 10 years, xx oppa who has been working hard, xx oppa please come back soon, xx oppa who has been giving me a lot of strength and support, xx oppa who can entertain under any circumstances, xx unnie who we can never break away from each other, the intelligent gentleman xx oppa, innocent xx oppa who does everything at his best, xx unnie who didn’t sleep because of fixing the costumes, xx unnie, xx unie, xx-sshi,xx-sshi, and all the teachers and unnies who worked so hard with us for hair styling overnight (xx teachers and xx unnies) Everyone worked hard! Really, really thank you all of you~!!^^

The reliable SM family~! Thank you octopus alien Jaewoon oppa who has been together for 10 years kkk, Cheongdam beauty xx unnie kk, xx unnie who has been always helping the girls to find their inner artsy passionately, xx unnie and xx unnie who have been working very hard, flawless BoA unnie - after knowing you for a long time I have found out you’re an aegyo queen, Changmin oppa who’s kind but also humorous, Yunho oppa who have been giving helpful advice, Suju oppas who’s full of talent and humor! (Missing Leeteuk oppa who’s enlisted in army, gentleman KyuHyun oppa, gym lover Donghae oppa, Heechul oppa who’s very unique but interesting), my righteous fellow Choi Minho! Also kk little cutie Amber~~^^ Everyone is daebak!! My friends where our friendship never changes, Hwanhee,Eunji,Eunsung,xx,Luli,xx,Anna, Soojin, Jeihee, Geihee, xx, Jieun,xx, thank you god for letting me meet all of you~ Really thank you^^ My precious friend Jinwoon (2AM), Min (Miss A) who’s cool and awesome, little cutie Nicole(Kara), xx who’s always been working very hard, xx who’s very kind and warm, also my CN friends who we have been really good neighbours ~ Thank you all of you guys, hwaiting!!^^ xx teacher who has been giving us support and good advice, really thankful to xx professor, xx teacher who takes care of babies with all her passion, xx teacher whom I can’t forget, xx author who writes outstanding books to inspire and gives knowledge to people, thank you Secretary general Ban Ki-moon for having me being grateful for my presence - the most important thing why we should be thankful in our life, Juhyun unnie who has been helping me to achieve my dreams and supporting me, Jason! Always thank you for your praying, you are really good friend ^^

Aigoo, you guys must have been waited for a long time? Sone~~~~!!!!!? That’s right…I miss everyone so much too…I really miss the cheers and passion that can only be experienced while performing on stages, sone united as one for us and chanting…We are SNSD keke~ To show our best performances we have been preparing , everyone should be awaiting now,understand~? This time we are unfamiliar with the style of music we’re doing, and we might feel a little bit embarrassed~ BUT!YES?! To repay the love we have always been receiving from Sones, we’re going to make a breakthrough and take the challenge~! Thank you all for making us shine~! So~ Let’s start preparing to make our wonderful memories again~!^^

Finally, my unnies…we,nine people are destined, right~? When I’m sad, you guys shed tears with me, comforted me = sadness ÷ 8 ; When I’m happy, you guys were happy for me as if it was your own happiness =happiness x 8, When I’m sick, you guys gave your own vitamins to me and took good care of me= sickness-8.No matter if I’m Angry, Depressed, Excited or whichever, you guys always stay by my side and support me which brings me happiness, giving me comforts and encouragements, because we’re together so we can understand each other better= happiness+8. My Hardworking and passionate members , we’re all aiming for the same dream. Because of 9 of us we could complete any performances or perform any songs…moreover, because of the time we spent together makes me learned a lot of things. We’re the closest and also very precious, but sometimes because of the close distance we didn’t know how precious our relationship is, I want to say thank you to all of my 8 unnies for everything. Stepping into SNSD’s 8th year, or our 8th year, we should ignore all the negativity (jealousy, childish or rumors that will shake us) Let’s trust each other,support each other and create more possibilities! Hwaiting!!^^ I love you all!

Let’s live in the present~! Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae!

Korean to Chinese translation : 红薯夫妇吧@ baidu
Chinese to English : schwy

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