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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

130220 [YSI Styles] Feature: 5 Ways To Date YongSeo Style

And just like that we’re now celebrating the 3rd anniversary of YongSeo! What an amazing journey! To those who were with us since the Saturdays of WGM-YongSeo, chukhae! We've been together for a long time of spazzing, investigating, fanfic-ing, giving, sharing and, on occasional times, "defending". It is heartwarming to realize how far we've come and how we've grown despite the fact that it’s been a long time since YongSeo did activities together for WGM. And even now, there aren’t any signs that this journey will end soon. To the new Goguma converts, welcome! We hope you'll enjoy your time with us and share in the YongSeo love.

The anniversary of YongSeo, as fate would have it, coincides with the month of love. You probably saw a lot of Red and scattered hearts in stores and restaurants, plus the usual flowers and chocolates. Somehow, Cupid compels us to do a grand gesture for that special someone every 14th of February. If not grand, then at least something more than the usual. But what is a grand gesture or what is more than usual? Is it valued by the number of bouquets of roses that you receive? Or by the price of a seat in that revolving restaurant? Is it the number of hours you spend preparing for that special event? Fact is, it differs for each person (or couple). One's ordinary date can actually be something extra for a couple who hasn't seen each other in months. Ultimately, it comes down to the message and effort one spends just to make the beloved feel extra special. And surely it’s not just reserved for just February 14 :)

There are lots of ways to show your feelings of gratitude and love for that special someone. Look no further of course, for you can always trust in YongSeo for some inspiration. Valentine’s Day may be over but the love and excitement don’t stop the next day. Here's our list of top 5 ways to date in genuine YongSeo style.

5. Board a train and catch the sunrise
Sometimes, it’s better to see things in a different perspective to rediscover their beauty. When was the last time you waited and watched for the sun to rise? The fresh air would be good too. Take the time to get out of the busy city. And if you could, use public transportation like the train or a commuter bus. The travel time could be used to learn new things about each other. There’s something romantic about trains moving in rhythmic lull complimented by window scenery that changes from modern blocks to rolling green countryside. You can share earphones too and enjoy the perfect background music to your adventure. 

Just make sure that you check the weather before going J

4. Cook a meal together
You say celebration, we say food. But maybe dining out is too ordinary. Why not try something different by cooking your meal together? Have a little fun experimenting and enjoying each other’s company in the kitchen. You can play down the grocery aisles and pick out food you want. Okay maybe not play. But it’s a nice way to learn more about childhood favorite snacks, flavors preferred, flavors to absolutely avoid etc. Plus, the cooking part will test each other’s patience and dynamic while working together. 

Just make sure not to burn the house down and well, maybe it’s good to just avoid dark rice J

3. Enjoy a day of sports or any outdoor activity.
Get healthy! This would be perfect for couples who are athletic and into outdoor hobbies. Pick a sport one of you likes and if one of you is a beginner, the more experienced one can teach the other. It’s an opportunity for skinship too! Tempers might get tested but that’s a challenge a couple should not be scared to take if both have plans of having a long future together.  It is not for everyone so make sure you’re that you’re mentally and physically prepared to take the beating as most physical activities require. But at the end of the day, it can be very rewarding. 

Don’t forget to prepare soothing ointments, safety gear and a will harder than steel.

2. Share love by giving back to the community
Love is not something you just keep to yourselves. It’s supposed to be given, shared and enacted. Give love in a way that is bigger than the both of you through charity. There are many ways to give back to the community so if you’re not sure of what to do, choose the one which resonates most to you both; a little concert if you are musicians, a book donation if you both are passionate readers, or a simple visit to your chosen charity for volunteer work. There is no one way to do this. And it doesn’t have to be grandiose. What matters is that together, you are sharing your time to help others. 

But do plan ahead. Or else you’ll end up like Yonghwa the cheerleader slash juice holder J

1. Take a trip down memory lane
Not every couple would’ve met in childhood, or even in college. Not all couples go through the same things and have the same memories. But that doesn’t mean you can’t share your history together. Be imaginative. Take a trip down memory lane together. Be game, roleplay and wear your high school uniforms together. Have a marathon and watch your childhood favorite Sgt. Frog or Slam Dunk. Visit your old schools and hang-out places.  Reminisce and share your stories. Let in the nostalgia as you both travel to the places deeply embedded in your memories and do the things you once enjoyed. If maybe that special person isn’t with you before, he or she is with you now. And by reliving your memories together, new memories are also created. It takes a great deal to let someone in your life’s story. That I think would be one of the grandest gestures one can do for love. 

5 Ways To Date YONGSEO STYLE Contributors: czae & meriyah; Graphics: intoxd
YSI Styles Feature February 2013

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  1. love this article <3 so much goguma love.

    happy anniversary, yongseo! <3 <3 <3

  2. Yup I will do above with my husband :) (once i married)

    Yongseo saranghae

  3. aww i'm so sad;) its bring me back to their WGM days:(.. i miss them so much and indeed yongseo couple inspired me in so many ways.. i just miss them. YONGSEO fighting!!