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Friday, September 17, 2010

WGM Chuseok Special

Source: newsen
Transaltion credits: POGA@soompi
What happened in the pitch-dark that night in the abandoned school?

WGM's Adam Couple, Goguma couple, and Khuntoria greeted Chuseok by gathering together.

The  three couples had taken for granted that the strongest/best couple  would rise out of a sports competition, with a man/wife relay to end it  all.

However, the true mission to select the best, strongest  couple was actually another (type of competition). It was instead "We  Got Married Horror House," where, in the pitch-black of night, they  experience the gloominess of an abandoned school.

With the  special efforts of guest MC, CN Blue Lee Jungshin, each couple  experiences the abandoned school in their separate units. The couples of  the Adam, Goguma, and Khuntoria couple can depend only on their  husbands or wives for help. Under these circumstances appeared a  high-pitched singing type, a bodyguard/protective type, a  terror-stricken type, and more, resulting in an episode that will truly  be exciting for the audience.

After experiencing this horror  (house), the three couples thought, "We can't be the only ones that were  forced to go through this torture," and dragged in Jungshin, pushing  him into the abandoned school.

Can the Adam couple, Goguma  couple, Khuntoria couple, and Lee Jungshin smoothly sail through this  frightening/horrible experience? The question that has yet to be  answered, who can achieve the title and honor of "The Strongest Couple,"  will be revealed in the Chuseok special of MBC's"We Got Married Couple  Competition - Welcome to the Horror House" on September 18, 5:15PM.

Translation credits: POGA@soompi


  1. It gonna be a great ep
    I wish all of them do their best specially my favorite couple "sweet potato" :D
    thanks 4 Posted ^^

  2. . .woOOoh!!!!

    I'm looking forward so much to this very exciting episode of WGM.. . may I ask,

    Is this the first time that they test the couples?

  3. LOL. OMG, JungShin as the guest MC? The WGM staff sure seems to love the CNBlue guys, right? Now I am anticipating this episode even more… : )

    And @ chA-cHa – I’m pretty sure it is. (But I don’t follow the other two couples so, don’t quote me on anything! lol)

  4. hahaha poor goddesshin~~

  5. wow, can't wait to see this ep... Hope yongseo couple win the title....go go yongseo couple

  6. aigoo its now 11:38 PM in california and i am staying awake so i can see the live unsubbed version of wgm, i really hope that i will magically be able to understand everyone.... but some skinship between yongseo will do too ^^

  7. oh! i saw that already!.. it's really cute....
    they had many skinships.... they even have their first HOLDING HANDS..... hahah.. wAaaaaHhhh!!!