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Saturday, February 25, 2012

120225 [Fan Taken/ Fan acc/ Fancam] BLUESTORM in Bangkok

Fan Taken
by fredapohh

by Kate_Lum, as tagged

by iris304

by OrAnGeJuizie


by JUL_nuna

 by cnblueth

by  Januaryhyh

by Monoijeong

Concert hall

YongSeoThailand in Bluestorm in Bangkok 

by iris304

Meet & Greet with CNBLUE
by By สก๊อต เพียวเร่

Fan Stuff
by iris304 
Her fan in the concert, also the one that she gave it to Yonghwa.. ;) super like!!

& ♥♥ Iris Gift ♥♥ to YongHwa & Seohyun at BKKBS fan meeting

Also to the Boys

YS Fans in Bluestorm Bangkok

YSTH Being Interview by Media

* bs concert is starting now!
* Intuition
*  Yong take off his suit
* Js take off his suit too
* Love yh and js in white shirt
* Edit love girl
* After love girl Yong drinking water
* Talk time yong said kisbteung phom mai krud (do i miss me ?) and finally here in bkk
* Js talks in English
* Mh 's english is jjang jh .. 이사ㅇ햌ㅋ
* Can you be the part of my life ..
* Yong sexy voice
* I will forget u jh solo
* jh asks boice to stand up
* Just please
* Haha jh said time to..............ROCK!
* One time boom boom tap
* Tattoo yh so smexyyyy
* I can see yh's armpits and his hais *died*
* Yh thrown his pick to AR zone
* Let's go crazyyyyy
* Js sings let's go crazy is it his solo omg! But only 1st part
* Js always walk in front of mh
* Now or never
* 키미오 kimio
* Yong said 'sud yod' = sukoi , wonderful and beautiful
* Yh : let's rock n roll
* Js : very hot very hot many times
* Where u are nowwwww!
* They sings get away n wya
* Yh : bangkok is in my head imh
* Cn uses only Englisk to talk to us.
* Js spins his head with beautiful hair <3
* They already changed outfits to black (bs t shirt goodies) (*°∀°)=3
* Yh : ta juk ja 다죽자!
* I'm loner
* Love Love Love
* Yh: bangkok thank you i think we can meet again blahx3 promise
* You've fall for me yh : do you know heartstrings? let's go
* Js sings you've fall for me
*  Js sings 넌내게반했어 only 1st part too.
* Mh always look at the screen
* Yh : phom ja mai leum wan nee krub (i won't forget this day)
* Love light
* 마지막 노래 '사랑 빛' said yonghwa
* Js n yh playing aroung but jh always at his place :-)
* Mh thrown his drumstick to AL zone

* Ready
* Start
* Super fun fun fun is the best
* Yong said Kid Tung Phom Mai Krub again
* This concert all light is all best  
* Blue storm in Bangkok  
* I love one time  
* Yonghwa ONE TIME  
 * one time ending!
* Let's go crazy
 * Yonghwa dance very cute. Choding Yong
 * I love Kimio
* Minhyuk's drum is the super best  
* Hahaha YH beautiful Wonderful
* YH : Bangkok In My Head  
 * very surprise with 1st project
 * Yong lots of aegyo

Meet & greet - with CNBLUE

[Trans] Fanacc Yonghwa and GoGuMa at Meet&Greet;in BKK
ตอนมีท&กรี๊ดได้ยื่นข้อความที่เขียนเป็นภาษาเกาหลีว่าถึงแม้ รายการwgmได้จบไปแล้วแต่่ฉันก็ยังจะสนับสนุนยงซอต่อไปให้ยงฮวาอ่าน แล้วยงก็ยิ้มกลับมาให้ ตอนนั้นก็พูดกับยงว่า pls take care seohyun too ยงก็ยิ้มและตอบกลับมาว่า thank you. แล้วยงก็ยื่นมือมาให้จับ ยงยิ้มหน้าบานมาก พอออกมาจากงาน ดมมือที่ยงจับกลิ่นน้ำหอมยังติดออกมาด้วย มันหอมมากกก เราทำสำเร็จแล้ว Thai goguma อิอิ
Cr : Nong Thai Goguma >//////<

ป.ล. คำแปลข้อความแบบเต็มๆที่เขียนไว้บนป้ายที่ให้ยงดูค่ะ
"ถึง คุณจองยงฮวา คู่ยงซอทำให้ฉันรู้ซึ้งถึงความสุขจริงๆ แม้ว่ารายการเราแต่งงานกันจบแล้ว แต่!!! เราจะสนับสนุนคู่ยงซอเสมอ ยงซอช่วยส่องแสงตลอดไป จองยงฮวาเข้มแข็งนะ สู้ๆ"
"ถึงคุณจงฮยอน คุณจองชิน คุณมินฮยอก ฉันรักคุณมาก เพราะคุณคือครอบครัวของยงซอ คึคึ
เลิฟซีเอ็นบลู สู้ๆ"
Cr : Orange Woramon : PerfectSaturday with YongSeo The Sweet Potato Couple@Facebook

At Meet&Greet;Event, I was wearing a tag with korean message on it.
The message is "To JungYongHwa, YongSeo Couple has made me really realize to the word "happiness". Even though the WGM program ended, we'll always be supporting YongSeo. YongSeo..please keep shining forever. Be Strong, JungYongHwa. Fighting!!"
" To JongHyun, JungShin, MinHyuk.....I love you all so much because you're YongSeo's family as well. keke
LOVE CNBLUE Fighting!!!"

When Yong read, he responsed me with his smile. I also said to him "Please take care SeoHyun too." Yong smiled and replied "Thank You" He held out his hand to me while he broadly smiled so I shook hand with him. When I went out the event, I smelled my hand....his purfume sticked on it. It smelled so good. We did it, Thai GoGuMas. keke

Cr : Nong Thai Goguma >//////<
Eng Trans by Cheri Merci : PerfectSaturday with YongSeo The Sweet Potato Couple@Facebook

[FANCAM] 120225 BKK Blue Strom - CN Blue - Love
Cr : chinook54

[FANCAM] 120225 BKK Blue Strom - CNBlue : Love Light
Cr : chinook54

[Fancam] 120225 Love Light - BLUE STORM in BKK
Cr : StevieWookie

[Fancam] 120225 CNBLUE BKK - One Time
Cr : jankonization

[Fancam] 120225 CN BLUE live in BKK 1
Cr : jakkykosoo

120225 CN BLUE live in BKK 2
Cr : jakkykosoo

[Fancam] 120225 CNBLUE BKK - Yonghwa throwing guitar picks to fans
Cr : jakkykosoo

[Fancam] 120225 CNBLUE BKK - Jam Session
Cr : jankonization

[Fancam] 120225 CNBLUE BKK - Talk 2 The Next Song is Get Away
Cr : jankonization

HD | 120225 CNBlue - Ending @ Blue Storm in BKK
Cr : KoreanMusicTV2

[Fancam]120225 CNBLUE BLUE STORM IN BANGKOK: Introducing
Cr : lovelovelybee

02252012 BSinBangkok_ Bangkok is in my head
Cr : AppleRella 

[Fancam] CNBLUE Talk & In my head

Cr : rawipatra

Fancam 250212 CNBLUE Teech knocked mic : vvyloveCNBLUE

Cr : vvylovecnblue

250212 [Fancam] Blue Strom live in Bangkok :: In my head1

Cr : prame21

250212 [Fancam] Blue Strom live in Bangkok :: In my head2

Cr : prame21

250212 [Fancam] So Hottttttt!!!!!

Cr : prame21

250212 [Fancam] Blue strom live in Bangkok :: Let's go crazy1

Cr : prame21

250212 [Fancam] Blue strom live in Bangkok :: Let's go crazy2

Cr : prame21

250212 [Fancam] Blue strom live in Bangkok :: Now or never

Cr : prame21

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