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Saturday, June 16, 2012

120616 [Spazz] Seohyun Perfume

Cr Tweet: 

Yonghwa was known to used Marc Jacobs, DSQUARED2 perfume, known as masculine woody scent for contemporary men. [Refer to 100 Q&A of Yonghwa from You're beautiful official guide book #2]

And based from fans said he also using Terre d Hermes. [Refer to CNBLUE's Perfume]

Terre d Hermes :
The history of an alchemic journey through the elements: earth, air and water. A woody, vegetal and mineral eau de toilette. [Cr : Hermes Paris]

Fragrance Description:
Terre D'hermes Cologne by Hermes, This fantastic fragrance was created by hermes, in 2006. This amazing scent includes a mixture of cedar, grapefruit, orange, gunflint, silex, pepper, rose, geranium, and benzoin.
[Cr :]

Users review
opens with an intense radiance-- an ode to a relentless, blazing sun.
Oranges decompose, leaves sweat, and soil bakes at the height of our solar spectacle, urging us to find shade. Under the shelter of the nearest shrub, leaves lay crumpled on the compact earth and green sprigs tickle our faces. Air and earth latch onto the the last whips of superheated orange as the sun declines, leaving us with the memory of brilliant summer light. [Cr Info : basenotes]

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