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Sunday, June 17, 2012

120617 [Fan Acount] More detailed Fan Account of TaeTiSeo on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook

1. After Fany was finished with her Rolling in the Deep performance, nobody was coming up on stage to join her and she felt a little awkward kekekeke, so she sat on one of the chairs that the staff put out, and said, "This is Tiffany's Sketchbook >_<" It was so cute keke T__T
2. Taeyeon forgot to bring her mic with her while coming up on stage, so when saying "Hello, we are SNSD!", Taeng sat in the middle and shared the mic with Seohyun and Fany. keke. So Yoo Heeyeol politely got a mic for her himself haha
3. Seohyun had a heart sticker on her cheek kekeke. When she was asked why she had the sticker, she said because they were on Sketchbook, she would make her face a sketchbook! keke Fany added that because she used to put star stickers below her eye, Seohyun was being a leading trendsetter by putting the heart on her cheek keke

4. Taeyeon was introducing the song Take A Bow, and Yoo Heeyeol [YHY] suddenly said, "I like it~", so the girls burst out in laughter, keke. He said, even if Taeyeon were to do a tradition Korean narrative song, he would probably enjoy it, keke. When Seohyun said she sang Jack, he said it was his favourite song keke (YHY was really funny that day..)
5. When they were younger, Taengoo liked to sing and dance haha. Then Fany began praising Taeyeon, saying that she was born with a gift of singing. That part was aired, but what was edited out was Fany saying that  she was thankful to Taeyeon for popping out her high notes without going off-pitch during morning rehearsals of The Boys. keke
6. Seohyun said she was coincidentally seen and casted while on the subway when she was 12 years old. The woman who casted her kept following her on the subway, and even chased her down while walking up the stairs, and asked Seohyun to give her a call. When she was younger, she never really dreamed of being a singer, but she had a lot of interest in music because of the piano. When she was talking, Taeyeon asked, "Didn't you have long straight hair back then?" and Seohyun said, "Did... I?", and I don't think she remembered well kekekekeke
7. Fany said when she was 15 years old, she went to audition for a festival while in the States, and got casted for SM. She didn't make the auditions for the festival but instead got many business cards for entertainment companies. haha So of course, she chose to go with SM! (Then she talked about BoA). She said she lived in Diamond Bar near LA, and YHY said, "Oh, that famous bar~" kekekeke then the girls laughed again keke T__T
8. Fany said she thought she was good at Korean, but when she came to Korea, her Korean was poor, she couldn't express her self, and couldn't read well.. so she wondered if she shouldn't have come to Korea at all and regreted it. She was at the age where she needed protection/guidance, but she continued doing what she was doing because she thought that she couldn't give up when she came so far. kekeke In the end, she debuted as SNSD and she has no regrets at all for debuting in SNSD.
9. YHY said he saw Tiffany cry during documentary shows and stuff, and Taeyeon said right away, "You must follow and watch [SNSD] a whole lot.." and the audience burst out in laughter keke.
10. TTS was later asked, if they were to come out with a solo album, what kind of music they would make. Taeyeon said she wanted to do songs like ballads where she can just sit quietly and perform.. or jazz songs! She's sad because she loves listening to jazz, but doesn't have many opportunities to show that on stage T__T. Seohyun said she wanted to write her own songs and be a singer-songwriter, and also perform while playing guitar, hehe. Fany said she wanted to do everything, but she wanted to sing energetic songs with a fast beat because they suit her voice the most!
11. Their taste in music is similar, but also different. They were asked what kind of music do they listen to in the car as they're travelling, and they answered that they listen to their own music with earphones on, keke. As soon as they get in the car, they have their own earphones in. Taeyeon said, "Oh, that doesn't mean we're on bad terms!" keke, when they're in the car, they listen to their own music, but when they're in the waiting room, they're always talking to each other. Keke. YHY added that from watching TV shows, he could tell they sleep a lot when they're in the car. The girls answered that they only happened to be filming when they were sleeping.
12. One song that all three of them enjoy is Cater 2 U.
13. When Fany was explaining the song Cater 2 U, she said with a Korean pronounciation [Kay-tuh-too-you], and Taeyeon told her she can say it comfortably. Keke. So Fany said it properly in English, and Taeyeon added that Fany speaks English, but keeps saying things with a Korean pronounciation! keke
14. When they finished performing Cater 2 U, YHY said, "That was seriously so good, seriously. Their teamwork is like... Brazil's soccer team. (keke) Hit and pull back, hit and pull back." He was full of praises!
15. At the beginning of Cater 2 U, there's a part where it soudns like Fany is rapping, and YHY asked how she memorizes those lyrics. Taengoo said, "that's why we made Tiffany do it..." and Fany said that if the lyrics were in Korean, she wouldn't have done it. kekekeke. They said they only practiced Cater 2 U for four days.
16. Taeyeon said that recently, she likes to spend her free time driving! She said she got her drivers license T__T And Fany said, "She drives me around places kekekeke" When they were asked where they usually drive to, they answered that they only circle the neighbourhood once or twice keke Taeyeon's not good with directions so they can't go far.
17. What about Seohyun? Seohyeon answered, "I just walk." kekekekekekeke She likes walking around places T__T with a hat and mask on. She just walks around the streets a lot and enjoys going to the park or the Han River to walk. When he asked her what she does there, she said she likes having time to think and be by herself. Fany poked, "Books, she reads books." kekekeke. She said Seohyun often goes to the park to read books! YHY asked what kind of books she likes, and Fany poked again, "Self-improvement books". kekekeke Tiffany the unnie kept answering for Seohyun. kekeke
18. What does Tiffany do? Tiffany answered, "Mm.. I like getting myself taken care of [as in going to the spa, salon, etc] or searching for things for upcoming performances, going to watch other performances, getting involved with fashion... When we were resting and it was announced that us three would be a unit, I checked the plans ahead of time and looked into the styles [for clothes]..." Keke Fany is so cute.
19. What is a secret behind SNSD's great teamwork? It's important to have a lot of conversation. They have their 5-minute talks every day, but they've been busy recently, so they make sure to have it at least once a week! For birthdays, they sit around in a circle with candles~ keke. Candles help to create a mood where they can reveal more honest/sincere thoughts and feelings. They've cried before during their 5-minute talks, when the members felt apologetic toward each other and resolved the misunderstandings they had!
20. They asked if any of them try hard to get more camera time, or something along those lines. Sunny's name came up and Fany began imitating her kekeke
21. Who is the most brusque/blunt? "We're all pretty good/friendly on stage..." Then what about off-stage? The members pointed at Taeyeon at the same time, and Taeyeon said, "I guess... I guess it's me..", kekekeke. YHY praised Taeyeon by saying she was very laid back when she was a radio DJ, kekeke. Taeyeon said she just likes comfortable things! It shows in her fashion style - she likes comfortable and baggy/big clothing. They said that when Fany tries to dress her in pretty, girly clothes, Taeng looks in the mirror and says, "Why am I like this today...?" keke. When their stylist unnie tries to dress her in pretty clothes, Taeyeon says she feels like she can't dance properly T__T. Taeyeon added, "so if I look too much like a girl..."  KEKEKEKEKE Taeyeon, you ARE a girl...kekeke
22. When will SNSD come back to promote? "It's too early to name an exact date, but... eh... very soon..! keke" They said they'll appear very soon, so we should always be on our toes and wait! Keke, Fany said, "It seems like we're resting, right? But we're not. We're always preparing for something new +_+" kekekekeke
23. While they were introducing their next performance, Twinkle, Fany said, "Sunbae!" and called over YHY to give him a signed CD. YHY showed off his CD to the audience and almost died from happiness... o<-<
24. After Twinkle was over, we thought they were done, but it appeared that there was an audio problem with Taeng's Take a Bow performance, so she had to record it over again. Taeyeon did exercises to warm up her vocal chords, and ahah... her voice...
25. Out of nowhere, one fan yelled at Taeyeon, "I LOVE YOU". Taeyeon was scared and flustered kekekekeke
26. There's an MC that talks before the show starts, and while Taeng was on stage, that MC tried to hype up the audience by saying, "Everyone, Taeyeon is so beautiful, isn't she?" and Taeng turned around to say hello and bowed. The MC also greeted by saying, "Ah, yes, hello, nice to meet you," and when he met Taeyeon's eyes, said, "Ah..." and was mesmerized because she was so pretty. Taeng was flustered again kekekekeke
27. While singing Take A Bow, something must have been wrong, so Taeyeon stopped and said, "Sorry, I'll do it again". Those words, the mark of a professional... ahh.. so cool.
28. Then they did Seohyun and Fany's parts again and everything was finished! ^0^

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