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Thursday, June 21, 2012

120621 [News] Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun apologizes for accidentally bumping into Taeyeon on stage

On the June 20th episode of SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun apologized for accidentally bumping into leader Taeyeon with her elbow during their promotional activities as sub-unit Taetiseo.

Fans even made captures of the accident during one of Taetiseo’s live performances and photos of Taeyeon’s surprised look afterwards also became hot topic.

Seohyun responded, “My elbows are really long. I’m sorry for slightly bumping [Taeyeon] unni. My fans even gave me elbow pads as a gift. I will definitely use them,” evoking laughter with her hilarious apology.

Source + image: Newsen via Nate

Cr : allkpop 

Seohyun Saying Sorry with 'Aegyo' To Taeyeon Because Often Hit
21 June 2012by kidihae

Seoyeon make an apology with aegyo for Taeyeon because she's been hitting Taeyeon with her elbow.

TaeTiSeo present at the June 20th episode of SBS 'Entertainment Midnight' and they exchange questions and answers.

During an interview with Seohyun she said that she often hit Taeyeon with her elbow when they do a promotion as a sub unit TaeTiSeo and displays the song 'Twinkle'. Seohyun then dodge (jokingly) to argue, " Who? I've never done ", and she laughed.

Seohyun continued , "my elbow is really sharp, so I'm very sorry that I had hit her. That's why the fans bought me an elbow pad. I will always wear it ", and she then showed aegyo smile that makes Taeyeon and Tiffany laughed.

At the show, as a member Seohyun Taeyeon choose which features fashion's best airport.

Taeyeon said, "Seohyun try different things to fashion the airport. Even the clothes that she dared to wear with confidence and that's why I chose it as a member with the best airport fashion. "

Source: Kpopfever

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