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Thursday, June 21, 2012

120621 [Trans/Photo] Seohyun : Translation From Elle Girl Korea

[TRANS] Seohyun's Elle Girl interview (+intro paragraph)--

It's a photoshoot set that takes place every month, but the air is different today. This is because it is the first day 'Elle Girl' Korea will have their first Korean star on the cover. That special guest is Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. With their lucid name, 'TaeTiSeo', they have been showing off their singing skills, and have graced the cover of 'Elle Girl' as their last activity as a unit. Like a Saturday afternoon, the three looked bright and beautiful walking into the studio. Tiffany wore a flashy, patterned jump suit, while Taeyeon matched a boxy, white shirt with black shorts, and Seohyun wore a feminine, flower pattern one piece. Their different outfits seemed to hint at their own personalities. After greeting everyone like a friend they met the day before, they began moving to their own rhythm. With her practiced hand, Taeyeon looked into the mirror to apply her base makeup herself, and like the fashion lover she is, Tiffany carefully checked the day's outfits and didn't forget to deliver an affectionate greeting to the photographer, Cho Sunhee. As if she's used to yielding the order to get her hair and makeup done to her older members, Seohyun sat off to one side with her headphones on, and quietly hummed along to her music. It was nice seeing their usual actions, not minding the surrounding attention. After an hour passed, they were finished getting ready, and it was time for the girls to transform into pros. Taeyeon, who was like a cheerful, girl with a makeup-less face, showed off a mature appeal wearing short shorts and red lipstick. Seohyun showed off her slim legs, and, unlike her shy demeanor from when they debuted, she winked as if responding to the camera. After completing the solo shots, the three members stood in a line, smiling playfully for the cover shot. It looked natural the way they leaned against one anothers shoulders and placed their hands on the others' waists. The time they spent under the name Girls' Generation. Like the sparkle of a gem, the wisdom and accomplishments they've gained thus far made the girls shine. While the staff was in awe over the three girls' great smiles, Tiffany didn't look all that satisfied. "I don't like my hair, could we go again after I change it?" There wasn't anyone who could talk her out of her loveable greed, as she was the one who was most enthusiastic about the shoot. We've spent well over 6 hours with TaeTiSeo, but we couldn't find anything to envy or hate about the girls. Even during the interview, the three came together and talked about their heart fluttering dreams and bigger goals they wish to reach in the future. Their heartbeats increase just thinking about their future. How much farther are these girls going to reach out?

Q: I think other Girls' Generation members would have liked and gotten jealous of TTS's performances. Which member monitored your performances the most?
SEOHYUN: Everyone liked and cheered us on, but Sooyoung unnie and Yoona unnie were our biggest fans.

Q: If you compare your young appearance, you've been looking a lot more confident lately. Have you felt these changes?
SEOHYUN: Yes. Whenever I stood on stage or monitored [performances], I tried to find my flaws and work to supplement them. But lately, I've found myself just enjoying the moments I stand on stage. I'm also amazed at this side of myself.

Q: On stage, at times you're innocent, sexy other times, and transform into a bad girl as well. What do you do to pull these various charms out?
SEOHYUN: I look in the mirror, and, as if I'm hypnotizing myself, I give myself confidence, and do image training while listening to music. I also learn by watching other peoples music videos.

Q: Do you really set your alarm and get up and read every morning? Do you really feel a good influence or change when you read books?
SEOHYUN: I can't do that every day. But it is true that I read in order to live my ideal life, and to find my own peace. I've been reading a book called 'Niche's Words' (Words of Niche? idk). --> alter "Nietzsche's words"

Q: You've met Secretary-General Ban Kimoon. Who is the next celebrity you want to meet? What would you want to ask if you were to meet him/her?
SEOHYUN: Beyonce. She's my role model as a singer. I want to see and learn everything from one to ten, how she practices, and what she does to dominate the stage. If possible, I want to receive vocals lessons from her, too!

Q: The flower-print one piece and oxford shoes you wore to the shoot today suit you well.
SEOHYUN: Thank you! But they were all inexpensive items. The one piece was around 30,000 won, and the shoes were from Forever 21. (Q: Do you usually enjoy shopping resonably?) I don't really care for the brand. I purchase items that express and suit me well, and buy items that aren't very expensive.

Q: Earlier, while looking at pictures with Tiffany, you said, "I'm jealous of the charms you have, unnie." In detail, what are you jealous of? Also, what is a charm you wish to have that another Girls' Generation member has?
SEOHYUN: Her plain, loveable charms! Taeyeon unnie's witty personality, and Hyoyeon unnie's humor are traits I want to have.

Q: I feel like you would always have good posture and mind control. Is there anything that you became a holic to beyond your own control?
SEOHYUN: Hm... A workaholic. There was a time where I only thought about work and neglected everything else. I think I turned my cell phone off and just focused on work.

Q: Was there a time where you were surprised after seeing a picture or broadcast with Girls' Generation in an unexpected place?
SEOHYUN: When I saw our music video playing in Times Square in New York. I was really surprised and was like a dream come true. (laughs)

Q: Girls' Generation has been receiving international love. As a Girls' Generation member, how would you describe this love in an adjective?
SEOHYUN: The love from our fans is 'cozy' and 'unconditional'. If a single person was truly on my side in this lifetime, I think that life was a successful one. And so I think we are living a very lucky life.

Q: You're the youngest one in your team, but there are a lot of idol juniors that are younger than you. Honestly, which is harder, playing the youngest [in the group] or senior?
SEOHYUN: There are things that make it difficult being the youngest member and an unnie. I've been thinking that I have to show a good appearance to juniors as a senior lately.

Q: What was the most beautiful memory you have before you entered your 20s?
SEOHYUN: My trainee days. I think the most beautiful memory is the time I spent with my unnies, sweating and working towards reaching the same dream every day.

Q: What do you think is your most 'girly' side that you still maintain?
SEOHYUN: The sensibility to be able to laugh while listening to music. It's something I want to keep/maintain in the future.

Q: Right at this moment, I want to know a thought that makes you happiest.
SEOHYUN: The thought of reaching the goals I've set, one by one.


Cr Translation : j.cho (@)
Cr Photo : Press, Deselim

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