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Monday, June 25, 2012

120625[Photostory] Yong Choding's show time exclusive for Gogumas

Yong: If I can not talk openly I love Gogumas and Hyun like when I was in WGM, I should put some good actions to show off my love, kaka. Hyun you gonna be so proud of me

Yong's action in 2012

Pink towel in Cnblue Concert, that must be gogumas. Must show off now

  I shouldnt smile too wide, calm down calm down, Yong Hwa not too obvious, ah my 
cheekbones are traitors

 Wow, why so many gogumas here, should give another hint. kekek

Gogumas, you see what I am doing, right? I put the towel around my microphone^^. See my hint, gogumas. You know how I love microphone when I am singing, right:-). Gogumas, you are my love, too

I should use gogumas's gift on my birthday as well. Wow, Gogumas are better than my stylist, why I look so cool with gogumas' gift.

I hear something flying...
OMG, Tamama - Gogumas must be here again

Yeah, from gogumas, and even messages for me and for HYun, Gogumas are so jang

Show time again, Gogumas
Im shoter than the boys, have to put Tamama higher^^ for Gogumas to see

Tamama in the pocket is like Hyun in the pocket. kekek I want to take Hyun everywhere in my pocket. Wow genius idea from me again to show. So sure I gonna have so many kisses from Hyun tonight

Tamama, I did well right? Now I have to tell Hyun to receive my awards. Dont worry, Tamama, you gonna be with Keroro soon at Hyun's Dorm. Dont look at me like that, Tamama. You make me miss Hyun like crazy

Talking with Tamama is like talking with Hyun ^^, cant wait to see my Hyun again

Hyun ah, are you happy with my actions to our Gogumas? Im waiting at backstage for my awards, Hyuun. 

Credit: The owners of the photos and thank you
@Allaine: Your request is fulfilled ^^


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    1. kekek, yes what is a better name, hahahah

    2. Hee..cute. You really have talent as a fanfic writer YHF..Go! XD