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Friday, June 29, 2012

120628[Photostory] It started with a game.....

We entered to our game with excited hearts, not because of love but because we had a chance to be on TV to get more fame and money. Just like the kids who are excited playing the game of bride and groom  to be able to wear nice dresses or simply to get some claps from people around. 

Yes, that was our first intention, lets just play a game together like those kids ^^

Till the day my heart skipped a beat when I saw your eyes sparkling

..... and my heart fluttered because of your warm gaze at me...

We enjoyed our game with all our hearts....

But those butterfly feeling tingle inside us everytime we were together

We put all our feeling in the birthday gifts we prepared for each other but ended getting hurt when we didnt receive a wish from each other on our own birthday. "Was it just a game for you?" we both wondered. 

We went on with the game to film our double birthday on 29th june 2010 It was just a game but why we both couldnt hide our disappointment and we had our very first fight 

But my heart went dugeun dugeun when you hold my wrist and guided me to where you hide the present for me

The disappointment just went all away the moment I read your birthday card and knew your present for me. I couldnt hide my happiness while suddenly you became a shy boy ^^

We work, we sang together at goguma field ^^and the first time in my life  I had the kind of happiness I never felt before

And we couldnt hide our shyness with some around the bush confession we did

You gave me another surprise, blutterfly necklaces for me & my mum. And when you put it on me  in the middle of our goguma  field...I felt like flying...

We spent our days in the countryside like  happy kids. and Yong my gifts waiting for you....

I felt happy because you loved your presents, your smile was so bright but still I wondered "will you also have something for me or it is just onesided love? I tried my best to hide my sadness....

But then you made me wordless when you sang my confession song for you..

Your eyes sparkled at that night were so much more bright and beautiful than the stars on the sky. I was flying flying.....

You made our journey photobook for me with all blue and pink colour for CNBLUE & SNSD. 

You confessed your love for me with a ring in a heart shape envelope, again I flying, floating....

The moment you put the ring on my 4th finger
and I put on yours
I knew you and I belong to each other

When my hand touched yours, electricity creeping the whole my body....exploded feeling....warm...
you are the one, Hyun

When my hand in yours,my body...warm, tingling, my heart... dugeun dugeun
 you are the one, Yong

 29th june 2010  is the day we knew there was no formula for love, unromatic moments could  turn out sweetest things ever. There no need of fancy restaurant, sexy nice dresses or delicous food to make a night to remember. We,Yong and Hyun wherever we are if our hearts still beat for each other, everyday will be a memory day

And this day our game stopped and our love story began....

And we together waiting for our own wedding day when we can put our rings on our 4th fingers with our very own way, choding way.....


Credit: to the owners of the photos and really thank you ^^
Storywriter: YongHyunForever


  1. "And this day our game stopped and our love story began...."

    Omg.. i love these words! gomawoyo unnie..for making this photostory :)

  2. Ahhh, this is too much adorableness :)