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Monday, July 30, 2012

120730 [Article] CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa: K-Pop Idol Marvel

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First of all, I have to say for the record that I am not a card carrying Boice (CNBLUE fan). I like CNBLUE but I don't love love love them (Got the pun?) Still, there is much to be said about CNBLUE's leader Jung Yong Hwa. Objectively speaking, I believe he is an example of a "K-Pop Idol Marvel". Here are some of the reasons why this young man is a hot property in K-Pop land.

Good Looks

Just looking at photos of Jung Yong Hwa and hearts of girls (and women!) go aflutter. Those familiar with the definition of beauty using "The Golden Ratio" or "The Phi" would be interested to know that a doctor actually declared that Jung Yong Hwa has superior genes. His face defined by a sharp jaw line and proportional features was analyzed and found to characterize "The Golden Ratio".

His good looks may not be totally "natural" as Jung Yong Hwa has been known to take oral medication to maintain his skin. His uneven teeth seem to add to his charm. These days, Jung Yong Hwa is working on his physique as well. The idol has surprised his fans with flashes (or more) of his muscular arms. Aside from his face and physique, the sophisticated styling and modern fashions of CNBLUE continue to escalate the rates of Boice's hearts.


Jung Yong Hwa is a respected artist not just by his colleagues but also his seniors. Fans who watch behind-the-scenes videos featuring CNBLUE readily observe the genuine bond of the boys. As the band's leader, Jung Yong Hwa may be credited for this close relationship. One distinct incident that describes Jung Yong Hwa's leadership was when he went to talk to the President of FNC (CNBLUE's management) about the possibility of using their own composition as the title track of their last mini album "Ear Fun". Although he did not succeed (jokingly due to a juicy steak dinner), the fact that he was brave enough to stand up for his band mates shows his leadership and commitment to the group. Even the president of FNC expressed that he never had a hard time with CNBLUE because Jung Yong Hwa runs a tight ship!

Musical Talent 

Jung Yong Hwa is considered a musical genius. Aside from his undeniable talent as a singer, the idol also plays guitar and is an accomplished songwriter. Jung Yong Hwa can even write songs in three languages—English, Korean and Japanese. He recently wrote a song for rising star Juniel and has contributed to the soundtracks of the dramas "Heartstrings" and "You're Beautiful". Jung Yong Hwa also plays other instruments including some clarinet, piano and drums.

Personal Background

In terms of his personal background, Jung Yong Hwa comes from a highly respected family who resides in Busan, South Korea. His refined gentlemanly manner was highlighted during his stint as Girls' Generation's Seohyun's "husband" in the reality television show "We Got Married". It was also through this show where fans got to meet and see the close relationship he has with his mother. If his talent and looks don't make him ideal "son-in-law" material, the fact that he still studies in university despite his success may just end any discussion stating otherwise.

With his almost stellar credentials, it is not difficult to say that CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa is a "K-Pop Idol Marvel". Is there anything wrong with this guy?!

Catherine Deen blogs for Yahoo! Philippines OMG! She lives, eats and breathes Korean music, cuisine, telenovelas and pop culture. Follow her on Twitter @cathsdeen.

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