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Thursday, August 2, 2012

120802 [News] 5,000 fans come out to CNBLUE’s signing in Japan + “Come On” ranks #4 on Oricon

With the release of their 3rd Japanese single, “Come On“, CNBLUE met with 5,000 of their Japanese fans on August 1st.

CNBLUE attended a signing event at a shopping mall in Japan to commemorate their new release. Despite the fact that members Minhyuk and Jonghyun were absent due to the filming of their respective dramas, thousands of fans still gathered to meet with the other two members.

Yonghwa and Jungshin stated, “We are thankful that all of you came to see us even though it is very hot,” expressing their gratitude for the support fans have been showing for their new single.

CNBLUE will also release their first full Japanese album on August 29th titled ‘Code Name Blue.’ Out of the 13 tracks listed, it has been revealed that nine of them have been written and composed by Yonghwa, drawing much interest from fans.

The group will also be holding a concert tour in Japan starting from October 2nd to the 21st, playing across 6 cities for a total of nine shows.

In related news, the group has also ranked #4 on the Oricon daily chart with the release of “Come On”.

Source + Photo: Sports Korea via Nate, Osen

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