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Monday, July 30, 2012

120730 [Style] Seohyun : Nylon Korean August 2012

As you can see, YSI already have our own stylist... Woot woot.... Check this post...
This already been posts atYSI new 'home' here, with complete suggestions from our stylist.

YSI STYLES - COORDI CHINGU (Seohyun – Nylon Korea, August 2012)

Wanna try this style???
Check this out:

  1. Doki Doki Babydoll Shirt $19.50 – For that cutesy, very girly look Death Cheaters Contrast Shirt in Beige $32 – This is another option if you don’t want too much “cute” and prefer a more graphic shirt.
  2. Retro Striped Shorts, Forever 21 $14.90
  3. Super Skinny Waist Belt, Asos  $9.94
  4. Merona Zabrina Dot Rain Boots, Target  $29.99
  5. Studded Bangle, Forever 21 $5.80 , Glitter & Mirrors Bangle, Forever 21 $1.80 You can try putting on more bangles depending on what is comfortable to you. To some, the more, the colorful, the better.
  1. Valucap Econ Hat,, $2.70 , Snap Clips, Etsy, $2 , Cartoon Hair Clip, Etsy, $0.99 – It doesn’t matter if you have a very old plain black baseball cap. If you don’t have one, just find the cheapest one in a store. The clips are just an example of how to style your cap. You can even use ribbons, patches, button pins, extra sequins or buttons… Personalize it and get creative.
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