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Sunday, August 26, 2012

120826 [Q&A/TRANS] CNBLUE Mobile Q&A

1. Which dish can you cook well?

JS: Boil instant noodles

JH: Kimchi Fried Rice

YH: Fried Rice (?) (pukkumpap)

MH: I don’t cook

2. If you can travel through time to the past or the future, which would you choose?

JS: I want to see my own future.

JH: Go back to the past, I want to make music from my childhood.

YH: I want to go back to Busan.

MH: I want to go back to the time I was born. I would like to live a new life.

3. What specific thing that you have to do certainly before a live (performance)?

JS: Go to the bathroom. Wash my hands. Have a meal.

JH: Get a little sleep.

YH: Go to the bathroom.

MH: Certainly I have to go to the bathroom. Eat some carbohydrates.

4. The first time you went to Japan, was there anything that surprised you?

JS: Shop which had bulkhead

JH: Low buildings

YH: They always say “seumimaseng” (which means sorry, thanks or asking help from others)

MH: Because the airport's wall is all white, I thought it was a hospital

5. If you see a meteor shower, what would you wish for?

JS: CNBLUE's success.

JH: that we can continue having music activities for a long time.

YH: that CNBLUE can go far (in their career)

MH: that CNBLUE and my family are always happy

Translated by: Jennie@CNBLUE4U
Edited by: Azure@CNBLUE4U
Via: @mi_malice

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