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Sunday, September 9, 2012

120909 [Video] SNSD TALK (AT YAKULT LOOK CONCERT (120901) - Eng Subs

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Vid with transcript

Next question... "There is a part of another SNSD member's body that i am jealous of"
Tiffany: Body portions.
MC: That word sounds like we're talking about pork. Like "lower portion".
*Everybody says YES*
MC: Jessica, it seems like you don't have to be jealous but what are you jealous of?
Jessica: For me...Sooyoung's legs.
MC: Is it true that your company has your legs ensured Sooyoung?
Sooyoung: I don't think so.
MC: Okay so it's not. You must like it Sooyoung that Jessica's jealous.
Sooyoung: Yes but it's my complex. :(
MC: Let's hear this.
Audience: Yeah right!!
Sooyoung: I don't think just because it's long that it's pretty. When I dance, it has to be pretty but the legs I want is Hyoyeon or Yuri's...
*Hyoyeon and Yuri look down on the floor and frown*
MC: Hyoyeon's expression right now...
Sooyoung: For me, I like bits and pieces of each member.
Tiffany: If you put it together I think a perfect woman can be made.
Yuri: Pick a part on each member.
Sooyoung: For Yuri...her face...NO her neck
MC: Her neck! Yuri, please show us your neck. Stick it out for us.
Sooyoung: Hyoyeon's shoulders! NO! Her hips! And then Yoona's face. And Taeyeon's....butt.
MC: Her butt?! OMG! Please turn around for us Taeyeon.
*Taeyeon turns around*
MC: Please not too much.
Sooyoung: Sunny's..hmm... HER LIPS!!!! So let's take Yoona's face...delete her lips. And then Seohyun's arm line... her feminine aura. that feeling. the concern for her body
*Tiffany and Jessica whispers to Soo*
MC: there appears to be some help coming
Tiffany: Her ankles. I think Seohyun's ankles
Sooyoung: Tiffany's thighs!
Tiffany; How do I show off my thighs?
Sooyoung: From Tiffany's hip to her thighs. And then from her thighs, use the rest of my legs. The part of my leg is sort of long
*Tiffany rubs her legs on Sooyoung to make the creation of Tiff's thighs and Soo's bottom leg*
Yuri: But the colors are different
Sunny: This is becoming like Frankenstein
Sooyoung: And then Jessica's...
Hyoyeon: Her hair
Sooyoung: Jessica' *Sooyoung uses her arm to draw a circle around Jessica's boobs*
MC: so her upper frame
Tiffany; Her upper body is so pretty
MC: Someone is making this on the internet somewhere.
Sunny: Please make sure the skin color is all the same
MC: Yes pleaes match the skin color. Ok now, is there a diet secret to your body?
Yuri: What could there be other than drinking LOOK every day.
Tiffany: But really, in the morning we always drink it and then sometimes in the night.
MC: Be honest, are there members that steal them and drink them?
Tiffany: There are members who eat it more.
Hyoyeon: Not just us but our parents
Jessica: Yes, thankfully, they delivered it to our dorm and our parents' houses.
Tiffany: LOOK, thank you~~
MC: I'm sure the executives of LOOK are out there somewhere but...
Jessica: They're right there
MC: Now 2 more questions. "Out of all the members, I am the best at something." Does someone want to speak? Oh, Tiffany?
Tiffany: Yes.. my voice is the loudest. I did a musical here and I didn't even need a microphone.
MC: Then without using a microphone right now, can you sing a song you performed at the musical? Some conversation.
Tiffany: Please send us lots of love! *without microphone*
[CREDIT: @thatssosoo]

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