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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

120911 [Photo/Fan Account] CNBLUE : Code Name Blue Photo Update

Fan Account

[1st time] 15:30-16:40
[live set list]
1.with me
2.Have a good night
3.No more
4.Wake up
5.Time is over

Boys appeared with rough style clothes.

Almost all songs played first time today but they played very well.
I noticed again that boys tries various playing styles and technics in this album.

YH used red stratocaster, JH green PRS only.

JH in navy&white border T-shirt and short hair, looks so young.
Besides with guitar, looks like a general Japanese rock bandsmen.

JS sang “with me” 2nd chorus part.

MH&JH made eye contact often while playing.
Both were smiling, it’s heart warming scene.

“Have a good night”
YH : Put your hands up!
YH made some hand gestures frequently.

YH&all: Konnichiwa, CNBLUE desu.
JS: genki desuka?(Are you fine?)
YH: Today is Monday.
JS: Don’t you have work everyone?
YH: We also won’t work today. “yasumi”(rest/holiday)
JS: “yaranai”(don’t do it)

(Today 4boys were into their hair&make stylist’s imitation.
Wave hand in front of their face&says “yaranai”(don’t do it) “muri”(impossible) very often.)

JH: This (pointed floor of stage) is not “shigoto”(work) for us.
It’s “shumi”(hobby).

He looked so happy on the stage.

“wake up” was one of a highlight of today’s stage.
JH amazing guitar solo > JS bold chopper play (beat a bass string by thumb), and then
JH incited us,
“more fun, more excited, motto motto!!(more more!!) junbi wa iissuka? (are u ready?)”
really manly rockish cool bandsman.
YH called “wake up, wake-up” and we followed “wake up, wake-up” call and response perfectly.
We both boys and audience so excited.
(I guess they learnt many things from VAMPS live performance at a-nation)

Before “Time is over”,
YH: Next is the last song.
Please come to arena tour.
JH sang “these days” a little a cappella.
JH: Rest part please listen at arena tour.
MH: (to JH) oniisan! JH oniisan! I like “these days” the best in this album.
(Today MH praised JH well. I don’t know why, but suddenly MH said so clearly, desperately.)
YH: What about my songs..?(sulk)
JH: Oh MH has good ears.

“Time is over” YH seemed painfully a little singing in high pitch part.
JH sang solo part with grabbing mic stand by right hand, it’s so sexy.

MH&JS skill grew up I felt.
I feel heavenly while listening to their heavy low sound.

JH singing with closing his eyes, and overwhelming guitar solo mesmerized me, but finally i couldn’t find his sweat (mystery!).
I was even mesmerized by JS smooth finger moving (especially at Time is over),
MH exact tight drumming as well.
CNB new songs are more attractive at live, than CD.

JBandsmen often says “songs grows up through playing at live”
CNB songs also same, so i’m looking forward arena tour really.

[talk time]

MC was Ken Ayugai same as IMH&WYA release event.
Ken-san&boys have a good relationship so these event always fun.

Boys appeared at stage again, and then introduced themselves.

Q : How do you keep your health condition?

JS: oishii mono ippai tabemasu (eat delicious food a lot).
Japanese food, still choose Gyudon. We ate Gyudon today morning too.

JH: morning, still Gyudon is the best. Gyudon and miso soup!
(his this words really like a Japanese guy)

MH: I tried to another menu, but I couldn’t.

JH: Go to gym. and training. We everyone go there, especially YH oniisan.

YH show off his arm muscle.

YH: I trained for today alone. From today, I’ll eat a lot.

JS: usotsuki~(You’re lier)

YH: zutto nemasu (I sleep long time). Sleeping is important for me.

JH: I know. Sometimes I go to see YH oniisan’s room while he’s sleeping.

MC: Go to see his room? Even while sleeping?!

JH: Yes. “what’s oniisan doing?”
Then, I think, “shinjatta kana~?!”(Did he dead?!) (laugh)
Oniisan sleeps like dying, even 16hours.

YH: I sleep at morning. Need long sleep.

MH: Me too, sleeping long.

JS: MH, omoshiroku nai (not interesting answer).

JH: (to JS) Kora! (Scolded JS)

MC: ..You’re sleeping band.

JH: Not me, not so many sleep.

MH: But JH oniisan.. anywhere..

JH: Ah yes, dokodemo neremasu (I can sleep at anywhere).

MC: It’s great ability (laugh).

Q: What do you want to do 10years after?

YH: Billboard chart no.5.MC: No.5? not no.1?

YH: No.1 will be 13years after,10years, still no.5.

JH: Oniisan is blood typeA, so..oh, what should I say? I don’t know the word.
(JH said in Kor, but any member couldn’t reply. some audience translated it)
ah. kichomen (precise).

YH: 10years after, still no.5. 12years, no.2. Finally 13years, no.1.
(To MC) At that day, please do MC again for billboard chart no.1 album release event.

JH: I think it is better if we could stay the way we are, even 10years or 20years after.
With these member, with everyone. Even, with ken san(MC).
(JS and JH did high five&handshake)

JS: Same as JH oniisan.

MH: Same as JH oniisan too, besides, I hope all of us have got married at that time.
(audience booing, boys confusing)..

YH: Do you wanna get married?

MH: Yes, I wanna get married…but, no partner..

YH: No no, we won’t get married yet.

JH: I think we can’t get married.

Q: What artist are you interest these days?

JS: Hyde san. We played with him at a-nation recently. He’s cool.
(JS called VAMPS san as “pumps”, MC and other members pointed and laughed)

JH: I have many favorite Japanese bands.. I wanna play with them.
ONE OK ROCK, flumpool and RADWIMPS etc..

YH: I’m into Bruno Mars recently. He is under same label, warner.

MH: I like Taylor Swift.

YH: kekkon shitai?(Do you wanna marry her?)
(JH wanna say same thing at the same time)

MH: I can’t speak English..

MC: Congratulation for Oricon weekly chart no.1!
What feelings contained this title “CODE NAME BLUE”?

JS: By this album, we wanna introduce our music and ourselves.

YH: This album has various genre, style songs.
R&B, dance music, hard rock and more.
(YH’s Japanese was halting a little, so JH took over his words)

JH: At first we talked together about this album, we should be back to first, and then, we are still young, so we wanna try various style music.
There are many genre music in the world, we are try all of them.
This album is like an iPad.
Like various musician’s song are played randomly.

MH: And then, I like “these days” the best.

JH&MH did handshake and hug.

YH: (to MH) You’re an actor!
(YH made dissatisfied face)

JH: This is acting (laugh).

MC: (to YH) daijoubu desuka? (Are you okay?)

YH: daijoubu ja naidesu (No, I’m not fine)

MH was less talkative today but he insisted he likes “these days” very often and clearly.

MC: What’s the concept of “Time is over” MV?

YH: Our previous MV was after finished making song, but in this MV we shows our precess of song making.

JH: It is our natural face.

MC: What characteristics has this album?

MH: Still “These days”..

YH: (to MH) I made even 10songs.

MH: I know. but this time..(mumbling)

YH: (to MH) Now you’re an actor, not CNBLUE!
(YH was in sulk perfectly) lol

MC: Please stop. All songs are cool, right?

MC: How about October arena tour?

JS: Doki doki shitemasu(heart beating). I’m so nervous.

JH: JS also started drama filming.

YH: Now JS is also an actor.

JS: No, now I am a bassist!

YH: Next time I’ll make an album all alone.

JH: Always I’m thinking, we wanna stay the way we are,
I wanna make joyful live with everyone.
Joyful live is the best, I think. So let’s make joyful live.

YH: I’m looking forward to play at Shizuoka and Hiroshima.
Because it’s the first time we play at there.

MH: I’ll practice a lot, so please lookin forward to seeing us.

[present time]

Poster with individual autograph were presented by lottery.
Boys casted lots in a box, read seat number.

MH: Thank you for coming such a lot of people today.
We will play rest new songs at arena tour, so please looking forward.

YH: Thank you for coming such today. Happy time flies so fast.
..(YH seemed couldn’t make words in Japanese, kept silent with grabbing mic)…

(MH beaten YH’s mic)

JH: Mic broken? (laugh)

YH: More, still, CNBLUE will work harder, so please come to join arena tour if you have time.

JH: hai, bokutachi mo minasan mo, otagai otsukaresama deshita
(Both we and everyone cheers for hard work today) (laugh).
I wanna say, even though you don’t have time, come to arena tour (laugh).
Please make your time to come to arena tour.

JS: I sang “with me” today, how did you feel?
Let’s make happy live at arena tour, same as today.

120910 'CODE NAME BLUE' release event - With me

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