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Sunday, September 9, 2012

120909 [Video/Fan Account] TTS : Music Core MC's Cuts (120908)

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Fan Account 
Cr translation by  ch0sshi 

[TRANS] 120908 TTS MUCORE FANACCOUNT (@/_becloud_)

1. I entered the studio, but it seemed like rehearsals were over because TTS wasn't there. After a long time after the fans went in, TTS came out when the live broadcast was about to start.
2. The girls came out a little early because the writer unnie said they had to check the lighting and called them out. Tiffany and Seohyun first came out and stood where the MCs stand. A little while after, Taeyeon came out, and it seemed she wasn't fully ready. She whined to the coordi unnie, saying she couldn't put on her rouge/lipstick. Then, because they had to check the lighting, she went to the MC section.
3. But the staff was busy all over the place, and they weren't doing with the girls standing there. So the coordi unnie started fixing the girls' makeup, hair, and outfit. But if they do that there, they'll be stopped so they can fix the light, then it would already be time for the live broadcast to start, and things would get hectic. So Taeyeon went, “Ae-it!” (just a sound effect), and came down to go and get the rest of her makeup done. Tiffany called the staff over and asked, “Don't we have to check the lighting?” So Tiffany and Seohyun got the lighting fixed while Taeyeon came down and got her lipstick on.
4. Tiffany and Seohyun came into the studio with time to spare, greeting the fans. But Taeyeon came late and quickly greeted fans while running in. So she could greet fans everywhere, she bowed down and spun left and right while staying in that position. Like how Hyoyeon did before.
5. Taeyeon always sits down or goes into a corner to get her makeup fixed, and while she was sitting, getting her lipstick applied, the writer unnie suddenly told her 'let's go and rehearse'. She stayed, squatting down, and hopped like a bunny over there [to rehearse].
6. After the lighting was checked and makeup was done, they rehearsed the first lines with the writer unnie, and even that was rushed.
7. After they were done, they came in and greeted the fans again. They must have felt sorry about their hurried their greetings.
8. Taeyeon turned and looked where the fans were sitting, and looked at fans who were at the left, too, and said, “A lot of people came today.” A lot of people really did come today, and even more came in because there weren't a lot of other fans. Taeyeon said that a lot of people came, saying that the people all the way in the back are also “our fans.” And then she started counting them. Something must have been funny while she was counting because she started laughing and just stopped.
9. While Seohyun and Tiffany were monitoring, their manager filmed them, not with an iPad, but a camera today. Seohyun asked for the camera to monitor it, but, as soon as she turned it on, it was in recording mode so Tiffany's face was shot. Seohyun was saying it was funny, that Tiffany's face comes on the camera.
10. Taeyeon kept staring at the fans, waving her hands and laughing, but she must have felt the fans were too quiet. She asked if they didn't have anything to ask her, anything they're curious about to ask her. When there was no response, she pouted saying, “I guess not.”
11. Taeyeon ended up asking, “Did you watch our new music video?” first. But because the fans didn't seem to understand 'new music video' (thinking it's something else), she changed her words to 'Japanese music video'. Saying, “All My Love is For You!” When they said they did, she asked, “How is it?” When they said 'it's the best', she nodded and said, “We filmed that in March. It's been a while since we shot it.”
12. When 'Different Different' came on, Seohyun and Tiffany, who were sitting, suddenly got up and started following the dance. Then they started laughing amongst themselves. Taeyeon looked at them, then the stage, and said the dance is similar to their own. She started doing the dance and said that it's similar to 'Run Devil Run'.
13. Even while waiting to do their lines, the three were doing the dance for 'Different Different', playing around. While dancing and laughing, Taeyeon started laughing again while doing the lines.
14. Because Taeyeon asked if fans had anything to ask, a fan asked if they weren't doing rehearsals, and they said they did already. They said they were done in 20 minutes so they went in and came out again. They even told the times.
15. I couldn't hear the question, but Taeyeon talked a little about the Japan tour. That they aren't sure because of the Japan tour next year. And that they have a concert on Sooyoung's birthday, too. She said, “After the tour ends?”, but said she's not sure. ***It was said the question was when they're having a Korea concert. Taeyeon said, “Should we have it..... After the Japan tour? Should we?” It seems they talked about birthdays while explaining about the Japan tour.
16. When someone asked if they're going to take photos, Taeyeon said, “Later.” Then she informed another side of the audience that she's going to take pictures later.
17. While watching the monitor, Tiffany suddenly got up while watching another singer's performance and started doing the dance and all three burst out laughing. Tiffany pointed at the monitor, explaining that's the dance she was doing, but I'm not sure if it came on again or not.
18. When 'Solo' was being performed, Taeyeon raised her hand and yelled out 'Solo!' to the fans. Saying, “Those who are solo!”. Asking single fans to raise their hands. She started going 'oh oh-', and started laughing when more people started raising their hands. At first, she said she's also single with a sad face, pointing at a fan and asking, “Single?” with a compassionate face. But she ended up laughing, saying, “Then again, you're probably here today because you don't have anyone to meet.”
19. When 'Ottogi' came on, Seohyun and Tiffany played around, dancing along again. Then, when they stood to do their lines, they started dancing again.
20. The part whit the phone line stuck in her belt, while Tiffany and Taeyeon were dancing to Ottogi, Seohyun didn't pay attention and held the phone on her ear while on stand-by. Taeyeon was laughing already early on.
21. The part where Taeyeon got really surprised. After they were done with their lines, Seohyun reenacted it and laughed.
22. The part where they pointed their fingers during the 'Don't live like that!' line was rehearsed. After Tiffany and Seohyun decided to do it one way, Seohyun called Taeyeon over and told her they should do that during that part. Taeyeon nodded in agreement.
23. Taeyeon worded out 'O-S-T', and said 'thank you'. She said thank you for listening to it so much, and asked if the song is nice. When they said it's good and the best, she laughed saying she also downloaded it. Then she said to listen to it a lot.
24. While talking about the OST, Taeyeon suddenly said, “Oh, that's right!” and said there's going to be something good is going to happen next week. That something good will happen for fans next week. When fans focused, asking what it is, she stopped talking and stared at fans, and burst out laughing again. Anyway, she just said something good will happen next week. After that, she made the binocular pose at the end. It would have been uncomfortable doing it because of the mic, but she kept making the binoculars.. She made it with one hand, then both, then did it while holding just her pinkies out, and then flipped her hands and made the Batman mask, too......
25. While watching performances for a while, Seohyun looked at fans, making a sad face saying that she wants to sing, too. She whined hat there was nothing else after TTS promotions ended, that she's bored, and that she wants to perform on stage and sing.
26. Taeyeon suddenly said she watched a movie yesterday. She said, “Yesterday, I watched the Korean movie 'Horror Stories'.” A horror film. When she was asked if it was scary, she said it's extremely scary. Really scary. There are 4 episodes in the movie, and that the very first one is the scariest. She said she watched the movie when she was home alone yesterday and it was really scary. She talked about the parcel service. I wasn't sure if she was saying she was scared because the delivery man came while she was watching the movie, or if the story in the movie with a delivery man was scary. They said first story that Taeyeon said was scary was about a killer who disguised himself as a delivery man. So I'm not sure if Taeyeon was saying she got a package (while watching the movie), or if someone received a package in the movie. Anyway, she said she was watching movies through qook tv when she was home alone yesterday, and that it was really scary. She said to watch it because it's really scary. She was really cute, wrapping her hands around her arms, shaking, saying that 'it's scary'. She said, “It's totally scary!”, and then shortned it and said, “WanMu!” (totally scary in Korean=wanjeon museowuh) ***Taeyeon said it was really scary when the delivery man wore his hat low and said, “Delivery.” It seems she was talking about the movie (receiving a package).
27. After telling fans about what movie she watched, Taeyeon went to Seohyun and Tiffany, who were sitting down, and said, “I told them about the movie I watched yesterday.”
28. She said she also watched 'Piranha' yesterday. The one where the fish bite off peoples arms. Because she was talking about fish, she imitated one, acting like a fish swimming with her arms. When asked if she watched it in 3D, she said it was in 2D because she watched it at home and laughed. When asked if it was fun, she said it was weak. It wasn't scary but gross. She said it was gross, with blood everywhere.
29. While talking about what movie she watched, she asked if there was any other fun movies lately. Someone said 'My Neighbor', she asked if it was fun. When they said it is fun and scary, she said she'll have to watch it. Then she said, “Do I throw away the package?” She was saying if 'My Neighbor' is scarier than the story about the delivery man, that she's going to push that movie to the side.
30. Taeyeon asked what else is fun, and someone asked if she watched 'The Thieves'. She didn't hear and asked, “Do..? Do.. What?' (thieves=do deuk deul) Then, when she finally heard, she said, “Oh, The Thieves!” and seemed really excited about being able to hear what they said. She was swinging her feet saying, “Oh! The Thieves!” and said she watched it, and that it was fun.
31. Taeyeon said she wanted to watch Total Recall but couldn't, and that it's passed/not in theaters anymore. When someone said they watched it and that it was fun, she asked, “It's fun?” and said she wanted to watch it but couldn't.
32. After talking about movies for a while, she said, “Recently...,” and it seemed like she was going to name a movie she watched recently, but she couldn't remember the name. She kept thinking about it and couldn't recall it, so the fans asked who was in it, but she said she didn't know that either.
33. She really thought about it for a long time, but couldn't remember. She could have just forgotten about it, but she must have been really bothered because she went and asked Tiffany. About what the movie she watched was. Tiffany said something and Taeyeon said, “Not that one!” and said it's something else. Tiffany told her to hold on and looked it up on her phone. Then they finally found it, and it was 'Limitless'. But the title must have looked like something difficult to say/relay to fans, so Taeyeon turned from left and right, writing it in the air. She wrote it well up to 'Li' and 'mi', but got confused at 't' and paused/thought about it. Either way, it was 'Limitless'. She held two thumbs up and said it's fun. Anyway, we talked about movies for such a long time, that it was like 'Depart! Movie Travel' (some tv show). But she said she watched all her movies on qook tv, and that qook tv is nice.
34. Seohyun turned to face the fans and asked, “Is it raining outside?” When they told her that it's not raining and the weather's nice, she nodded and said the weather's gotten chilly. She said she slept with the window open and it was cold. She tried to do a gesture really quick to show she left her window open, and it was really funny. She made a 90-degree angle with her arm, and that was the window. Then she slowly pushed it, showing that's the window being opened.
35. Seohyun asked if the fans ate. They said they did and she said that's good.
36. Because Seohyun kept talking to the fans, all of them were looking at her. Taeyeon was standing far away, but it (all the fans focusing on Seohyun) must have looked funny because she went and put her face right next to Seohyun's. So that she's in the fans' eyes, too. Because she wants them to look at her, too. Then she whispered something into Seohyun's ear and disappeared.
37. The janggu (the drum) was brought out as a prop, and while they were preparing to do their lines, Seohyun held the drumstick skillfully in her left hand. Even the way she held the drumstick was how it's taught in books perfectly. Then, she acted like she was hitting the janggu. Because of her mic, she switched hands and held it with her right hand, and put her mic to the janggu so you could hear it well while preparing for their lines.
38. Tiffany had to open the fan, but it didn't seem to open well when it was completely folded. After practicing a few times, it must not have worked because she left it opened a little.
39. Seohyun and Tiffany were playing, making different expressions after covering their face with the fan. The eye smile Seohyun showed that time was the same eye smile you see when she's usually playing around with her unnies. She laughs like that often, like when she's playing with Taeyeon, or talking about something with Tiffany.
40. When 'I'm Missing You' was about to be over, they were copying the dance while preparing their next lines. The dance is a little powerful, but the three were laughing while copying it. One would say, 'Like this, like this!', and then another would say, 'No, like this like this!', and they played around like that, dancing..
41. Taeyeon said, “I'm going to take pictures~” and asked her manager to borrow his phone. The manager oppa's phone was upgraded from an iPhone to a Galaxy S III.
42. Taeyeon asked, “How should we take the picture?”, and a fan suggested they should pose like they're doing the horse dance (Gangnam Style), but she said she can't do the horse dance. She said she can't do the horse dance, and said she's really worried because she's not sure if it's because she has two left feet/can't dance. Either way, that's why she said she can't do the horse dance pose.
43. After thinking about what to do, Taeyeon made a V over her head. So fans just copied her and did a V over their heads, too. She took about two pictures and checked, and said it comes out really clearly. She started snickering.
44. After taking the photos, Taeyeon started taking other photos of the fans. While she was taking them, Seohyun came and started posing, making V's, and Taeyeon brought the phone up close to Seohyun, as if she was implying, “I'm going to take it [up close] like this!” Amidst all this, a photo really was taken. It was taken really up close, as if it was pressing down on her nose. After Taeyeon looked at the photo, she burst out laughing. She looked at it by herself and yelled out, “Daebak!”
45. Seohyun asked for it to be deleted, but Taeyeon started saying she's not going to, and ran away to a corner with the phone, and Seohyun followed her, asking her to see it. In the corner, Taeyeon showed her the picture and both of them were knocked down (not literally). Seohyun was squatting, holding onto Taeyeon's hand, whining at her to delete it. She asked her to really delete it, but Taeyeon said she didn't want to and kept running away. They ran around the MC booth once. Taeyeon put the phone in her back pocket and said, “Here it is,” and shook her butt, while both her hands were held by Seohyun. When Seohyun tried to take it, Taeyeon swayed her butt left and right, saying she won't give her the phone. Seohyun kept whining, telling her to give her the phone.
46. After their little cat and mouse chase, Seohyun took the phone from Taeyeon's back pocket because her arms are long. Afer that, she poked Taeyeon with a triumphant expression. Taeyeon covered her face with her hands and acted like she was crying, and Seohyun narrowed her eyes at her.
47. But after she got the phone, she went into the corner to look at it and erase it by herself. But the phone was locked, and Seohyun didn't know the pattern.
48. She went and to Taeyeon again, whining, asking her to tell her the pattern, saying, “How do you do this? Tell me the password.” Taeyeon acted like she was thinking saying, “What was it again?” Then she told her really fast (so she couldn't see it). Then Seohyun went to the manager and asked him to unlock it because she has to erase the picture, and the manager oppa said, “Let's see it.” Seohyun said that he can't and that only she could see it and delete it, so the manager oppa said, “No, I have to see the picture. Let's see it first~,” and didn't tell her the pattern. Seohyun kept on whining.
49. She then changed plans and powdered Taeyeon's face, asking her to tell her the password, trying to persuade her into telling her, going, “Come on, don't be like that and tell me.” Taeyeon ended up not telling her, and her manager unlocked the phone for her, so Seohyun went into the corner and erased it by herself.
50. After erasing it by herself, she seemed really satisfied. She looked at the pictures they took with the fans, and then asked for her own phone to the coordi unnie, and Seohyun took another picture with fans. After taking it, she was happy about it because it came out well.
51. Tiffany just watched this entire ruckus laughing. Everyone was in on teasing Seohyun.
52. Taeyeon looked through the script and let us know there were two songs left. Saying, “It's over after two songs!”
53. In order to do the 'I'm sad~' line at the end, Seohyun kept making a sad face early on. Whining from sadness.
54. I think it was when they were preparing lines.. Seohyun was listening to a song and made a blank expression like, 'What song is this?' She went and asked her unnies what the song was called, but they didn't know either. Taeyeon quickly looked at the script and told her what it is, and Seohyun said, “Oh, that's right!” and made a '0' expression. As if she had discovered something great, she yelled, “Oh, that's right!!!!!”
55. While the three were standing to do their lines, they imitated the cameraman. When the cameraman shoots the girls, he holds the camera on his shoulder and moves as if he's slow dancing, moving forward and back. They laughed a lot amongst themselves while imitating that.
56. When it was over, they said their goodbyes to the directors and writer unnie, doing 90-degree bows giving hugs. They kindly waved to their fans, and told us to get home safely. All three said their goodbyes to everyone, from those in the back, to the ones in the corners.

***When they were doing their first lines, Seohyun's mic couldn't be heard in the studio. (it was heard on the broadcast) The fans were surprised, thinking it was a broadcast accident, and it seemed Seohyun also thought it was an accident (thinking there was no audio). When they monitored it, she made a 'heol'-like [removed]dumbfounded) and acted like she was fainting sideways. But she recovered her mind when the other staff members told her it was broadcast regularly.

-All three of them looked like they were in a good mood today.
-I don't know what they had to talk about so much, but Tiffany and Seohyun kept whispering while watching performances.
-Seohyun even skipped monitoring a few times today.
-The studio was extremely noisy near the end because of Seohyun's photo incident. And last week there was her horse dancing.
-Something I forgot to write, was that, Taeyeon said she looks at the Music Core photos when she's bored by herself. That it's fun after she looks at it. She said she also makes them bigger and looks at them.
-Qook TV is love..

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