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Thursday, September 20, 2012

120920 [Scan/Trans] CNBLUE : Sensibility Dictionary #27 - 【アルバム-ALBUM】(Code Name Blue Album)

The very much awaited 1st Major Album 『CODE NAME BLUE』is released!  That is why this month out theme is about ALBUM.

YONGHWA – Happiness

Finally grab our Japan 1st Major Album 『CODE NAME BLUE』.  I’m happy! To think that we can let many people listen to our album, I feel glad. And if even in just a little way we can give everyone more energy, happiness through our music I think I’m really happy.

JONGHYUN – One Feeling

Album = Recording. Though each of us often performs things separately in many ways, we understand one another; together we aim like a feeling of that shed sweat.
And so, I think the album created is really great. An album made by the spirit/feeling of each member that becomes one. Then after, we’ll simply leave the analysis to everyone.

MINHYUK - The sweat and hard work of many people.

It’s simple to think that an album is a thing that consists of a few pictures and CD, but before it can be finished the sweat and hard work of many people behind it is indispensable. Planning • Production from Design until Recording, I think an Album is one of a huge piece of work that is really time consuming.


JUNGSHIN – A Beautiful Thing

It’s an album made with bunch of sweats that even shining, a pure thing indeed.

Source:  PATI-PATI Magazine 10月号
Scanned and translation , full credit to via cnblue4u

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