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Monday, October 8, 2012

121008 [ANNOUNCEMENT] FANFIC PROJECT : YongSeo 1000th Anniversary Celebration

[ANNOUNCEMENT/FANFIC PROJECT] Hey guys, this is Erika! Haven't been here for a while, but I've got news to tell! YongSeo's D-1000 is in a month, November 7, so we're doing another fanfic project! If you're interested, read on!

First off, as usual, anybody can join! If you're a beginning writer who just wants to join in or if you've been in this writing gig for a while now, everyone's allowed to join! Second, again as usual, to join this project, we're all going to write YongSeo fanfics. But wait! Not just any fanfic. This time, we've got a theme, but it's not that hard.

The theme for this fanfic project is, since it's the D-1000 project,
*drum rolls* HAS TO DO SOMETHING WITH 1000! But we got two themes, one is the main one and one is the optional for those who might not probably like the first.

First theme:
A 1000 word drabble. Basically, you write about whatever genre (preferably fluffy or a happy one since D-1000 is a glorious day) you want, but it's got to be 1000 words. You can challenge yourself to write 'exactly' 1000 words but if you can't, you guys can write less than a 1000 words, but it's gotta be within that limit.

Second (optional) theme
: You have to incorporate into your theme the number 1000. It could be about anything, but as long as 1000 is the theme of your fic. You can probably write about how YS would celebrate their D-1000 or anything really! Be creative!

And lastly, this is the most important bit. WE ALL HAVE TO POST OUR FANFICS ON NOVEMBER 7 KST. You can post it as soon it's November 7, 12am KST, or you can post it up at night. You can post it at whatever time is more convenient for you on the 7th of November. Not on the 6th, nor the 8th.

Oh yeah! You can post your fanfics on any site (LJ, AFF, Tumblr, etc.) but if it's anything other than LJ or AFF, it'd be awesome if you can link your story to me here on YSI's Twitter, or you can personally mention me at
or Lia unnie (who's helping me out, and if you're already following her) at . If you've got any comments, suggestions, questions, or concerns, you can reach us there too at our personal accounts.

Now go brainstorm on what to write! I'll keep you guys posted about any other details.

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