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Friday, October 12, 2012

121012 [Scans/Trans] CNBLUE Sensibility Dictionary #28 – MYSELF/自分自身

自分自身 【MYSELF】

CNBLUE who’s on their Nationwide Arena Tour, along with their Japan 1stmajor album 「CODE NAME BLUE」 In this month we hear from them about “myself/themselves”. They continuously gave their strongly real words.

YONGHWA – “Through Lyrics”
Honestly, there are times inside of me cries, at times gets mad but I always think to be positive and smile. And so, I convey myself through lyrics.

JONGHYUN – “If I will know it will be boring”

I tried to look at myself on the mirror but still I don’t know. Compare to the time I live right now there is still a long journey of life awaits for me, If I will know about myself life will be boring, so I prefer to be what I am right now.

MINHYUK – “I on stage”

Though I always play (drums) behind the back of the band, I’ve never thought I was lonely. Taking responsibility and doing my best, that is my appearance on stage.

JUNGSHIN – “Still I don’t know yet”

Every morning, when I look at my appearance, I try to think about myself. 「Today, how should I spend the day? Tomorrow?」I think of it in various ways but still I don’t know yet.

Source:  PATI-PATI Magazine Nov 2012 Edition
Scanned and Translated by BOICE cnbluefanfun
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