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Saturday, October 13, 2012

121013 [Style] Coordi Chingu Halloween Special: Genie

You guys might be wondering what the purpose was for the recent polls that were conducted. Halloween’s coming up and that means Trick or Treating and lots of costume parties. Now thanks to Kpop, thinking of a perfect Halloween costume seems to be easier.  And of course, we need not look far to find inspiration. Let the Soshi Queens help you find the perfect Halloween Costume.

This is the first part of a 3 series Halloween Special from YSI Styles :)

Based on the results, the three winning looks are Officer in White, Officer in Navy and the Sailor Playsuit featured in the Japanese PV. It’s amusing to learn that some Gogumas voted for the Officer in White because of its WGM connection :P

Now if you have resources and time, of course having a Genie costume tailored just for you would be ideal. I’m amazed especially with how the Japanese fans cosplay Soshi. But then some may not have the time and money for it. Also, when considering a costume, others want to be on the more practical side using items that can be used for everyday wear. This Coordi Chingu guide will focus on styling Genie costumes that use ready-to-wear items. 

To read and see the rest of the guide, click here :)

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