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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

121105 [Spazz] The Grey Plushie Bear Is From Goguma ^^

Cr : Cami_Javi, Yongseo couple Spanish, Mr Carrot

Watch this...

Cr :

Fan Account
Translation by Fabianna (@)

all the right of this FA belong to Goguma Couple spanish facebbok

YongSeo Couple Spanish
[ FanAcc ] Gogumas we can smile and be happy! ^^

"We were in the VIP zone 2, line 5 n° 68-67, and at the moment yonghwa sang LOVE. He looked at us, saw our board and accepted our teddy... he sang at it, kissed it. Awwwwww what a feeling*__* Cr. CamiArias_JaviaArias!

P.S: I was at the MuBank and everyone was telling me that the teddy it was not for YH but SJ's Yesung ♥. Now it is good to know that it was for YH and even more that this boy accepted it knowing that it comes from gogumas ! ♥ I'm Happy. -Ely~ — con Javiera Arias y Camila Arias.

ME: sorry for possible mistranslation and orthography, but the important thing is there!... Let's spazz together Gogumas chingoos 

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