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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

121114 [Fanacc] Fan Account From Sam : Meeting YongSeo at LAX Airport

Wrote by : kenjisam a.k.a
SBS artist arrival @ LAX 

Cr :
Its my 1st time waiting for a celebrities in the airport lol and first time trying to make a fan account.
1st arrive @ LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal around quarter to 2PM. GG arrival time was delayed  it's freezing cold and was wearing short (I know crazy meh din't think its gonna be cold lol). Don't really remember what time the girls arrive but it was Tiffany who came out 1st followed by Sunny then after 10 mins or so  I saw a batch of Goddesses. It was YoonA, Jessica, SooYoung, HyoYeon & uri Maknae but as they we're about to go out SBS staff told them to go out by 2's. So it was Jessica and SeoHyun who went out everyone was screaming wahhhhhh but I was screaming and keep calling SeoHyun and don't recall how may times I called her name she was smiling and waving to everyone and finally she came closer to and keep calling her and handed her my gift (grey box) she bowed and said thank you and I said from YongSeo 2x and she nod with an (^O^) and smiled I died didn't capture the moment and she was able to see my happy #1000 YS sign too, overly happy me wasn't able to keep up with running crowed huhuhuhu and I stayed outside the terminal spazzing over with some gogumas  Angela, Ellen & Karen, me & Angela successfully handed over our gift personally to SeoHyun credit to the pic. owner

And we all forgot that it was cold that time xD SeoHyun & Jessica in same car didn't see SeoHyun coz car was tented manage to see Sica keep waving & making peace cute sign, 2ne1 members came out & Dara was waving to fans.
Then her unnies came Yuri,YoonA, SooYoung, HyoYeon & TaeYeon it was my 5th x seeing the nine angels in person but each and every time I see them they always looks so pretty each time YoonA,Yuri & SooYoung in same truck with Jane Choi as there driver didn't see Taeng & Hyo and then after couple of minutes or so (30-40mins) other 5 groups arrives. Wahhhh everyone started screaming the b2st fans were so loud but b2st members didn't really respond to the fans as I keep on searching for YongHwa, BAM spotted burning kyahhhhhhhh this is it my blue boys are finally back in LA as the artist lined up group by group kara, b2st, sistar, 4min. and it's CNBLUE last, YongHwa saw my sign it was hanging on my neck and sometimes I put it above my head its double sided

YongHwa keeps on glancing  shyly while back hugging JungShin ,was able capture the intense stare by Yong the eyes don't lie

Then when the other groups finally started going out keep shouting YongHwa many many times and he would look at me then @ChodingGirl & Ellen a Taiwanese goguma, stood next to me all of us we're taking video then as the b2st members started going out my cam was on them but i was looking at YongHwa and he pointed at me but I wasn't able get a shoot only got after

As I turn my cam on him he started dancing waving on my direction as you see on my fancam around 6:10 and  I called him again and again  and he said WAE ,Wae so cute its @ around 6:20, I told @ChodingGirl Karen to call out YongHwa coz he will look at you or us if you do soo so Karen screamed YongHwa SARANGHEEE. Lol as they walked out at the airport all the other fans from different groups followed them and lots of fans got hi 5 from the boys and some started hugging them huhhu, I was like they are hugging them... and
Ohh Karen stumbled and Yong was trying to helped her while saying careful or be careful and also Angela give her gift bag to YongHwa.

And is all about my first airport encounter with celebs and gonna say all the waiting,,standing &cold was all worth IT

If any grammatical error I am so sorry I'm just not used to this long post kind of stuff and I have more fan accounts coming I'm still trying to recall as much as I can lol@ the hotel and the of the concert


Cr :

Airport Photo

CNBLUE Fan Meeting 

SNSD Fan Meet

 MC's Time

CNBLUE Performance

SNSD Performance



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