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Thursday, November 15, 2012

121115 [Photo/Fan Taken/Fancam] Seohyun : LG Open Event - Fansign Event

Press Photo

Fan Taken
Cr : hyunhock

Cr :  
Cr : usnthem - ihope

CR : SNSDForever

Cr : prestoric

Cr :

Cr : violetxx

Cr : @imyoonacom

Preview Photo
Cr : hyunhock

Cr :


Cr : 

Cr :

Cr :

Fan Account

[Fanaccount 121115 SNSD LG Fansign]
Seohyun: Annyeonghaseyo~ Oh!! I think I have not seen you for a long time.

Fan: Oh..Yes... At TaeTiSeo...sign..

Seohyun: Right right? Nice to meet you^^ It is cold right?

Fan: Yes...

Seohyun: Thank you for coming^^

Fan: Flo...Flower Power, I think it will be daebak

Seohyun: Aaa~ The song is very good? Thank you^^

Fan: ..Fighting! Can I shake your hand for once?..

(shake hand)

The End

2nd FA

Seohyun: Annyeonghaseyo
Fan: Annyeonghaseyo
Seohyun: What is your age?
Fan: 19 now is 20 years old
Seohyun: What is your name?
Fan: My name is xxx
Seohyun: Hmm??
Fan: My name is xxx
Seohyun: Ah~
Fan: Eu.. Are you going to Music Core this week?
Seohyun: Yep, of course ㅎㅎ Ah Thank you ㅎㅎ
Fan: Noona, I fell at Dongguk University ㅠㅠ
Seohyun: Ah~ Really?ㅠㅠ What to do ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Cr: DC

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