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Sunday, December 23, 2012

121223 [Tweet] CNBLUE with Ken Ayugai (Robot Release Event MC)

Translation :
Somehow i've managed to go home with a hazy feeling... thank you for the lots of heartwarming tweets.. (T-T) ! I'm really glad to be able to share a special time with everyone before Christmas. It's a bit early but "Merry Christmas" ☆ I'm looking forward to the next day we can meet again. 
(By )

Cr : tobyasmusiq

p/s : same mc's for code name blue event ^^. refer to this posts : 120911 [Message/Photo] CNBLUE With MC's - Ken Ayugai

His tweet before the event

Translation :
1st Tweet
MC of CNBLUE "Robot" Release Event, Please treat me well today too (^-^)/♪

2nd Tweet
CNBLUE, the first round has ended♪It's really fuuuun, thank you to everyone who came \(^o^)/ also thank you to the people who unfortunately couldn't make it this time for the lots of tweets! Because I want to be tied firmly in the next event, please continue to treat me well (^-^ゞ

3rd Tweet
CNBLUE 2nd round has ended. Although it's really exciting, there are a lot of people whom conditions became worse, I regretted that I can't do enough care as the MC. I hope everyone conditions become better soon, sorry for not getting to many things (>_<)

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