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Thursday, December 27, 2012

121227 [News] SNSD′s Fourth Studio Album Draws Renowned Composers Worldwide

Girls′ Generation′s (SNSD) upcoming album has been drawing in the most renowned composers from far and wide.

I Got a Boy, the upcoming single SNSD is set to release on January 1, will be a new type of song in a style different from any the group has tried before. The song will contain many different styles and tempos in one, and it is especially expected to stand out for its addictive melody.

Dsign Music, the composer team that wrote SNSD′s hit Genie, a number of composers from Europe and SM′s Yoo Young Jin have joined in the production of the song, comprising a dream team that has been drawing favorable reactions from music fans around the world.

I Got a Boy has set as its main theme ′girls′ gossip′, and so will contain lyrics that sound as if they′re snippets of a gossiping session between girls and their friends.

On December 26 the group released the drama version teaser for the song. A dance teaser will be released on December 28, along with a preview of the song itself.
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