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Monday, February 25, 2013

130225 [Video] 1 Night 2 Days CNBLUE cut (130224)

Cr : jamieee0309


Shin Sikyung has to find the meal voucher in KBS building. He met Jungshin and Yonghwa (probably after their Music Bank rehearsal or something) and ask them if they have the meal voucher. Both were stunned at first, but Yonghwa answered “yes”.

But since it’s 1N2D getting the voucher won’t be easy. Minhyuk even joked that the voucher was for them but Shin Sikyung quickly asked when was their debut to check his seniority. CNBLUE answered 2010, and Shin Sikyung replied he debut in 2000 so he’s more than 10 years their senior. CNBLUE was speechless, all heads down. (LOL)

So in order to get the meal voucher, Shin Sikyung had to have 3 straight wins in rock-paper-scissors game against CNBLUE. First and second try he won against Jonghyun and Yonghwa which absolutely shocked CNBLUE because of the easy wins. Shin Sikyung asked CNBLUE not to screw him in the game and they agreed. They had another round and Minhyuk accidentally won.

Shin Sikyung was given 1-minute penalty and started again. This time Yonghwa won accidentally and he even apologized for his win. Haha. After 5-minute penalty, Shin Sikyung challenged CNBLUE again, and Yonghwa accidentally won AGAIN. After a while, they had another match and Shin Sikyung had his 3 straight wins.

Jonghyun high-fived with Shin Sikyung and when Yonghwa wanted to do the same, Shin Sikyung pushed him jokingly (because he won twice against Sikyung LOL). And he high-fived Jungshin and Minhyuk. The second time he also moved his hands away when Yonghwa wanted to high-five him. But it was just a joke (they seemed close).

So Shin Sikyung managed to get the meal voucher. And CNBLUE made the 1N2D cheer “1 박 (il-bak), 2 일 (yee-il)!!”. Yonghwa said he’s always wanted to try saying that cheer. LOL

Source: cykshy Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm

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